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Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike was discharged from hospital this Wednesday (30) after being treated for severe fatigue, the metropolitan government said, less than a month before the opening of the Olympics.

Koike, 68, was hospitalized on June 22nd. She will carry out her tasks via telecommuting for the time being under the guidance of doctors, the metropolitan government said.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart for making a lot of people worried and causing them problems by being out of work at this important time,” she said in a statement.

Koike faces the tasks of leading the capital's response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as preparations to host the Olympics and Paralympics. The Summer Games are expected to start on July 23 as Japan continues to struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

The governor said that her health has improved somewhat and she has promised to speed up her recovery so that she can fully return to her duties.

Source: Mainichi

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Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga inspected the quarantine and other anti-virus measures at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. He instructed officials to carry out stringent border controls in preparation for the Olympics and Paralympics.

During his visit this Monday morning (28), Suga first inspected the location where All Nippon Airways employees are being vaccinated against Covid-19. He also tested touchless check-in systems that Japan Airlines uses to prevent infections.

The prime minister then observed the procedure for antigen testing at a quarantine station and was briefed on preventive border measures.

Suga said the number of new infections is on a declining trend nationwide, with the exception of Tokyo and surrounding areas that have been steadily increasing.

He said a strong sense of urgency is needed to implement preventive measures. He promised a quick and flexible response if needed when looking closely at the situation.

Source: NHK

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The city of Takasaki (Gunma) intends to close on Thursday (24) the sending of vaccination tickets for residents of the city, aged between 12 and 64 years old. The target audience is made up of 229 thousand people. 

Reservations for people aged 60 to 64 and with underlying diseases will start on July 7th and vaccination will start on the 15th.

For people aged 50 to 59, bookings start at 14, with vaccinations from 22. For people aged 40 to 49, the dates are 21 for bookings and vaccinations from 29.

Source: Jomo News

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Toyohashi City Hall (Aichi) has announced that it will start bookings for mass vaccinations, for the public aged 18 to 65, from 15 July. But for patients with an underlying medical condition it will start earlier.

For this, the start of sending the tickets is scheduled for the 28th of this month.

The public aged between 12 and 16 years old should start receiving tickets from the second half of July. Those who are 16 and 17 years old will also be vaccinated, but not along with large-scale ones.

The city intends to complete the inoculation of the first dose, for this public from 18 to 65 years old, in August.

Source: CBC TV

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Although the application of priority measures in Gifu and Mie came to an end on Sunday (20), as of Monday (21), each of these provinces have new rules to curb the spread of infection by the new coronavirus.

It is not because the daily numbers have fallen that one can relax, as the variations are a cause for concern.

In Gifu.

Governor Hajime Furuta said he will continue to ask restaurants and bars to reduce working hours in some cities where caution is needed. Abstention from serving alcoholic beverages will be suspended throughout the province.

In 6 cities, establishments serving alcoholic beverages must close at 21 pm, and the last drink order must be made before 20 pm.

The same hours apply to large commercial complexes such as shopping malls.

The target cities are Gifu, Ogaki, Kani, Minokano, Kakamigahara and Mizuho, ​​in the period starting from Monday (21) until July 4th, therefore 2 weeks.

In other cities, there is no request for restrictions on commercial establishments. For the entire province, the governor asks the population to continue taking basic daily care, such as wearing a mask and disinfecting.

In Mie.

The only city that the governor asks for a reduction in working hours for bars, restaurants and others is Yokkaichi, where it has a slightly higher rate of infection.

In the period from Monday until the 30th of this month, the request is to bring forward the closing of the office at 21 pm. 

If clusters of infection are confirmed, this request may be extended to other cities.

Sources: Tokai TV and CBC TV.

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About 930 students and staff from 18 municipal day care centers and elementary and junior high schools in Toyama City (Eponymous Province) were absent or had to go home early due to symptoms of apparent food poisoning including stomach pain and diarrhea, he announced. the Toyama Municipal Government on June 17th.

All cases were mild, but some reportedly had fever or vomiting consistent with food poisoning, and the city's public health center is investigating the cause.

Altogether, around 830 people in 9 elementary schools in the city and 4 in the gymnasium, as well as 100 people in 5 crèches were affected. According to the government, 13 schools involved served the same batch of milk during lunch on 16 June.

The milk was delivered by a local company that morning, and had been kept refrigerated until before lunch. At day care centers on June 16, milk was served twice as part of snack time.

An individual connected to the case reported that while the same company that distributed the milk to the 13 affected schools also supplies the product to others, as of June 17 no one from other schools has apparently complained of symptoms.

Source: Mainichi

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Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea theme parks will continue to operate on reduced hours from 10 am to 19 pm until July 11, operator Oriental Land said on Saturday (19).

The operator also said that it will keep the sale of alcoholic beverages suspended in the two parks, located in Urayasu (Chiba) and that it will continue to limit the number of visitors in each park to 5 per day.

Oriental Land announced the policy after the Japanese central government decided to extend the pre-emergency stage coronavirus application to Chiba until July 11th.

When the extended pre-emergency starts on Monday (21), restaurants and other businesses in affected areas in Chiba will be able to serve alcoholic beverages if they meet requirements, such as allowing only up to two customers per group and staying for a maximum of 90 minutes.

Source: Nippon

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