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About 90% of the route, which took 6 years to build, is 3 meters above sea level. See the video.

For the first time, travelers in Tibet can enjoy the mountainous views of the area at high speed.

A 435km railway line connecting Tibet's capital Lhasa with the city of Nyingchi entered service on June 25, offering mainland China's 31 provincial-level regions access to high-speed train travel.

47 tunnels, 121 bridges

Building a high-speed railway in Tibet, dubbed the “roof of the world” was no easy task.

About 90% of the route, which took 6 years to build, is 3 meters above sea level.

The Lhasa-Nyincghi line includes 47 tunnels and 121 bridges – which account for 75% of the entire route. This includes the 525 meter long Zangmu Railway Bridge, the largest and tallest arched bridge of its kind in the world.

About $5,6 billion was spent to build the line, which is served by the Fuxing series of high-speed electric trains developed and operated by the China State Railway Group.

Traveling at high altitudes, Fuxing trains are equipped with automatic oxygen delivery systems, which keep levels at a constant 23,6% – slightly higher than the 21% average found in normal atmospheres.

Train windows are fitted with a special layer of glass designed to withstand the region's high levels of ultraviolet rays.

They operate at around 160km/h – slower than the top speeds of 350km/h that travelers have on other lines in China.

With the opening of the Lhasa-Nyingchi line in Tibet, all 31 provinces in mainland China are now covered by high-speed rail.

Source: CNN Travel

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Both July and August have holidays that have been brought forward.

The 2020 Olympics and Paralympics have been moved to the summer of this year, with the start date set for July 23rd.

Thus, those who purchased a calendar or calendar, both printed, can see that they are different from the digital smartphone.

The Day of the Sea holiday would be on the 19th, Monday, but it has been moved to the 22nd, Thursday.

Sports Day has been brought forward from October 11th to Friday, July 23rd for the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As the Olympic Games end on August 8th, the Mountain Day holiday, the 11th, has been brought forward to that date. Thus, 9 Monday becomes a red date, compensating for Sunday.

The change of holidays occurred through a special measure just for this year, decided by the revision of the Special Measures Law of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The goal is to reduce congestion during the Olympics and Paralympics, so that athletes can stay move in parallel with citizens.

Source: Asahi

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Brazilian dies when pressed between rolls of paper at the factory where he worked in Shizuoka.

Around 16:30 pm on Wednesday (30), a 65-year-old Brazilian, haken employees, died after being pressed by paper rolls at the factory where he worked.

The accident happened at the Ide Paper Converting factory in Fuji (Shizuoka), in a machine that unloads pieces of paper. His death was confirmed at the hospital.

According to the Fuji Police Station, his head was trapped between the rolls. He managed to remove his head and leave the scene, but he could not resist the injuries.

The police station investigates the case under the possibility of an accident at work.

Source: Shizuoka Shimbum

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Monday, July 05, 2021

Mount Fuji Yoshida Trail Opens

This Thursday (1st) only a few people were seen walking up Yoshida Trail as heavy rain fell across a wide area of ​​Japan.

Mount Fuji reopened this Thursday (1st) for the summer season after being closed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With anti-infection measures in place, the most popular of the 4 routes to the top of the 3.776 meter mountain, Yoshida on the side of Yamanashi Prefecture, has been opened.

Shizuoka Prefecture, which administers the other three remaining routes, said it plans to open them on July 10th. The mountain will be accessible to visitors until September 10th.

As part of efforts to reduce the risk of infections, visitors are asked to fill out health status sheets and check their temperatures before ascending the mountain, according to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Fuji Subaru Line, a road halfway up the mountain that is open 24 hours in normal years, has reduced its operating hours from 3:18 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm to cut down on the number of climbers trying to make quick climbs during the night.

This Thursday, only a few people were seen walking up the Yoshida route as heavy rain fell across a wide area of ​​Japan.

Last year, both provinces closed all 4 routes amidst the coronavirus pandemic for the first time since 1960.

Source: News and Culture

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A beach town decided to postpone the opening of the season. It lies between the provinces of Hiroshima and Fukuoka.

According to information from the municipality of Hofu (Yamaguchi), a vacationer noticed that there was a 1,2 meter shark swimming about 10 meters offshore. 

The man went to bathe from the nearby town of Shunan around 10:30 am on Sunday (27). He recorded a video and sent it to the city hall.

The one seen by him has a characteristically shaped head, called a hammerhead shark. 

On the same day, the city sent officials to warn of the risk of the shark. The next day, he installed “no swimming” signs at 10 points on the beach.

The city was going to officially open the season on this beach, on the first weekend of July, but because of him, it decided to postpone it for two weeks.

Sources: Chugoku Shimbun and ANN

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About 400 Olympic team members from 18 countries and territories are expected to arrive in Japan from 1st to 4th July.

Many foreign Olympic teams are arriving in Japan before the start of the Tokyo Games on July 23rd.

Japan's government has said that around 400 Olympic team members from 18 countries and territories are expected to arrive in the country from July 1st to 4th.

They will head to their pre-Games camp sites across the country after landing at Narita (Chiba), Haneda (Tokyo) or Chubu (Aichi) Airports.

On Thursday, 20 members of the US boxing team arrived in Narita. They used special lines for entry procedures without contacting other airport users, in an effort to prevent coronavirus infections.

A British sailing team has arrived in Haneda, and is expected to stay in their host city of Hayama (Kanagawa).

Japanese authorities are urged to contain virus infections using various measures, including border controls, amid the arrival of many foreign teams.

Source: NHK

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This week, pregnant and postpartum women in Rio de Janeiro who took the first dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine against Covid-19 were authorized by the state government to receive the second dose of a different immunizing agent, from Pfizer. It is a measure contrary to the one recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Then, the states of Rio and Ceará adopted the same measure.

