Potentially dangerous spiders have been found in Gifu

They have already been collected and the site underwent disinsectization.

The Gifu prefectural government announced on Wednesday (11) that it had found 3 potentially dangerous spiders, of the species Latrodectus hassseltii, called セアカゴケグモ (read seakagokegumo).

There were 3 adults and several eggs, which were near the tennis court enclosure in the area of ​​the Kakamigahara Purification Center, located in Maedo Nishimachi.

They were collected and exterminated and there is no report of human damage as of the date of the information.

An employee of the company that manages this agency found these spiders when passing by the site, the day before (10).

They were taken to the laboratory of the Regional Environment Secretariat in Gifu for analysis. The result pointed out to be this species of spider, native to Australia.

A government agency de-bugged the place and installed a sign to draw attention.

Source: Gifu Shimbun

Gifu and Mie: what changes after the end of priority measures

Although the application of priority measures in Gifu and Mie came to an end on Sunday (20), as of Monday (21), each of these provinces have new rules to curb the spread of infection by the new coronavirus.

It is not because the daily numbers have fallen that one can relax, as the variations are a cause for concern.

In Gifu.

Governor Hajime Furuta said he will continue to ask restaurants and bars to reduce working hours in some cities where caution is needed. Abstention from serving alcoholic beverages will be suspended throughout the province.

In 6 cities, establishments serving alcoholic beverages must close at 21 pm, and the last drink order must be made before 20 pm.

The same hours apply to large commercial complexes such as shopping malls.

The target cities are Gifu, Ogaki, Kani, Minokano, Kakamigahara and Mizuho, ​​in the period starting from Monday (21) until July 4th, therefore 2 weeks.

In other cities, there is no request for restrictions on commercial establishments. For the entire province, the governor asks the population to continue taking basic daily care, such as wearing a mask and disinfecting.

In Mie.

The only city that the governor asks for a reduction in working hours for bars, restaurants and others is Yokkaichi, where it has a slightly higher rate of infection.

In the period from Monday until the 30th of this month, the request is to bring forward the closing of the office at 21 pm. 

If clusters of infection are confirmed, this request may be extended to other cities.

Sources: Tokai TV and CBC TV.

Aichi and Gifu still have tension in the medical system

Although there has been a drop in new daily cases of people infected by the coronavirus, for 7 consecutive days, it is necessary to reduce even more.

On Thursday (27) 393 tested positive for the new coronavirus in Aichi, falling for the seventh consecutive day.

In Gifu there were 70 and in Mie there were 27, falling for the ninth and eighth consecutive days, respectively.

The bed occupancy rate for Covid-19 patients is 62% in Aichi and 63% in Gifu.

Although the daily number of people infected is decreasing, the number of seriously ill remains high. There are 99 in Aichi, the greatest of all time, 21 in Gifu and 14 in Mie.

Source: Tokai TV

3 more clusters in Gifu, including one in martial arts academy

The province has been showing a decrease in new cases of infection in the last 6 days, but the clusters do not stop.

In Gifu province 73 people, including children, tested positive for the new coronavirus on Wednesday (26). Thus, the cumulative sum increased to 8.321 infected people.

Three more clusters of infection were confirmed, including a wellness facility for seniors and a martial arts academy in Mizunami.

Although the number of new cases has been falling in the last 6 days, below 100, the bed occupancy rate is at a worrying level, 67%.

Source: Tokai TV

Gifu and Mie: more confirmations of coronavirus variant infection

After the 8 confirmations in Aichi, the next day, new cases of mutant virus infection in Gifu and Mie became known.

Weekly, the government releases data on the mutated virus infection in the country. Up to 21, the number of people infected with one of the variants of the coronavirus has increased to 540 in the country, including 87 passengers at airports.

The provinces with the highest number are Osaka, Hyogo and Saitama. However, the mutant virus is expanding, so much so that on Monday (22) the first 8 cases were confirmed in Aichi.

On Tuesday (23) the Mie provincial government reported that 5 people who had already tested positive had confirmed their infection by one of the strains of the mutant virus.

There are two people in their 20s, plus one each in their 30s, 40s and 70s. With these new cases, it increases to 11 confirmations in the province.

The samples were sent to the NIID-National Institute of Infectious Diseases to verify the strain.

In Gifu Prefecture 2 more new cases were confirmed on the same day. Thus, the total number of people with confirmed infection by one of the coronavirus variants increased to 21.

Sources: Ise Shinbum, NHK, ANN, Nagoya TV and Gifu Shimbun

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