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Japan's average minimum wage will rise to ¥930 per hour


This is the national average value, but each province decides its value, based on government policy.

On Wednesday the board of the MHLW-Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare set a guideline to increase Japan's average minimum wage from 14 yen an hour to 902 yen. That's 930 yen more.

The amount of the increase was the highest since 2002, when the minimum wage started to be presented with value per hour of work. But it has not yet reached the goal of an average of XNUMX yen an hour.

Last year, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, the council could not give a guideline to increase it. Therefore, the amount of the increase was only 1 yen on average.

It is worth remembering that in Japan the minimum wage is defined by the government of each of the 47 provinces, around October. Currently only Tokyo and Kanagawa have a minimum above 1.013 yen/h, at ¥1.012 and ¥XNUMX respectively.

Aichi's is ¥927 and Osaka's is enquanto964, while there are still many provinces with a minimum of 792, which gives a difference of ¥221 with Tokyo.

But with this guideline it is possible for such provinces as Akita, Shimane, Okinawa and others to go up to ¥800 or more.

Sources: Gov., Mainichi and NHK


Recall of 300 Mitsubishi vehicles

Mitsubishi will recall 30 vehicles for brake problems.

Mitsubishi Motors has announced that it will recall approximately 300 vehicles for brake problems.

The recall vehicles are the “eK”, “eK SPACE”, “DAYZ” and “ROOX”. The last two models are produced by Mitsubishi for Mazda.

The recall cars were produced between 2019 and 2021.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport (MLIT), there was a problem in the computer program that controls the car's operation, which, at worst, could delay the time it would take for the vehicle to stop.

So far, there has been one accident and 39 reports of malfunctions across the country.

Mitsubishi and Mazda will do the free repair at dealerships starting on Friday (28).

Source: NHK

Amazon buys MGM for ¥920 billion

MGM is bought by Amazon for ¥920 billion.

Amazon announced on Wednesday (26), local time, the acquisition of the studio MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) for US$8,45 billion, equivalent to ¥920 billion at the current price.

The studio, which is known for its iconic vignette of a roaring lion, is behind such hits as “The Silence of the Lambs”, “and the “007” and “Rocky” franchises, among other films. However, the deal leaves out legendary MGM classics such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind” as they are owned by Warner.

Amazon adds a collection of 4.000 titles to the Prime platform's catalog, at a time of fierce competition among digital channels.

In a statement, Amazon said it "will help preserve MGM's heritage and catalog and provide customers with greater access to the works."

“The real value behind the deal is the grand catalog treasure that will be reinvented with the MGM team,” said Mike Hopkins, vice president of Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime.

Source: ANN

Activity at factories in Japan increased in March

The pace has increased with the prospect of a global economic recovery and countries initiating Covid-19 vaccinations.

An expansion of factory activity in Japan picked up pace in March, a private sector survey on Wednesday (24) showed, aided by the prospect of a global economic recovery as a growing number of countries start immunizations against Covid-19.

However, the services sector continued to struggle, with companies suffering from the coronavirus hit even after the government lifted the state of emergency in the Tokyo region.

The au Jibun Bank Flash Japan Manufacturing Purchasing Managers (PMI) index increased from 51.4 in February to 52.2 in March seasonally adjusted.

This means that manufacturing activity was above the 50.0 threshold that separates contraction and expansion for the second month in a row.

The PMI survey showed that activity was aided by rising production and new orders. Future orders, which show business growth expectations for the year ahead, also remained strongly positive.

"Positive feelings stemmed from the expectation that both suspensions from the state of emergency and broader restrictions, as vaccinations begin, would cause a recovery in demand in both the domestic and overseas markets," said Usamath Bhatti, economist at IHS Markit, who compiles the survey.

Despite expanding production and orders, manufacturers were hesitant to hire more workers, reporting the third straight month of job cuts.

Source: Nippon

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