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Wednesday: 1,1 thousand tested positive

The only province that had no cases was Ishikawa. Tokyo and Osaka are still the ones with 3 digits.

Until 19:6 on Wednesday (1,1), Japan had XNUMX tested positive for the new coronavirus.

There were 8 in Gunma, 18 in Tochigi, 25 in Ibaraki, 52 in Chiba, 75 in Saitama, 86 in Kanagawa and 149 in Tokyo.

Osaka had 60 more cases than the Japanese capital, totaling 209 that day. There were 5 in Shiga, 30 in Kyoto, 76 in Hyogo, 27 in Hiroshima and Fukuoka, 7 in Shimane, 18 in Okayama and 30 in Okinawa.

In the Tokai region there were 11 in Shizuoka, 15 in Mie, 27 in Gifu and 80 in Aichi, with almost 50% in Nagoya, with 39; there were 5 in Toyota and Toyohashi, among other cities.

The day had 26 deaths of patients with Covid-19, 10 from Tokyo, 4 from Osaka, 2 from Saitama, Aichi and Aomori, among other provinces.

There are 612 seriously ill out of the 17.836 undergoing treatment.

In contrast, 1.671.171 recovered from covid.

On Monday (4) 40.280 PCR tests were performed.

Sources: News Digest, NHK and Nagoya TV

Two doses of Covid-19 vaccine provide 87% efficacy

The study was carried out by a team including researchers from Nagasaki University.

Taking two doses of vaccine, both from Pfizer and Moderna, is 86,8% effective against developing Covid-19, announced on Tuesday (5) a team including researchers from the University of Nagasaki.

The team's vaccine efficacy data is about 10 percentage points below the numbers presented by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID).

The researchers, however, conducted the study about a month later, at a point when they believed the alpha variant of the virus had been replaced by the highly transmissible delta.

The team conducted the study in July and August at 10 medical institutions in 9 provinces and examined 890 individuals between 16 and 64 years of age suspected of having been infected with the coronavirus.

Of the 528 people who had not been vaccinated, 213 tested positive. Of the 108 who had received the first dose, 31 tested positive, while only 9 of 159 individuals who had been inoculated twice had been infected with Covid-19.

Results from a study conducted by the NIID from June to July showed that receiving two doses of vaccine was 95% effective.

However, Haruka Maeda, a researcher especially aimed at respiratory infection at Nagasaki University, said the vaccine's effectiveness may have weakened because the delta variant increased in June.

Maeda also emphasized that "despite this, it has been confirmed that the effectiveness of vaccines is still high in Japan as well."

Source: Mainichi


Mie: free PCR test for provincial residents

The Mie provincial government will offer free PCR testing to asymptomatic people. Will send the kit to the residence.

The governor of Mie province, Katsuyuki Ichimi, said he will start a campaign to offer a free saliva PCR test for asymptomatic people as one of the measures to prevent the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

All provincial residents who want to take the test can apply through the website (touch here) to order the kit, which will be sent home.

The application period is from 10:11 am on October 17th until 30:10 pm on December 059th. During this same period, information can be obtained by calling 213-3810-XNUMX.

The test result will come out after a few days and will not be issued a positive or negative certificate.

Each asymptomatic person can order the test kit, at most, once a month.

The goal is to identify people infected at an early stage, so 120 kits were purchased. If missing, the governor considers adding more to that lot.

Sources: Gov. Mie and Ise Shimbun

Japanese companies will offer benefits using vaccination app

Companies will collaborate to provide benefits to customers who use a new app showing proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

Japanese companies will collaborate to offer special benefits to customers who use a new smartphone app showing proof of Covid-19 vaccination when they go to restaurants and hotels, the software providers said on Wednesday (6).

About 10 companies have joined the initiative, which aims to attract customers by promoting their measures to prevent coronavirus infections while encouraging people to get vaccinated.

The smartphone app will display proof of vaccination with the user's face on the screen once they record the necessary information after being fully inoculated against Covid-19, according to the app's providers, the Medical Check Propulsion Mechanism and the based medical enterprise. in Tokyo ICheck Co.

The “Wakupass” can be downloaded to smartphones for free and is expected to be released after approval from Apple and others, they said.

Companies that have joined the program include the HIS travel agency, the APA Group, which runs a hotel chain, the sushi restaurant chain Kappa Create, and the J-League Kashima Antlers football team.

Companies are currently preparing special benefits for customers, with Kappa Create planning to offer a 10% discount on food and beverages.

Those who have not been vaccinated and do not submit the app will receive the same service as before.

Source: Mainichi

Less than a thousand new cases on Thursday

Of the 47 provinces, three had no cases. They are Iwate, Yamagata and Shimane.

Until 19:30 pm on Thursday (7), the country had 969 tested positive for the new coronavirus and 3 more at airports.

There were 9 in Gunma, 16 in Ibaraki, 17 in Tochigi, 43 in Chiba, 68 in Saitama, 102 in Kanagawa and 142 in Tokyo, which was the Thursday with the lowest number this year.

Osaka continues to outnumber the Japanese capital, with a total of 165 new cases. There were 87 in Hyogo, 27 in Kyoto, 6 in Nagano, 5 in Shiga and Fukui, 16 in Hiroshima and Okinawa, 15 in Fukuoka and 11 in Oita.

In the Tokai region, there were 9 in Shizuoka, 15 in Mie, 25 in Gifu and 61 in Aichi, 14 in Nagoya, 4 in Toyota and Toyohashi, 5 in Ichinomiya, among other cities.

