Gladiator 13 will return on February 7 (Sunday) in Osaka, Japan

The Japanese MMA promotion, Gladiator Fighting Championship, will return on February 07 with another 'card' (Gladiator 013) that will feature three fights for the title. 
In the main event, experienced UFC veteran Shunichi Shimizu will fight Takeya Takemoto for the featherweight belt.
Takemoto (11-6-1) is coming from a three-game winning streak. He won the belt by beating Shuichi Kanda, at Gladiator 12, in February last year.
In turn, Shimizu (34-23-11) also won the Gladiator 12 victory. Among his career opponents are names like Mark Striegl, Soo Chul Kim, Yosuke Saruta, Kyung Ho Kang and Motonobu Tezuka.
Also defending the title for the first time will be featherweight champion Munehiro Fujita (9-9-2), who will face Akira Haraguchi (4-2). The champion returns after an absence of almost three years.
The provisional lightweight title will be at stake in the fight in which Yutaka Ueda (12-7-1) will challenge Shinji Sasaki (18-12-3). The latter has been out since 2018, while the former had three fights last year, winning two of them.
As part of efforts to contain the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), responsible for Covid-19 disease, organizers will be sending a 'test kit' to each academy and team twice before the tournament. The measure is part of efforts to prevent infection, requiring reports of test results “10 days before” and again “a day before” of the competition.
As part of this process, the event may be held without the presence of an audience.
Gladiators 013
February 07rd, 2021
Osaka, Japan
Takeya Takemoto (c) vs. Shunichi Shimizu (bantamweight title)
Munehiro Fujita (c) vs. Akira Haraguchi (featherweight title)
Yutaka Ueda vs. Shinji Sasaki (working title lightweight)
Masayuki Watanabe vs. Kengo Fujita
Takeshi Kunito vs. Taiki Hamasaki (featherweight)
Yuki Uejima vs. Yuto Aragaki (bantamweight)
Takuho Ishida vs. Kazuhito Suzuki (middleweight)
Kazumasa Tsubouchi x Arata Ueki (flyweight)
Sora Enmei vs. Yuki Ueda (featherweight)
Icho Tomon vs. Chestel ureta (fly weight)
Nakatsuka Nobuyoshi vs. Masashi Kimura (flyweight)
(* the 'card' is subject to change)
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 28 / 01 / 2021
Photo : Gladiator 013's advertising flyer. ( C ) Gladiator FC | Disclosure ).

Brasília - DF hosted the return of WGP Kickboxing last Saturday

On Saturday, January 23, we had the return in style of WGP Kickboxing, in its first regional edition, in Brasília-DF. The promotion was back on track after more than a year of inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
WGP Brasília was carried out following all protocols and security measures for prevention against the new coronavirus ( Sars-Cov-2 ), responsible for the Covid-19 disease. Tickets were not sold or distributed either, since the presence of any type of public would not be allowed.
The event in the national capital was made possible through a parliamentary amendment by District Deputy Martins Machado, destined to the Sports and Leisure Department of the Federal District. Deputy Martins has been constantly supporting not only actions to develop Kickboxing, but also many other sports. 
Nor can we forget to mention the support of Deputy Júlio César Ribeiro.
The biggest show of 'striking' in Brazil today was again performed by CBKB, with international seal of approval by WAKO Pro and featured the 'live' broadcast of the channels Bandsports, Combate and Fox. 
This edition of the WGP in the federal capital brought together, in addition to “wheeled” athletes, new values ​​of Brazilian kickboxing, notably from the DF, which has stood out in the competitive scenario of the sport.
The card crowned two new champions from the WGP knockout tournaments, who had to win two fights on the night (each). André Martins (up to 71,8 kg) and Júlio Assunção (up to 64,5 kg), who won (in the finals) Geova Sabino and Mateus Pereira, respectively.
Therefore, the first one took home the title of champion of the middleweight GP (up to 71,8kg), while Asunción, the great prospect of the midwest region of Brazil, became champion of the super lightweight GP (up to 64,5 , XNUMXkg).
In the 'Special Fights' the duel between Guilherme Monteiro and Wellington Mourão was very intense, with good moments for both sides. At the end of the three rounds, better for Guilherme, who obtained the victory by unanimous decision in one of the best fights of the night.
Among the fighters in the heavyweight category, Guilherme Julio did well to dominate and show a lot of physical preparation to beat João Pedro Simão by unanimous decision.
Rafael Andrade was superior to Bruno dos Santos in most of the fight and took the victory by split decision.
The event also featured five other fights on the “Undercard” or preliminary 'card', with Reginaldo Brito's triumph by knockout against Yuri Pereira.
WGP Kickboxing Brasilia
Saturday, January 23, 2021
Brasília-DF, Brazil
Andre Martins defeated Geova Sabino by knockout at 2: 45s of R3
Julio Assunção defeated Mateus Pereira by unanimous decision
Guilherme Monteiro defeated Wellington Mourão by unanimous decision
Guilherme Julio defeated João Pedro Simão by unanimous decision
Rafael Andrade defeated Bruno dos Santos by split decision
Geova Sabino defeated Jeremias Henrique by split decision
André Martins defeated Elder Dias by knockout at 2: 30s of R2
Mateus Pereira defeated Meijy Portela by unanimous decision
Julio Assunção defeated João Pedro Moreira by unanimous decision
Reginaldo Brito defeated Yuri Pereira by knockout
Lucas Silva defeated Celso Ribeiro on points
Rony Henrique defeated Pedro Victor on points
Hiago Pereira defeated Rômulo Araújo on points
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 26 / 01 / 2021
Pictured above: André Martins was one of the highlights of WGP Brasília. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Honney Pereira | ( C ) WGP Kickboxing | ( C ) CBKB | ( C ) WAKO Pro | Disclosure ).
Below : The WGP Brasília ( WGP BSB ) disclosure 'flyer' held on January 23rd. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) WGP Kickboxing | ( C ) CBKB | ( C ) WAKO Pro | Disclosure ).
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See the results and highlights of ONE: “Unbreakable” held in Singapore

