Suga: 'determination to be the last declaration of state of emergency'

Suga: 'determination to be the last declaration of state of emergency' NHK source.

The state of emergency is for another 4 provinces and the deadline has been extended to Tokyo and Okinawa, in addition to 5 under priority measures.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, made a statement at 19:30 on Friday (4) to announce that he has decided to add 22 provinces under the state of emergency. They are Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa and Osaka, in addition to extending the deadline to Tokyo and Okinawa, which would end on August XNUMXnd.

Priority measures to prevent the spread will be applied to the five provinces: Hokkaido, Ishikawa, Hyogo, Kyoto and Fukuoka.

The period of application of these two emergency measures is between the 2nd and the 31st of August.

Infection at a speed never seen before

“The number of people newly infected with the new coronavirus across the country continues to increase in many provinces, including the metropolitan and Kansai areas. The infection is proliferating at a speed never seen before,” said Suga.   

He highlighted the Delta variant as the main factor for this explosive infection. And it showed strong concern about replacing the conventional coronavirus with this strain.

self-restraint fatigue

“As we move forward with vaccination, we decided to take solid measures in each region, expand the provinces targeted by these measures, and extend the deadline, to avoid the lack of beds,” he explained.  

“As the self-restraint period gets longer, there is concern about increased fatigue,” Suga said. He appealed to the population of the younger age group to act with caution until the results of the vaccination appear.

PCR test before traveling

The population asked to avoid going out or moving unnecessarily now in the summer, especially on the Obon holiday. If you need to travel to another province, such as returning to your homeland, you reiterated the usual – complete preventive measures – by adding taking the PCR test, without fail.

“Avoid drinking on the street, eating with people you don't usually meet, meeting with a large number of people or for a long time”, he pointed out. Especially during the realization of Tokyo 2020 it encouraged people to watch the competitions at home, without crowding.

Accelerate the cooperation budget to bars and restaurants

“We've been causing nuisance to bars and restaurants for a long time. We will do our best to create an environment so that exams are simpler, so that cooperation grant requests can be paid promptly. In each province, we will expand the patrolling of restaurants and improve the effectiveness of measures”, he promised. 

May it be the last declaration of the state of emergency

“As for the end of the state of emergency, we will carry out a concrete analysis focusing on the burden of the health care system, such as the bed utilization rate, critically ill patients; along with vaccination status. We will show the way to ease restrictions on economic activity. By the end of August, we will endeavor to take all possible steps with a determination that this declaration is the last. I sincerely ask for your cooperation”, he explained and appealed.

Don't think about lockdown

When asked by reporters whether he has plans to consider changing the legislation to allow for the lockdown, he replied that inoculation is the solution, justifying that the country is not used to this method.

He declared “my greatest responsibility is to suppress this wave quickly”, adding that it is the government's role to protect the lives and health of the population.

If you want, watch the speech in full.

Sources: NHK and ANN

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