The day had 39 deaths, 19 from Tokyo, 5 from Osaka and Okinawa, 4 from Kanagawa, 1 from Kyoto and Aichi, among other provinces. The cumulative sum of deaths by Covid-19 increased to 17.860.

There are 16.524 patients under treatment, and 595 are in serious condition.

In contrast, 1.673.416 people recovered.

On Tuesday (5) 42.495 PCR tests were performed.

Sources: News Digest, Nagoya TV and NHK

Saturday: 12 thousand tested positive and record also in 10 provinces

Shizuoka, Gunma, Tochigi and Kanagawa are among the 10 with the worst result of this epidemic of the new coronavirus. See the others.

Until 18:31 on Saturday (12.325) Japan had the worst positive test result for the new coronavirus of this epidemic, 926.037, for the fourth consecutive day, during the Olympic Games. Thus, the cumulative rose to XNUMX infected people.

Ten provinces also had a historical record, starting with Tokyo, with 4.058. The others were 1.580 in Kanagawa, 1.036 in Saitama, 792 in Chiba, 439 in Okinawa, 199 in Kyoto, 170 in Tochigi, 168 in Shizuoka, 136 in Gunma and 58 in Niigata.

The provinces with the highest rate per 100 inhabitants are Okinawa, with 130,17 and Tokyo, with 125,33, respectively. They have 3 times more than the country's average of 41,20.

Other provinces with high numbers on Saturday are Fukuoka with 502, Osaka with 1.040, Hokkaido with 243 and Aichi with an upward trend with 286 tested positive.

The number of critically ill patients has been increasing in the last 10 days. From Friday to Saturday, 41 more, therefore, with a total of 667. The total number of patients on Covid-19 treatment is 77.436 nationwide.

In contrast, 833.422 people recovered.

Sources: News Digest, Ryukyu Shimpo and FNN

Japan: 10,7 tested positive on Friday, the worst of this epidemic

On Friday, the total number of people who tested positive for the new coronavirus surpassed that of the previous day, the largest of this epidemic.

Until 20:30 on Friday (30) Japan had the worst result of tested positive for the new coronavirus, of 10.744 new cases. The cumulative sum increased to 913.717 infected people.

The number of deaths was 9 patients with Covid-19, totaling 15.184 deaths in this epidemic.

The highest numbers of new cases are in the provinces of Kanto, starting with Tokyo with 3,3 tested positive. There were 1.418 in Kanagawa, 853 in Saitama, 753 in Chiba, 222 in Ibaraki, 120 in Tochigi and 106 in Gunma.

In the Kansai region, there were 882 in Osaka, 265 in Hyogo, 167 in Kyoto and 60 in Shiga, among others.

Fukuoka recorded 478, 382 in Okinawa, 110 in Ishikawa, 30 in Fukui, 77 in Okayama and 14 in Shimane.

In the Tokai region the highest number was in Aichi, 229. There were 121 in Shizuoka, 34 in Gifu and 33 in Mie.

On Wednesday (28) 49.892 PCR tests were performed.

Regarding the inoculation, until Thursday (29) were applied more than 84 million doses (84.009.438), which corresponds to 25% of the population already vaccinated.

Sources: Yomiuri, NHK and News Digest

Two positive tested Olympic referees leave the hotel without permission

They left the hotel where they were referred for treatment, after testing positive for the new coronavirus.

Official sources from the Tokyo 2020 tournament revealed that the two referees participating in the Olympics, who tested positive for the new coronavirus, were referred to a hotel in Tokyo for treatment.

However, on Thursday (29) they escaped the accommodation facility without permission.

According to the sources, the two men act as referees of the rowing competition at the Olympic Games and the result of the PCR test, on the 26th, was positive. One is Japanese.  

They argued "we wanted to take the test again, to get the negative result and go to competition." So the two would have gone to a hospital.

It seems that this is the first time that people involved in the Olympic Games, with a positive result, leave without authorization. The organizing committee heard the 2 referees to assess whether they violated the manual.

Source: ANN

For the first time over 10 new cases

The epidemic of the new coronavirus in Japan is critically increasing.

For the first time Japan bitter 10.699 tested positive for the new coronavirus in a single day, on Thursday (29). The cumulative sum amounted to 902.975 people infected.

On that day there were 14 deaths and 58.113 patients are under treatment.

Tokyo had 3.865 new cases, 1.164 in Kanagawa, 864 in Saitama, 576 in Chiba, 166 in Ibaraki, 103 in Gunma and 142 in Tochigi.

Osaka had a high number as well, with 932 new cases. The same happened with Okinawa, with 392 tested positive.

Aichi registered 250, with an upward trend, as did Fukuoka, with 366.

Tokyo, Kanagawa and Okinawa had the worst results of this epidemic.

Sources: NHK and News Digest

About 4 meals were wasted at the opening of the Tokyo Games

Four thousand of the 10.000 meals that would be offered to volunteers on the day of the opening ceremony were wasted.

Tokyo 2020 organizers admitted that about 4 meals prepared for the day of the opening ceremony were discarded.

Tokyo Games organizers admitted on Wednesday that they had ruled out about 28 of the 4.000 pre-ordered meals that would be offered to volunteers on the day of the opening ceremony.

Masanori Takaya, a spokesman for the organizing committee, confirmed the report and apologized at a press conference.

He explained that due to the heavy workload for the volunteers they did not have a chance to eat the meals, which must be transformed into animal food and used to generate energy from biomass.

Source: Mainichi

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