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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

2 Kick Boxing Cup

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The Double G 6 (or Double G FC 6) MMA show took place on Friday night (March 19), at the Sindorim Techno Mart Grand Ballroom, in Seoul, capital of South Korea. of public in the gym, although in limited numbers.

In the 'main event' (and therefore the 'main event') of the schedule, we saw Yong Joo Lim beat Jong Ki Ahn and win his chance to fight for the title of middleweight champion against Tae Ho Jin, which should happen in a future date.

Ahn started the fight keeping his opponent close to the cage's grid. He then unleashed a barrage of punches until he took down Lim with a short left hook.

In the sequence, “The Korean Wonderboy” used his “footwork” (or “legged game, if you prefer) to take the center of the 'cage'. Halfway through the first round, Lim was knocked down again, but was able to get up quickly, only to be punished again by his opponent. Lim, however, landed a right counterattack that brought down Ahn towards the end of the opening period.

Starting the second round, Lim - who specializes in Karate - again connected a straight right that led Ahn to the knockout, just over a minute into the second period.
With the win, Lim raised his pro MMA record to 3-3 while Ahn dropped it to 2-2.

The 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') on the 'card' brought us Se Hyun Kim in a combined weight (58 kg) fight in front of Hyun Sung Park.

Kim only learned of the fight a week in advance and flew from Jeju Island to replace Chang Ho Lee, who suffered an injury during training.

The confrontation started unexpectedly, with the two "strikers" insisting on the work of 'clinch'. Park pressed Kim against the cage by working with short jabs and knees whenever he could, but that weren't enough to stop the referee's interruption, who separated them.

From there, Park tried to take the fight to the ground, when he landed a nice takedown and established lateral control. Kim still resisted after taking a few punches in the face, but ended up finishing with a choke.

Park (4-0) has established himself as one of the flyweights' biggest prospects while Kim (3-2) has returned to the shipyard.

Another fighter who had a standout performance on the card was the young lightweight Hoon Lee (5-3), who was coming off a submission loss in the last event (Double G 5 ), but redeemed himself by beating Byung Seok Kim (3 -2) with a sequence of blows that took your opponent to the knockout in the third round.

Check out the results of the "Double G 6" which include:

Double G 6
19 March 2021
Sindorim Techno Mart Grand Ballroom
Seoul, South Korea

Yong Joo Lim defeated Jong Ki Ahn by “KO” (punch) at 1:05 of the second round
Hyun Sung Park defeated Se Hyun Kim by submission (naked choke) at 3:58 of the first round
Seung Min Shin defeated Jae Hyeok Bang via unanimous decision after three rounds of five minutes each
Burenzorig Batmunkh defeated Sung Kwon Kim via unanimous decision after three rounds of five minutes each
Young Hoon Lee defeated Byung Seok Kim by “TKO” (strikes) at 3:50 of the third round
Kyung Sup Lee vs. Dong Hyun Seo ended in a draw
Tserendash Azjargal defeated Ho Jun Lee via unanimous decision after three rounds of five minutes each

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 24 / 03 / 2021
Caption : Yong Joo Lim will fight for the title of welterweight champion after winning by knockout at Double G 6.
Photo : ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Double G | Disclosure ).


In the last 24 hours, 514.178 received the first dose of the immunizing agent. Amazonas is the state where the most vaccines were applied in numbers proportional to the population

The number of people vaccinated against covid-19 with at least one dose in Brazil reached 23 this Tuesday, according to data gathered by the consortium of press vehicles. The number represents 12.793.737% of the country's total population. In the last 6,04 hours, 24 received the first dose of the immunizing agent.

Among the 12,7 million, 4.334.905 received the second dose of the vaccine. The number represents 2,05% of the Brazilian population with complete vaccination against covid-19. In the last 24 hours, 92.380 people received the booster dose of the immunizing agent. Adding the amount of doses applied for the first and second time in Brazilians, the country applied 606.558 on the last day, according to data provided by 26 states.

Amazonas is the state where more vaccines were applied in numbers proportional to the population: 9,59% of the inhabitants were immunized with at least the first dose. The lowest percentage so far is that of Pará, with 3,56% of the local population vaccinated. In absolute numbers, São Paulo vaccinated 3,67 million people, followed by Minas and Bahia, with 1 million vaccinated.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

OLX is notified by fake ad

Procon de SC identifies an advertisement, made from Florianópolis, and demands that the company respond jointly for false advertising; scammer charged BRL 5 per dose

FLORIANÓPOLIS - Santa Catarina's Procon notified the online sales site OLX for allowing the placement of a false ad for a vaccine against covid-19. In fact, what the agency found is that it was a scam and that people who eventually bought the product did not receive any vaccine.

In the ad, the seller claims that he brought some doses of Coronavac vaccine and charges R$5 a dose and R$9 for two. Its location is in Florianópolis, which prompted the inspection by the state consumer protection agency.

In the document, the agency asks that OLX, which is jointly and severally liable for the ad, immediately suspend the broadcast under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 100 and administrative sanctions. The agency argues that the ad, among other infractions, violates the Consumer Defense Code, offering a product that is not yet available for sale in the market, featuring false advertising.

“We got in touch and tried to make a purchase, that's when we verified that it was a scam, so we notified OLX immediately to take it off the air,” said Tiago Silva, director of Procon SC. “In our understanding this cannot happen. Despite the warnings, everyone wants the vaccine, so we also demand that the site responds in solidarity”, he added.

Procon forwarded the notification to the authorities to identify the con artist. OLX said it took the ad off the air "soon after it was posted and blocked the user's account" and commented on the episode.

