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The daily journalistic news portal Connection JapanNonprofit, was created in the year - 2017, by the Mokuhyou Shinbun Japan group, collaborators and volunteers.

In accordance with Article 46, I of the 9610 / 98 Law and Law No. 5.250 of 9 of February of 1967.

Law of Freedom of the Press - 2083 / 53 Law | Law No. 2.083, of 12 of November of 1953.

Our main objective is the free and free dissemination of national and international news to the international Brazilian community and to any other reader, free of charge. We believe that everyone must be entitled to access to information and not just a paying percentage in the world.

Attention: We do not accept articles or ads from websites that promote adult “sexual” content, alcohol or that go against the law.

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