CPI will vote breach of confidentiality of deputies Ricardo Barros and Luis Miranda

CPI will vote breach of confidentiality of deputies Ricardo Barros and Luis Miranda Federal Deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), government leader in the Chamber 09/06/2021 Photo: Agência Câmara

BRASILIA — Covid's CPI in the Senate will vote this Tuesday on the breach of confidentiality of government leader Ricardo Barros (PP-PR). The federal deputy was cited by President Jair Bolsonaro as responsible for an alleged corruption scheme in the acquisition of the Indian vaccine Covaxin, according to deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF). On Tuesday, senators will also decide whether Miranda will have her secrecy broken.

Miranda said in testimony to the CPI that, when denouncing a possible scheme in the Ministry of Health to President Jair Bolsonaro in March this year, he heard from the president that Ricardo Barros was behind the possible illegal activities.

The commission's agenda for next Tuesday also includes the testimony of civil servant Regina Célia Silva Olivesira, who was appointed by Barros for her position in Health. Barros' request for breach of confidentiality was made by senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship- IF).

The senators want to advance the corruption charges involving the federal government's purchase of vaccines that have been made public in recent weeks.

Initially, federal deputy Luis Miranda, and his brother, the Ministry of Health, Luis Roberto Miranda, stated in testimony that they had denounced an alleged corruption scheme in the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

Later, a salesman who introduced himself as a representative of the company Davati Medical Supply, from the United States, Luiz Paulo Dominguetti Pereira, stated that he received a bribe from the then director of the Logistics department at the Ministry of Health, Roberto Dias.

As well as the secrecy of Deputy Ricardo Barros, the senators of the commission will vote to break the secrecy of Luis Miranda and Dominguetti. Another Davati representative, Cristiano Alberto Hossri Carvalho, may also be called to testify.

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