Crimes (6)

Japanese actor arrested for child pornography

He appeared in an NHK soap opera and was arrested for molesting minors as well as child pornography.

On Wednesday, Gifu Prefecture Police reported the arrest of Japanese actor 日暮明容疑者, 6, a resident of Adachi-ku, Tokyo, suspected of violating the Child Prostitution and Prohibition of Pornography Act.

In 2019, actor Higurashi would have taken a 14-year-old high school and a 17-year-old high school, at the time, in hotels in the provinces of Okayama and Nagano. He would have recorded sex videos with minors and is also suspected of child pornography.

The case was discovered through cyber patrol, whose images and videos were on the network. Suspect was located via IP (Internet Protocol).

Gifu police made the seizure of his smartphone, in which they found the same images and videos posted on the big network. There was no disclosure of whether he assumed the crimes or not.

Higurashi, the actor, was featured in NHK's soap opera Segodon and series Hyokko.

Sources: Gifu Shimbun, FNN and Tokai TV

Japanese businessman arrested had ¥12 million in cocaine

It is unusual to find a large amount of this drug in the city. The man was arrested in a hotel.

On Thursday (6), the police reported that they arrested a businessman, on the 15th of last month, with possession of cocaine and suspected of trafficking.

Japanese businessman, 川添直樹, 46, owner of a pet supply company, in Nishi-ku, city of Osaka (province of the same name), was caught in a hotel in the same neighborhood, with 30 grams of cocaine, with the objective of trafficking.

Among his belongings in the hotel apartment were found 610 grams of cocaine, both bar and powder, valued at 12,2 million yen.

Although Kawazoe admitted he had the drug, he said it was not for resale. The police are continuing the investigation, wanting to know the route to be obtained.

According to police, the seizure of this amount of cocaine within the city is uncommon, as most of it occurs in attempts to smuggle it at airports and ports. There is a possibility of Kawazoe's connection with a foreign criminal group.

Sources: YTV and ABC

Ten Japanese are extradited and arrested in Japan for fraud

10 members of a group of Japanese fraudsters are extradited and arrested in Japan.

In November 2019, 36 Japanese members of a telephone fraud group in the Philippines were arrested. 18 of them were extradited to Japan in February 2020, and most were sentenced to prison.

This Thursday (15), 10 of these members were extradited and arrested by the Metropolitan Police of Tokyo. The group, led by Ken Omata, 27, address and job unknown, arrived at Narita Airport around 15:30 pm, and were taken to the police station after being tested for coronavirus.

According to police, they called an elderly woman living in Japan from the Philippines posing as police officers, and a member of the group who was in Japan illegally received 5 bank cards from her.

The 10 Japanese would be extradited last year, but due to the pandemic they could not come to Japan and were detained in an immigration office facility for 1 year and 8 months.

Police say the remaining 8 Japanese in the Philippines will soon be extradited.

Source: NHK

Explosion threats at various universities in Japan

The sender's domain name was a string indicating to oppose the Tokyo Olympics.

The statement stating “a time bomb has been placed at the university” was sent to the University of Nagoya and many others across the country.

The email was sent on Tuesday night (25), including to others like Mie University and Gifu University. For Yamanashi University it arrived the night before, Monday, while for Toyama University it was on Tuesday afternoon.

The content of all of them is of threat of explosion on Thursday (27). Likewise, the University of Nagoya informed that it did not suspend classes, justifying that “it is not a threat limited to a specific institution”.

But Mie and Gifu's have suspended Thursday's classes and banned entry to their respective campuses.

Yamanashi University reported that the domain verification found "a string of characters that indicates opposition to the Tokyo Olympics."

Several universities in the country, from Kanto, Shizuoka and others received the same threat.

Sources: Nagoya TV, Sankei, NNN and Chiba Nippo

North Korea launched several short-range missiles

That's what the main American newspapers reported, as the first North Korean action after Biden assumed the presidency.

The American press reported on Tuesday (23) local time that North Korea launched several short-range missiles last weekend.

It is the first time that this type of action has been confirmed since Joe Biden assumed the presidency of the USA.

North Korea has expressed dissatisfaction with joint military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea as of the 8th of this month.

The Biden administration is reviewing North Korean policy, but the missile launches could heighten tensions.

These releases are not subject to the sanctions of the UN Security Council resolution, the news reported.

Sources: NHK and FNN

Juvenile law will undergo changes to punish 18 and 19 year olds

Government announces that it intends to change the juvenile law to punish young people between 18 and 19 years old as "adults".

During a cabinet meeting on Friday (19), members of the Liberal Democratic Party decided to change the juvenile law (shonen-ho) and reduce the age of majority to 18 years.

Young people aged 18 and 19 will continue to be protected under juvenile law, but will have a special classification of “specific youth” (tokutei shonen). The law will continue to hold the Family Court accountable for juvenile criminal incidents. However, the change will increase the number of incidents that will be assigned to the prosecution.

Cases that can be sent to the prosecution include murder or intentional homicide, robbery, arson, rape, among others. In this case, young people will be judged in the same way as adults and may have their names, photos and personal information disclosed.

After the formal request to parliament, the Ministry of Justice will make new provisions to treat people between the ages of 18 and 19 as “specific young people”.

Source: NHK

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