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After 2 years without opening the route, this year people will be able to climb the most famous mountain in Japan.

On Wednesday (23) the Yamanashi provincial government said it would open the season to climb Mount Fuji, on July 1, after 2 years.

A safety survey of the Yoshida trail was conducted in joint action with officials from Yamanashi Prefecture and the ENV-Ministry of Environment. They confirmed that it is possible to reach the summit. 

Last year, all four trails, including those on the Shizuoka prefecture side, were closed due to an epidemic of the new coronavirus. So it's the first season in 2 years this summer.   

Climbers will be required to submit a 7-item health check sheet for the 5th season. In addition, the mountain huts will introduce a reservation system to avoid crowding.

Regarding the three trails on the Shizuoka side, the local government is adjusting to the goal of opening on July 10th.

Sources: ANN and Yomiuri

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 On Sunday (July 4, 2021), the event “BOM ~ The Battle Of MuayThai ~ BOM WAVE 05 - Get Over The COVID-19” was held at Ohsanbashi Hall in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.
Japanese Saya Ito challenged athlete MIREY in a match provided by the 'ONE Championship'. The duel was the first female Muay Thai confrontation with gloves with “open fingers” in the tournament promoted by 'BOM Promotion Co. Ltd'. in partnership with 'ONE'.

Not by chance, the fight was the 'co-main event' (and therefore, the 'co-main event') of the card. Initiating the confrontation with MIREY, she used her "punch" power to control the distance with medium and frontal left and right kicks. She also used straight right punches and elbow strikes.

Therefore, the 1R and 2R were perfect for Saya Ito to close the distance with punches and not let her opponent enter. She also used her favorite center kick for this purpose. But in 3R, MIREY managed to ground her with left and right hook punches. Concerned with the attack and defense of punches, Ito worked with the left. She won the decision 3-0 (29-28 × 3) after the three rounds stipulated for the fight.

One night after the win, Ito reported his impressions of the fight to fans on his 'Twitter', saying:

-“It was the first fight with 'splayed fingers' gloves in my martial arts career. I am relieved and managed to win safely. It was a great opportunity. Thanks to MIREY for accepting the challenge just about a month before the fight.”- Ito said, praising her opponent, MIREY.

Ito, who had been waiting for a long time to participate in the 'ONE Championship', also commented on this:

-"I want to go to ONE with the Muay Thai rules wearing gloves with "open fingers" and test myself with foreign fighters, including Thai athletes who are improving their level."-completed, talking about the partnership of 'BOM' with ' ONE'.

Now 22 years old and with about 18 years of martial arts practice, Ito has already won the WPMF Women's World Championship title and has a bright future ahead of him. The athlete's next goal is to be on top of 'ONE Muay Thai'.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 09 / 07 / 2021
Caption : The tournament was promoted in a business alliance of the 'BOM' with the 'ONE Championship'.
Pictured above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) BOM Promotion Co. Ltd. | ( C ) Eiwa Sports Gym | ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).

Caption : Saya Ito won the first female Muay Thai fight with 'splayed fingers' gloves at “BOM WAVE 05”.
Photo below : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) BOM Promotion Co. Ltd. | ( C ) Eiwa Sports Gym | ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).

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