“OLX clarifies that so far it has not been notified by Procon-SC, has removed the ad from the platform shortly after its publication and has blocked the user's account. The platform also reinforces that it does not allow ads that violate the rules of use of the site, removes them and blocks users. OLX is at the authorities' disposal to collaborate in the investigation of the facts and if the user perceives that the platform's policies are being violated, it has complaints to investigate irregular advertisements and remove them”.

Source: Estadão,olx-e-notificada-por-anuncio-falso-de-venda-da-vacina-contra-covid-19-coronavac,70003657906

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Japanese automakers had already reduced production due to a global shortage of chips.

Japanese automakers are evaluating the impact of a fire that destroyed part of the Renesas chip maker's facilities. This is so with the industry already facing a global semiconductor shortage.

The fire occurred on Friday (19) at the Renesas factory in Hitachinaka (Ibaraki). Part of the equipment was damaged, and the production of chips for automobiles was partially halted.

Renesas aims to resume full production within a month. Automakers have been sending people to the factory to help.

Among the companies that use Renesas chips are Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Japanese automakers had already reduced production due to a global shortage of chips.

Other chip makers have limited ability to make up for the drop.

Analysts say the fire at Renesas could force automakers to cut production even further.

Source: NHK

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tuesday: 1,5 thousand tested positive

Although 9 provinces have registered 0, the sum of 38 has increased from 1,5 new cases.

The total number of people tested positive on Tuesday (23) was 1.503, bringing the cumulative to 459.016 people infected with the new coronavirus in Japan.

In the Kanto region there were 136 in Saitama, 33 in Ibaraki, 74 in Chiba, 72 in Kanagawa, 337 in Tokyo, 20 in Tochigi and 18 in Gunma.

In Osaka there were 183 and in Hyogo 84. In the neighboring provinces, 15 in Nara and 7 in Shiga.

In the Tokai region the records were 7 in Mie, 12 in Gifu, 22 in Shizuoka and 63 in Aichi.

In Miyagi, the province with the highest rate of 1/100 inhabitants in the country, 121 cases have been confirmed. In Okinawa, the second highest on this index, 75 tested positive.

13.915 patients are being treated, of which 320 need to be in the ICU.

The sum of deaths in 18 provinces was 53, bringing the cumulative total to 8.922 losses.

Until Tuesday, the sum of people recovered had increased to 436.179.

On Sunday (21) 8.489 PCR tests were performed.

Regarding vaccination, the total number of doses applied is 699.126. On Tuesday there were 46.428, of which 2.627 were from the second dose.

Sources: NHK and News Digest

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By: Japan Tour - Mario Hirano – Photographer.

MHH0358 40a and b

Universal tour and ride to Osaka and Kobe.

On the 3rd of May on Saturday - public holiday ( Goold Wilk ), there was a Japan Tour tour to Universal - "amusement park" and also a beautiful tour to Osaka and Kobe.

MHH0345 to3a55

Osaka script - went to Shinsekai Tower | Osaka Castle | Umeda Sky Building and Shinsai-Bashi.

Kobe's script - Port of Kobe with incredible lighting at night.

MHH0386 a9ccd

However, taking advantage of the weather I went to Chinatown in Kobe.

Gallery of photos here.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tsunoshima Island - Japan Tour

By: Photographer - Mario Hirano.

Excursion held on 11-8-19.

MHH0021 45c89

On the Japanese holiday - Oboom Yasumi. The Japan Tour - with coordinator and guide Luis Matos, carried out an excursion to the famous Tsunoshima Island, and don't think it ended there, we will still have many other excursions on this incredible holiday and only accompany us to get the inside scoop.

Tsunoshima Island is in the region of Yamaguchi - Ken.

"Once separated from Honshu, Tsunoshima is now accessible via the 1.780-meter (5.840 ft) Tsunoshima Bridge, which was completed in the year 2000. At the time, it was the largest toll bridge in the country, although the completion of the bridge from Kouri, in Okinawa Prefecture, pushed it to second place. In the northwest of the island is the Tsunoshima Lighthouse, which has become the symbol of Tsunoshima. Before the war, Tsunoshima contained a military site of the former Imperial Japanese Army. , a part of this still remains.

The whale species Balaenoptera omurai (Omura's whale) was first identified here."

MHH0067 c5e5c


"Tsunoshima first appears in the written record in the Nara period (710 - 794). The name of the island appears on a piece of mokkan wood excavated at the site of the Heijō Palace in Nara. The mokkan is dated March 29, 746 and was attached to a seaweed tribute to the imperial court A reference to the island also appears in a poem in the sixteenth part of the Man'yōshū , the oldest extant collection of Japanese poetry, completed in 759. The Engishiki , a Japanese book of laws and regulations compiled in 927, referred to a farm on the island, which was then part of Nagato Province.Over time, the island was developed for agriculture in addition to supporting a fishing village.

In the Edo period (1603 - 1868) the island became part of the Chōfu Domain, but was transferred to the Chōshū Domain in 1718. After five years, the island was returned to the Chōfu Domain. The island was known for producing materials for making tatami mats, sesame seeds and beef.

As a local administrative unit, under the 1889 municipal system, Tsunoshima Village was part of the Toyoura district, under the 1955 unification it became part of the Hōhoku town and in 2005 as the town that makes up the Toyoura district (Hōhoku , Kikugawa , Toyoura and Toyota ) merged with the city of Shimonoseki , Tsunoshima also became part of the city."

On the tour we visited the Tsunoshima Bridge, the lighthouse, Nagato Ohama, its beautiful beach, sanctuary - Kawajiri and Hotel.

On the second day of the tour we went to the cave - Akiyoshidai, Kintai - Bashi and Iwakuni Castle and region.

Follow us with some of our adventures in the photos below and see how beautiful this place is.

MHH0092 d69f4

Photo gallery here

Source: Japan Tour - with information from

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