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Monthly subscription in the amount of 500 yen per month, which can be canceled at any time, as requested by the customer >>

We will contact you to activate your Plan according to the form sent and the email informed in PayPal, for any further questions please contact us at .

7 days warranty 2 dbd83

Honda: a new way of having a new car, with a fixed monthly subscription

If you want a new car, but don't want to worry about maintenance, taxes, shaken and others, you have the option of a fixed-price subscription.

If you are an individual and want a new car, Honda has launched the 楽らくまるごとプラン (rakuraku marugoto plan), abbreviated from 楽まる (rakumaru). You don't need to buy it or rent it.

This is a Honda Financial service, subscription to a plan, with a fixed monthly fee, which can be canceled during the period. It is valid for a new car, with 3 contract options, 3, 5 or 7 years. Just go to a dealership, choose the model and enjoy this package that includes maintenance, shaken (mandatory vehicle inspection), tax, insurance and others.

The advantages are that you don't need to pay a high amount like you do when buying and don't worry about maintenance or shaken.

There are 14 models targeted by this program, including N-Box, Odyssey, Civic, Accord and others. If, for example, you want an N-Box to use in 5 years, you will pay a fixed amount of ¥28.790 monthly.

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