Japan's average minimum wage will rise to ¥930 per hour

Japan's average minimum wage will rise to ¥930 per hour Source: Image Disclosure


This is the national average value, but each province decides its value, based on government policy.

On Wednesday the board of the MHLW-Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare set a guideline to increase Japan's average minimum wage from 14 yen an hour to 902 yen. That's 930 yen more.

The amount of the increase was the highest since 2002, when the minimum wage started to be presented with value per hour of work. But it has not yet reached the goal of an average of XNUMX yen an hour.

Last year, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, the council could not give a guideline to increase it. Therefore, the amount of the increase was only 1 yen on average.

It is worth remembering that in Japan the minimum wage is defined by the government of each of the 47 provinces, around October. Currently only Tokyo and Kanagawa have a minimum above 1.013 yen/h, at ¥1.012 and ¥XNUMX respectively.

Aichi's is ¥927 and Osaka's is enquanto964, while there are still many provinces with a minimum of 792, which gives a difference of ¥221 with Tokyo.

But with this guideline it is possible for such provinces as Akita, Shimane, Okinawa and others to go up to ¥800 or more.

Sources: Gov., Mainichi and NHK


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Last modified on Friday, 16/07/2021

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