RIZIN President and CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara is in talks with Conor McGregor and Oscar De La Hoya for a possible RIZIN 21 appearance. (Courtesy | Credits: @RIZIN FF | Tokyo Sports Newspaper).

RIZIN in talks with Conor McGregor and Oscar De La Hoya for New Year's Eve Show

Last year, RIZIN FF was featured in headlines around the world by hiring Floyd Mayweather to compete.

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At 37, Ayaka Hamasaki finishes her opponent with a tight arm-lock. (Courtesy | Credits: @RIZIN FF | Rizin Fans).

Check out the results of the Rizin FF 18 that happened Sunday in Japan

The Rizin Fighting Federation held its 18 event on Sunday, 18 August in Nagoya, Japan. The show was promoted.

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Jungle Fight will return strongly to the MMA scene after a new deal with DAZN. (Courtesy | Credits: Jungle Fight Disclosure | DAZN).

Jungle Fight and DAZN Announce Partnership That May Reheat MMA Market in Brazil

Since Reebok's agreement with the UFC, MMA in Brazil has been falling, but this scenario could

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In addition to the confirmed single-night 4 fighter knockout tournament, there is also the possibility of a team duel (Lion's Den and Hammer House) in 'glove-free' boxing. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal Collection Ken Shamrock | Instagram VALUE Bare Knuckle).

Ken Shamrock announces the first fights of VALUE Bare Knuckle

[Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil] - Ken Shamrock, “World's Most Dangerous Man” and co-founder

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The event, which will be a co-promotion of the K-1 North Circuit (CN K-1) & World Kombat Challenge (WKC MMA), will feature valid fights for the belt fight. (Courtesy | Credits: K-1 Northeastern Circuit).

K-1 Northeast Circuit for 1th Time in Jaguaribe Valley

From the beginning of its activities on 20 June 2014 to the present day, the Northeastern Circuit

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The promotion of boxing without gloves is one of the first legalized, sanctioned and regulated in the world. (Courtesy | Credits: Bare Knuckle Fighting media).

Larry Jones and Shannon Ritch are the names behind the Bare Knuckle Fighting

As a combat sport that touts a remarkable story, glove-free boxing is timeless and has a long history.

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Considered by many to be one of the greatest boxing fighters of all time, the former world heavyweight champion is a proud Muslim. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal Collection Mike Tyson | Getty Images).

Muslim and former world boxing champion Mike Tyson condemns terrorist acts

Islam - one of the three main monotheistic religions on the planet along with Christianity and Judaism - has

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Battlefield FC have started paying the fighters and hope to recover from a second public relations disaster to promote their upcoming cards in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Beijing. But fighter Shannon Ritch has not yet received his payment. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal Collection Shannon Ritch | Battlefield FC).

Battlefield FC pays fighters, but can it save their reputation?

Following the headlines in the international MMA media over the weekend, the promotion from South Korea

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The American Shannon Ritch was one of many athletes to spend a 'perrengue' in Macau. The situation was caused by the default applied by Battlefield FC. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal Collection Shannon Ritch | Battlefield FC).

Battlefield FC promises to pay fighters this week

Complaints of non-payment to participating Battlefield FC 2 fighters seem to have dimmed the event

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The best MMA promotion in Asia today has launched its eSports division, as well as announcing competitions for Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo. (Courtesy | Credits: ONE Championship | Chatri Sityodtong).

ONE Championship entering the world of eSports

In recent hours, ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong has made use of his social networks to announce the launch

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Athletes from Japan fight September 1 for a spot on the second ONE Championship concert in the country on October 13. (Courtesy | Credits: ONE Championship | Pancrase | Shooto).

Pancrase vs. Shooto Challenge to Select ONE: 'Century' Fighters

A mixed martial arts event titled Road to ONE: 'Century' is scheduled to take place on Studio Coast in Tokyo, the capital.

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From Quixadá to the world - Two minutes were enough for Ron 'Jason' to resume the path of mixed martial arts victories during the Lux Fight League 005. (Courtesy | Twitter @luxfightleague).

Ron 'Jason' wins MMA fight at Lux Fight League 005

After some personal problems apparently overcome, the Quixada Rony 'Jason' Mariano Bezerra returned to the octagon on Friday (19

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Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are in the race to host the debut edition of the ONE Championship in Brazil. In the flagrante, the fighter Vitor Belfort after meeting with the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel. (Courtesy of ONE Championship | Rio de Janeiro Government).

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in the race to host the debut edition of the ONE Championship in Brazil

The ONE Championship continues to grow more and more. After consolidating itself as the largest MMA promotion in Asia in

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New Chinese government rules aim to contain the "bad influencers" and include MMA, boxing, Sanda, Wushu and Muay Thai fighters. In flagrante, Rex Huang celebrates the victory in Animal Fighting Championship II. (Courtesy | Credits: Disclosure).

Chinese government does not want fighters with tattoos in the country's media

Chinese Communist Party rules about who is worthy to appear on the country's television finally reached the community

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The "white tiger" is black belt 2º Dan in Karate and black belt 1º degree in Krav Maga and experiences the martial arts since 1986. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal archive).

Meet the work of the black belt Ronaldo Pedreira de Paula

Born in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, Professor Ronaldo Pedreira de Paula has contributed positively to the development of the arts

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The double world champion of Jiu-Jitsu imposed the second consecutive loss to the star of Singapore, Angela Lee (above), in the co-main event. (Courtesy: ONE Championship).

Michelle Nicolini wins Angela Lee at ONE: Masters of Destiny in Malaysia

Angela Lee (9-2), the ONE-weight champion of the ONE Championship suffered her second consecutive loss, this time for

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Surinamese-Dutch kickboxer Andy Ristie, also known as the "Andy Black" king, returns to the first battle of China in Kunlun Fight 81. (Courtesy: Credits: Glory Kickboxing).

Check out the 'card' of the upcoming Kunlun Fight in Beijing

Kunlun Fight (KLF) is an international Kickboxing promotion company founded by Jiang Hua on 2014

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The UFC is eyeing the Asian MMA market and has already announced two additional events for Singapore and South Korea. (Courtesy: Credits: Disclosure).

UFC announces two more cards for the Asian MMA market

The UFC has announced two more shows to its list of events in Asia, with Singapore and South Korea hosting

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The premiere edition of Bare Knuckle VALUE will be on 21 September and will take place in 4 Bears Casino in North Dakota, USA. (Courtesy | Credits: Disclosure).

Ken Shamrock Launches New Boxing-Free Boxing Promotion

A member of the UFC Hall of Fame, Ken Shamrock is entering the world of "boxing without gloves" or

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