Ten Japanese are extradited and arrested in Japan for fraud

Ten Japanese are extradited and arrested in Japan for fraud

10 members of a group of Japanese fraudsters are extradited and arrested in Japan.

In November 2019, 36 Japanese members of a telephone fraud group in the Philippines were arrested. 18 of them were extradited to Japan in February 2020, and most were sentenced to prison.

This Thursday (15), 10 of these members were extradited and arrested by the Metropolitan Police of Tokyo. The group, led by Ken Omata, 27, address and job unknown, arrived at Narita Airport around 15:30 pm, and were taken to the police station after being tested for coronavirus.

According to police, they called an elderly woman living in Japan from the Philippines posing as police officers, and a member of the group who was in Japan illegally received 5 bank cards from her.

The 10 Japanese would be extradited last year, but due to the pandemic they could not come to Japan and were detained in an immigration office facility for 1 year and 8 months.

Police say the remaining 8 Japanese in the Philippines will soon be extradited.

Source: NHK

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