"Ship wreck"? Co-president of the Professional Fighters League, Carlos Silva - who brought a huge amount of money to the event - is coming out of it to take on a CEO position in World TeamTennis. (Courtesy: Matt Erickson, MMAjunkie).

President of the Professional Fighters League (PFL) leaves the company to work at WTT

World TeamTennis (WTT) announced yesterday that it has named sports media executive Carlos Silva for the position

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The Japanese Yasunori Matsumoto is restrained by Judge Freddie Letuli after his victory over Mark Hanssen in the Quad City Ultimate (Courtesy: Mount Cox personal collection).

Learn how the MMA Quad City Ultimate and Extreme Challenge shows came out

Next January 20 will mark the 23 anniversary of the first MMA event promoted by Monte Cox.

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The 'banner' of the inaugural 247 Fighting Championships, MMA show to be held on March 23 in Pennsylvania. (Courtesy: disclosure).

247 Fighting Championships-new MMA promotion is released in the USA

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil] Yesterday we were able to confirm with Gregory Sirb, Executive Director of the Athletic Commission

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MattRiddle's Bloodsport marked the debut of Matt Riddle (former UFC) against Minoru Suzuki - also - during WrestleMania 34 last week (Courtesy Game Changer Wrestling-GCW).

MMA fighters migrating to Pro Wrestling / Telecatch / Wrestling

Pro Wrestling, a mode better known by us Brazilians as Telecatch, or simply Luta Livre, is more popular than

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Rena Kubota applies a "killer" in a poster of the release of King Of The Cage, MMA show of the USA. She believes in the consolidation of sport in the Asian countries and is hopeful about the future of Rizin. (Courtesy: Getty Images).

What will be the next show to break: Bellator, ONE, Rizin or PFL?

There was a time when discussions between MMA aficionados revolved around themes such as "what

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Jean Felipe Tchê is the President and CEO of WFS Management and head of World Kombat Chaellenge, an event better known by the acronym WKC MMA (Courtesy: Likka Nikkinen / MMA Viking).

Exclusive interview with Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos, born in the city of Soledade, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is President and

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Seven-time Indian Kung Fu champion Himanshu Kaushik could be one of the highlights of MMA in 2019 for the ONE Championship (Courtesy: personal collection Himanshu Kaushik).

ONE Championship ™ (ONE) announces 45 events at 2019

After a very productive year in 2018, the ONE Championship ™ (ONE) is expected to grow even more in 2019. The organization

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Shinobu Kandori (54 years old), challenged Gabi Garcia for a MMA fight and needed to be restrained by security guards and staff members. The fight is expected to happen now in 2019. (Photo: Rizin disclosure).

Gabi Garcia ends on Rizin 14 and is challenged by Shinobu Kandori

To close the year of 2018 with a golden key the Japanese realized the 14ª edition of Rizin Fighting Federation

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Deep 87 Impact's official poster. The show was held on December 22 at the famous Korakuen Hall (Courtesy Deep Fighting Championship).

Tatsuya Mizuno wins Ryuta Sakurai at DEEP 87 Impact held in Tokyo, Japan

Last Saturday, December 22, DEEP returned to the famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan for the DEEP

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The "K-1 World GP 2019 JAPAN ~ K'FESTA.2" will be held on 10 on March 2019 (Sunday) and will take place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan (Courtesy: K-1 Japan Group).

Rivalry between K-1, RISE and Shoot Boxing benefits fights shows in Japan

According to experts, the future of MMA and mainly of Kickboxing and Muay Thai is in Asia, not

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One Championship expects Japan to regain the status of the 'largest MMA pole' in the Asian continent as in the 'golden age' of the Pride FC show (Courtesy: One Championship Media).

News from One Championship for Japan and other Asian countries

There is still more than three months left for the debut of One Championship in Land of the Rising Sun, since

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Sports, Freedom and Economy Victory: Governor Cuomo (alongside Ronda Rousey) acknowledges that the legalization of MMA in New York has resulted in enormous revenue earning for the state (Courtesy: Disclosure).

Governor Andrew Cuomo praises MMA's contributions to the New York economy

The state tax revenue generated by MMA professional struggles has increased 707% since the state of New York legalized

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The veteran fighter will represent the United States against Mexico's Omar Molina, February 2 in Cancun (Courtesy: Divulgação).

"Boxing without gloves" arrives in Mexico with Shannon Ritch and other 'stars' of MMA

It is notorious that the fastest growing sport in the world today is the MMA (acronym in English)

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The "Shaolin monk" Yi Long passed by his opponent Choi Hong-Man over the nine minutes of his fight at Martialism Square - MAS (Courtesy: MAS Fight Disclosure).

MAS Fight and BBQ Beatdown MMA on the way to Hong Kong

City that is known to be one of the major international financial centers, Hong Kong should receive a set of new

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Palestinian boys begin to practice martial arts using the 'nunchaku' at the headquarters of the Palestinian Union of Nunchaku. (Photo / Courtesy: Abid Katib / Getty Images).

Federal court says ban on 'nunchaku' in New York is unconstitutional

[New York, USA] - A Federal Court in New York has concluded that the ban on 'nunchaku' in force

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Tenshin Nasukawa, who follows as the biggest attraction for RIZIN, will be able to fight with Brazilian Rickson 'The King'. (Photo courtesy: Personal collection Zenidim Family).

Rizin FF could promote fight between the youngest champions of MMA

Tenshin Nasukawa is a very popular kickboxer in Japan. He made his professional debut in 2014 at 15 years

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The Kickboxing show will take place on December 8 at Osaka City Hall Gymnasium (Courtesy: Disclosure).

K-1 World Grand Prix set for Saturday in Japan

The fighting events in Japan are increasingly regaining their popularity, still far from the "golden age" of the

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Tomo Maesawa won the women's atomic weight belt after beating Mira Kurobe (Courtesy: Akihito Tatematsu)

Tomo Maesawa and Reina Miura win the 22X edition of DEEP Jewels in Japan

DEEP Jewels, originally a trademark owned by Marverous Japan Co., Ltd. is an exclusive promotion of women's fights

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Mehmosh 'the renegade' Raza speaks to the crowd: "Islam is a religion about love and peace." He wants to be part of the India v. Pakistan in the MMA (Courtesy: Disclosure).

India vs. Pakistan in Brave CF: MMA could be a solution for rival countries?

Sport is one of the goings-on for humankind and MMA should definitely be included in that

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From next year, the countries of the Asian continent will resume the process of MMA growth (Courtesy: Disclosure).

What to expect from MMA on 2019? [forecasts for the new year]

Every year end is the same. A large number of people go out looking for the so-called "esoteric" professionals,

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