The decision was taken by the municipality of Rio and endorsed by a committee of researchers, without the support of the Ministry of Health, which recommends that pregnant and postpartum women take the first dose of Astrazenca and wait up to 45 days after delivery to complete the vaccination schedule.

Now, those women who received the first dose of Astrazeneca, more than 12 weeks ago, will be able to mix the vaccines and take the second dose of Pfizer.

The decision brought up another discussion: is it possible and safe to combine different vaccines?

In Spain, a survey - not yet reviewed by other scientists - showed good results. Volunteers who took the first dose of Astrazeneca and, two weeks later, the second dose of Pfizer, had a significant increase in the production of antibodies that, in the laboratory, managed to inactivate the coronavirus.

In the UK, Oxford researchers who mixed the doses came to a similar conclusion. But they warned that trials have already shown an increased risk of side effects in this mixed immunization regimen.

None of the studies, neither Spanish nor English, involved pregnant women.

In the Philippines, another trial may be of interest to Brazil, as it combines CoronaVac with six other vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, Astrazeneca and Sputnik. But, is this enough for the national immunization plan to be changed, and allow combination?

Fast thousands around the world are getting mixed vaccines, as in Canada, Portugal and South Korea.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel took the first dose of Astrazeneca and the second of Moderna, another vaccine produced with MRNA technology, just like Pfizer.

In the United States, where 70% received the first dose and 46% are fully immunized, there is already a study to find out if it is advantageous to give a third booster dose with a different vaccine.

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This Sunday, LOUD overcame RED Canids Kalunga, amending the fourth consecutive victory at CBLOL 2021. In a press conference, Denilson "Ceos" highlighted that the favorable sequence is the result of a change in posture. Support also commented that they see LOUD among the strongest teams in Brazil, with the potential to be the best in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship.

- I think we are already in these strongest groups. What's missing for us, I don't know, shooting in the group to be like the best team in Brazil is just a little more time... And, like it or not, all that matters is how we're going to get to the plays offs. So, I think that with this time we will have for the rest of the championship, when we reach the playoffs we will be a very strong team. I think the strongest - explained Ceos.

According to the support, a change in the team's posture during training is a fundamental part both in the sequence of favorable results and in the plan to get well to the next stage.

- I think that we are doing well now is just a reflection of our training. Every week we are managing to have better training. We are managing to take it more seriously. Everyone is more engaged, discussing more about the game. I think the trend is only to improve. With each passing week we become a better team.

This Sunday Igor "Duds" team got into trouble after a questionable move by Mateus "Mewkyo", but managed to recover. Ceos highlighted the team's tranquility in the midst of a move that could have changed the course of the match.

- We performed a little poorly. I think Mewkyo didn't engage so well, but even after that we knew we had a better songwriting. Duds was already communicating: we lost, but I'm still very strong. We don't dwell on what happened. We're just thinking about how to win the game - he concluded.

LOUD's next commitment is against INTZ. The confrontations of the 11th round take place on Saturday (10) and start at 13pm Brasília time.


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Felipe "brTT" downplayed the effects of paiN's defeat by Flamengo this Sunday by CBLOL 2021. In a press conference after the match, the shooter recognized "some soft spots", but stressed that the setback does not change the team's plans in the Brazilian Championship League of Legends. Furthermore, the player reinforced his confidence in the potential of his teammates.

- It's not something that worries me too much, no, this defeat against them. We have a team to win against them, we showed and went head to head, playing the map much better... and, I don't know, I'm calm - said brTT.

This is paiN's second stumbling block against Flamengo. The teams also faced each other in the first round. The negative retrospect does not scare brTT for the case of a possible confrontation against Rubro-Negro in the next stage.

- I don't see many problems for the playoffs. I would say that we were executing a composition much more difficult to execute, to finish a game. Basically (more difficult) to execute than Flamengo's. Flamengo had a very strong 5vs5 composition and we made some mistakes. We had a composition that was to eat the map in the early and mid game, not making too many mistakes - said brTT.

Currently in the vice-leadership, brTT pointed out the race for the best place in the table of the points stage as a priority at paiN.

- The focus is to stay between first and second place. It's a very big advantage, you can watch the opponent who will play before and you have a lot more information. This is an absurd advantage - concluded.

Next Saturday, paiN will face Vorax Liberty, who are in third place tied in points with the brTT team. The eleventh round matches are scheduled to start at 13pm, Brasília time.


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Monday, July 05, 2021

Thursday: 1,7 test positive

In 42 provinces and airports, 1.754 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed on Thursday (1st). The cumulative sum rose to 801.250 infected people.

Okinawa, still under a state of emergency, had 63 tested positive.

Of the 10 provinces under priority measures, 39 were in Hokkaido, 26 in Fukuoka, 32 in Hyogo, 14 in Kyoto, 108 in Osaka, 142 in Saitama, 139 in Chiba, 211 in Kanagawa, 673 in Tokyo and 49 in Aichi.

There were 37 in Shizuoka, 12 in Fukui, 4 in Shiga and Gifu, 5 in Mie, 27 in Tochigi and Ibaraki, among others.

On that day the country had 24 deaths, increasing the sum to 14.807 losses in this epidemic.

There are 517 seriously ill among the 16.965 patients undergoing treatment.

In contrast, 769.478 people recovered from Covid-19.

On Tuesday (29) 38.167 PCR tests were performed.

On Wednesday (30) more than 700 thousand were vaccinated, being 399,6 thousand received the second dose. Thus, the total of doses applied until that date increased to 44.910.572.

Sources: NHK and News Digest

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