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Pictured above: Full Metal Dojo: “Fight Circus” and CamSoda website announced that they would “bring a freak show for you” and that the fights would be “swaying into illegality”. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Full Metal Dojo | ( C ) CamSoda | Disclosure ). Pictured above: Full Metal Dojo: “Fight Circus” and CamSoda website announced that they would “bring a freak show for you” and that the fights would be “swaying into illegality”. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Full Metal Dojo | ( C ) CamSoda | Disclosure ).  
Full Metal Dojo, a traditional Thai MMA promotion created by Jon Nutt - a man who never wakes up in the morning - returned to the scene with an edition made in partnership with CamSoda - porn site specializing in "camgirls" (women who exhibit themselves naked in video ) - who was making his second foray into MMA after CamSoda Legends (show held in 2018 and featuring Ricco Rodriguez and Charles Bennett, among others).
The Full Metal Dojo event took place on Saturday, August 22, at 22:XNUMX pm and took place at Insanity Nightclub, in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.
Ahead of Full Metal Dojo since its inaugural edition on June 7, 2014, Jon Nutt - a curious figure in the MMA world - decided to call the tournament “Fight Circus” (Fight Circus), due to his new partnership with streaming site and the set of rules (or lack thereof), since each highlighted fight had a specific rule and the show had it all: two-on-one fights, male-female duels, category disputes absolute (involving athletes of different weight categories) and even fights without gloves, which brought this edition closer to the old format of 'Vale Tudo'.
Bangkok is a suitable place for fights in this format, as it is “the city where the dreams of the best boxers are realized” and, it is worth remembering, that there are some limits to the “original Bangkok MMA rules”, which are a mixture of those adopted by the UFC and the extinct PRIDE.
In addition, the organizers of Full Metal Dojo worked with the Thai government to allow 'VIP' guests to participate in tables that are socially distant from each other.
It is noteworthy to mention that 100 percent of the revenue obtained from interacting with fans went to tackling the new coronavirus. Viewers were also asked to donate directly to CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency that works to protect public health and the safety of the population.
The CamSoda website also allowed viewers to 'tip' their favorite fighters on the 'card'.
In one of the less controversial clashes of the schedule, we had a 'grappling' (or “grabbed fight”) dispute between a man and a woman - the woman won by submission (naked choke).
In Lethwei's female fight (Muay Thai without gloves, headbutting) Po Chissakan defeated Nattarat Prempida by decision, after three rounds of an authentic 'legal fight'.
As stated earlier, several fights bet on the lack of a weight limit, with a fighter significantly heavier than his opponent. In one of these, a Muay Thai bantamweight fighter faced a heavyweight boxer in a fight in the so-called “Trinity Rules”. These are composed of different sets of rules per round. The first round is the rules of boxing, the second is the rules of Muay Thai and the third is the rules of MMA.
It was when the rooster weight of Muay Thai Chitnuphong Sommuttiram beat heavyweight boxer Tang Mo with a kick to the face in the second round (Muay Thai rules).
The Brazilian Fabiano Hawthorne also participated in a fight with different rules for each round, similarly to the previous confrontation. In the first, only Boxing, in the second Muay Thai and in the third MMA with PRIDE rules - including the famous goal kick (kick to the head of the fallen opponent) and UFC rules - with elbows to the head. The difference is that the Brazilian's fight was held without gloves and still worth headbutts.
He defeated Kyoken Tampiyanan with a knockout thanks to a sharp elbow to the head.
In another fight with this set of rules, Steven “Panda” Banks beat Sam Cassidy on points after the three rounds.
To bring to mind the famous clashes involving Kyokushin vs. Muay Thai performed in Japan in the last century, a karate man and a Muay Thai fighter faced each other in a duel where athletes could not use their hands, only their legs and head. These rules are called by some 'human cockfighting rules'. Result: the karateka practically dismantled the opponent with his kicks and won.
But the highlight of the program was undoubtedly the fight that involved two little brothers - who fight at straw weight (weigh around 50kg) - against a Ukrainian MMA competitor who usually fights in the middleweight division (84kg).
The bigger fighter succumbed to the smaller athletes, being submitted with a rear naked choke.
Remembering that this edition of the event had been named “Fight Circus”, promoter Jon Nutt decided to meet the public and granted an immediate rematch of this 2 against 1 fight and the athletes decided - literally - to fight again, with the fighter from middleweight category was defeated again, this time by “TKO” (20 unanswered punches).
As a reward, Full Metal Dojo awarded golden swords or axes to the winner, while the losers received a “bong” (an artifact used for tobacco smoke and other substances, and described by the event's host as a “vase”) - or ornaments glassware, which doesn't look good in a country with severely strict marijuana laws.
Here are the results (credits to Cory Braiterman), which will be updated as they are sent by the promoters of Full Metal Dojo: “Fight Circus”, an event already established as the best MMA show in the “freak show” style of the year (until Fight Circus 2, at least).
Full Metal Dojo: “Fight Circus”
August 22st, 2020
Insanity nightclub
Bangkok, Thailand
MMA (Trinity Rules): Steven Banks beat Sam Cassidy by decision
Absolute MMA: Hidetaka Arato defeated Daniel Dorrer by decision
2 on 1: Bank & No Money beat Mikhail Vetrila with a rear naked choke. They also won the immediate rematch by TKO (20 punches unanswered)
Trinity rules: Fabiano Hawthorne defeated Kyoken Tampiyanan by KO (elbow)
Trinity rules: Chitnuphong Sommuttiram (Muay Thai) defeated Tang Mo (Boxing) by TKO (kick in the head)
Grappling: woman beat man by submission (rear naked choke)
Lethwei (female fight): Po Chissakan defeated Nattarat Prempida by decision
kickfight ( Karate vs. Muay Thai ) : Karate fighter beat Muay Thai fighter by TKO ( kick )
Absolute MMA: Ali Mohammed defeated Ryan Donnelly by decision
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 27 / 08 / 2020
Pictured above: Full Metal Dojo: “Fight Circus” and CamSoda website announced that they would “bring a freak show for you” and that the fights would be “swaying into illegality”. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Full Metal Dojo | ( C ) CamSoda | Disclosure ).
Below: Ali Mohammed defeated Ryan Donnelly in an MMA fight in the absolute category (no weight limit). ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Full Metal Dojo | ( C ) CamSoda | Disclosure ).
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