Government admits made serious mistakes in 70 vaccinations

Government admits made serious mistakes in 70 vaccinations Image Disclosure

According to a document compiled by the Government Office on Tuesday (29), 70 cases of "errors that can cause serious health problems" were reported in vaccination, and another 69 cases of "errors with a low risk of causing serious health problems immediately ”. The data are from vaccinations made until the 16th of June.

The most common mistake was “application of the second dose of vaccine at inappropriate intervals”, totaling 33 cases. “Vaccinations with needles used on other people”, “people who received 3 times instead of 2” and “people who received both doses on the same day” were also found.

"We need to think about ways to end these mistakes as vaccination opportunities are gradually increasing," Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told a news conference.

Kato also commented on the British research that found that the combination of the application of 2 different vaccines is more efficient than the double application of one of the same type. “We were not able to confirm the efficiency and safety of the data from this research, so we do not recommend this type of vaccination”, he said.

Source: ANN

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