CBLOL 2021: Ceos see LOUD among the strongest in Brazil

CBLOL 2021: Ceos see LOUD among the strongest in Brazil Disclosure/LOUD

This Sunday, LOUD overcame RED Canids Kalunga, amending the fourth consecutive victory at CBLOL 2021. In a press conference, Denilson "Ceos" highlighted that the favorable sequence is the result of a change in posture. Support also commented that they see LOUD among the strongest teams in Brazil, with the potential to be the best in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship.

- I think we are already in these strongest groups. What's missing for us, I don't know, shooting in the group to be like the best team in Brazil is just a little more time... And, like it or not, all that matters is how we're going to get to the plays offs. So, I think that with this time we will have for the rest of the championship, when we reach the playoffs we will be a very strong team. I think the strongest - explained Ceos.

According to the support, a change in the team's posture during training is a fundamental part both in the sequence of favorable results and in the plan to get well to the next stage.

- I think that we are doing well now is just a reflection of our training. Every week we are managing to have better training. We are managing to take it more seriously. Everyone is more engaged, discussing more about the game. I think the trend is only to improve. With each passing week we become a better team.

This Sunday Igor "Duds" team got into trouble after a questionable move by Mateus "Mewkyo", but managed to recover. Ceos highlighted the team's tranquility in the midst of a move that could have changed the course of the match.

- We performed a little poorly. I think Mewkyo didn't engage so well, but even after that we knew we had a better songwriting. Duds was already communicating: we lost, but I'm still very strong. We don't dwell on what happened. We're just thinking about how to win the game - he concluded.

LOUD's next commitment is against INTZ. The confrontations of the 11th round take place on Saturday (10) and start at 13pm Brasília time.


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