The ONE Championship started its 2021 schedule on Friday (January 22) by returning to its base at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore, site of the ONE Championship: “Unbreakable”. 
The event was broadcast 'live' on the ONE app and on the franchise's YouTube channel. 
In addition, the promotion followed all recommendations from health agencies.
In the headliner of the night we had a dispute for the title of Kickboxing in the weight category of ONE, where Alaverdi Ramazanov faced Capitan Petchyindee Academy. 
The first round was a 'blitz' on both sides, but it was the pressure on Petchyindee that brought trouble to Ramazanov. These problems increased in the second round, with the "Thai star" pinning the Russian's legs and body repeatedly. Eventually, with Ramazanov against the 'cage', Capitan unleashed a right hook on the body and a straight right on the head to put the champion on the ground and take his belt home at 1:56 of the second round.
For those looking for their “dose” of 'adrenaline' in mixed martial arts, the 'card' brought the “Japanese legend” of submissions, Shinya Aoki, before ex-Legacy Fighting Alliance middleweight champion James Nakashima. 
Aoki hurt Nakashima with a direct blow to the head. With the two fighters in the clinch, Aoki also used some underhooks to punish Nakashima. In the sequence, Aoki grabbed his opponent's back. Once "backpacked", it was a matter of seconds for Nakashima to become yet another victim of the man who broke the 'record' of most submissions in ONE's history, which is now 46-9, while Nakashima drops to 12 -two. 
After the fight, Aoki was in tears.
For his part, Gadzhimurad Abdulaev wasted no time in his fight with former ONE welterweight champion Zebaztian Kadestam, by taking the back and applying a rear naked choke, improving his “cartel” as a professional 6-0.
In another MMA match of the night, Chinese Meng Bo secured a unanimous decision victory over Brazilian Samara Santos. Bo demonstrated good “striking” and showed his skills in the “grappling” fight with a hip shot in the second round. At the end of the fight, Bo dominated, punishing his mount opponent. His 'record' is now 17-5, while Samara drops to 11-8-1.
Filipino Lito Adiwang started the first round of his fight by delivering some powerful kicks to the legs and body of former Deep champion Namiki Kawahara. He also showed excellent takedown defense when the Japanese opted to try to take him down. He defined the fight in his favor with a punch in the second round.
ONE Championship: “Unbreakable”
Friday, January 22, 2021
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Kaalang, Singapore
Kickboxing: Capitan Petchyindee Academy beat Alaverdi Ramazanov by KO at 1:56 of the second round - roosters title
MMA: Shinya Aoki defeated James Nakashima via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:41 of the first round
Kickboxing: Rade Opačić defeated Bruno Susano by “TKO” at 1:11 of the second round
MMA: Gadjimurad Abdulaev defeated Zebaztian Kadestam via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:09 of the first round
MMA: Bo Meng defeated Samara Santos by unanimous decision
MMA: Lito Adiwang defeated Namiki Kawahara by knockout at 2:02 of the second round
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 24 / 01 / 2021
Pictured above: Chinese Meng Bo returned to winning the event. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).
Below: The event followed all the recommendations of the health agencies. In the act, Meng Bo and the Brazilian Samara Santos. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).
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New MMA promotion The Beast Championship debuts in South Korea

