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 Created in 2003, Wu Lin Feng is the oldest mixed martial arts (MMA, the acronym for Mixed Martial Arts) and “swapping” (a term that designates all styles of 'standing fighting') in China and carries the youthful memories of a generation of general fight fans. The promotion became more international in 2007, when it decided to bring in new challengers from other countries and began filming abroad, including in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania, Russia, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, UAE United States, Canada and United States.

The profile of attendees at Wu Lin Feng's concerts includes K-1 fighters, MMA professionals and Muay Thai fighters, as well as practitioners of Wushu (Kung Fu) and Sanda (Chinese Boxing).

Already in 2013, the promotion was ranked among the 100 'most watched programs in China' broadcast on satellite and cable television.

Despite promoting more Kickboxing fights, the WLF also held sporadically some MMA fights, in events under the name “EPIC”, which meant 'Elimination Power In Cage'.
In 2017 such events were renamed 'WARS' (or “Warriors Arena of Ruthless Submission”).
The latest show in the MMA “arm” of the franchise, the WLF MMA 50 was held on January 14th of this year.

On Saturday, March 27, 2021, Zhengzhou (Henan Province's capital and largest city) received the Wu Lin Feng 2021: World Contender League (1st stage).
The event was broadcast 'live' on Henan TV at 7:XNUMX am (Eastern Time).

The "main attraction" and therefore the "main event" of this WLF was the dispute between Wei Rui - listed by some specialized websites as one of the best "weight for weight fighters" on the planet - against his compatriot Liu Wei, in a competition up to 64 Kg

In the 'co-main event' (or “co-main event”) we saw Feng OuYang and Wenbao Han who fought for the title of best fighter in China under 70 kg.

The results of the Chinese TV broadcast are below. There were additional fights on the 'card' of this WLF, but these were not included in the broadcast.

Wu Lin Feng 2021: World Contender League (1st phase)
27 March 2021
Zhengzhou, Henan

Wei Rui defeated Liu Wei by decision after extra round
Ouyang Feng defeated Han Wenbao by decision - up to 70 kg
Yi Yuxuan defeated Zhang Jun by decision
Zhu Shuai defeated Wei Weiyang via unanimous decision - up to 63 Kgs
Yang Yang defeated Guo Chengru by decision
Jin Ying defeated Shun Li by decision - Valid for World Contender League up to 63 Kgs
Zheng Jungfeng defeated Wang Zhiwei by decision after extra round - up to 63 kg
Xu Yuanqing defeated Cheng Jungfeng by unanimous decision

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 29 / 03 / 2021
Caption : The WLF is China's oldest Kickboxing and MMA promotion.
Pictured above : ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Wu Lin Feng | ( C ) WLF | ( C ) Henan TV | Disclosure ).

Caption : Women are gaining more and more space in martial arts competitions and contact sports in China.
Photo below: ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Wu Lin Feng | ( C ) WLF | ( C ) Henan TV | Disclosure ).

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