2019 Tours

Sakura Festival in Kyoto 30 March 2019 (Saturday). Value: ¥ 10.000 thousand. Sakura, Mount Fuji and Strawberries 6

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Photo: Sifu Edmárcio Rodrigues with the father Jiu (internal plate of the system or familiar method of martial art) of Jun Fan Gung Fu. (Courtesy: Personal collection).

Connection Japan Editor will start in Shoot Wrestling (Japanese method)

Connection Japan Editor to Star in Shoot Wrestling (Japanese Method) Posted By Leandro on March 22

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São Clemente, the first school to parade in the Marquis of Sapucaí, opening the parades Photo: Fabio Motta / Estadão

Second night of parades in the Marquês de Sapucaí

On this Monday, they will parade through the United sambódromo of Vila Isabel, Portela, Union of the Island, Paradise of the Tuiuti, Mangueira and Youth

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