Women are no strangers to discrimination in the workplace - even if this is a mixed martial arts octagon. A country where gender discrimination in the cage is notorious, South Korea will launch a new MMA promotion on February 27th.
This is The Beast Championship 1 (TBC 1), a show that will be broadcast “live” on YouTube.
The promotion intends to contribute to the fight against gender discrimination - inside and outside the cages and octagons - by scaling the fight between female athletes Yerin Hong and Inyeong Choi. 
Yerin Hong (2-1 in MMA) is a veteran in the Japanese Pancrase promotion and comes from a recent victory against Kyo Lin Kim in the local event Zeus FC 5. She is in 12th place among 45 women active in MMA in South Korea (weight per Weight ).
His opponent Inyeong Choi will make his professional MMA debut. The fight will be in the strawweight category. It is not by chance that the fight will be the 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') of the 'card'.
Also among women, Eun Bi Cho (0-3-0) will fight Kyo Lin Kim (1-3-0).
We would also like to highlight the participation of UFC veteran Will Chope (38-17) who will face Min Hyuk Lee (5-2) in a fight in the lightweight category.
Another fight worthy of mention will be between the heavyweights Myung Hwan Kim (2-1-0 in professional MMA and 5-1 in amateur MMA) and Seung Jun Lee (1-2-0 in professional MMA and 2-2 in amateur MMA ). 
The two fighters go through different moments in their careers. 
Kim comes from a victory over Jung Kyun Kim at Angel's Heroes 3, which took place in Gangnam, South Korea, while Lee is bitterly defeated by Dzhambulat Dzutsev at the MFP: Governor's Cup, held in Vladivostok, Russia.
The TBC 1 'main event' will be a duel between the undefeated Chang Ho Lee (6-0) - who fought only once in 2020 and won a decision win over Sung Joo Hwang at Zeus FC 3 - and Joo Hwan Kim (6-2), coming from a recent victory over undefeated Thai fighter Saharat Khongsawat in ONE Warrior Series 9. Kim will go down a division for this flyweight fight.
The Beast Championship 1 
February 27rd, 2021
TBA, South Korea
Chang Ho Lee vs. Joo Hwan Kim
Yerin Hong x Inyeong Choi
Myung Hwan Kim vs. Seung Jun Lee 
Brennan Cleveland vs Chul Ahn 
Hyo Je Cho x Sang Min Park 
Min Hyuk Lee vs Will Chope 
Eun Bi Cho vs Kyo Lin Kim 
Tareyoon Kang x Myeungju Lee 
Chan Jung Park vs Harang Choi 
(* the 'card' is subject to change)
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 20 / 01 / 2021
Photo: Yerin Hong faces Innyeong Choi at The Beast Championship 1 on February 27th. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) The Beast Championship | Disclosure ). 

Anonymous sources make serious claims about ONE Championship

Recently, some fighters and officials from the ONE Championship have voiced their concerns about the Asian promotion, which presents itself as the home of 'discipline' and 'honor'.
Under the condition of secrecy - for fear of retaliation by the organization, due to the difficulties of its directors in accepting criticism - such sources made serious allegations reported by journalist Victor Rodriguez, on the renowned website specialized in MMA Bloody Elbow.
In the aforementioned article, it is revealed that the ONE Championship has brought fighters from a team called Egypt Top Team - from Nasr City, Cairo - so that they can be opponents of the athletes that the event wants to promote (practice to “fat” the fighters' cartel ). Athletes from this academy had 23 fights at ONE, with 22 losses and only 1 win. There are even reports of a fighter who has never competed in MMA in his life, has had no training and was placed in a prominent fight at ONE, receiving a $750 purse, with only one cornerman allowed. 
The fighter's coach simply reported that if things got tough, he could just "hit". It is worth mentioning that the athlete had a promising career in kickboxing in his home country, but unfortunately no clear knowledge of what mixed martial arts was.
Despite the fighter's lack of experience, the ONE Championship signed a long contract with him, but at the time the article was written, the fighter in question was still unsure whether the exclusivity contract he had signed would still be valid or do not.
The only Egypt Top Team fighter to win a win in the ONE cage was Hisham Hiba (1-1 at ONE) in 2014. The other notable fighter from that team is Sherif Mohamed, who scored 0-4 - the biggest losses of team.
Also according to Bloody Elbow, two other anonymous sources - a fighter and his "manager" - claimed a strong bias towards fighters in countries where ONE is most interested in expanding their business. Therefore, athletes from countries like Egypt and India were brought in with very little experience and/or preparation, only to be given to these significantly more talented fighters. As these fighters lose, they earn more than their teammates, claim the same sources. On the other hand, there are athletes who often find it very difficult to negotiate salaries, regardless of their progression, popularity or position on the 'card'.
- "They wanted athletes to end their careers at ONE and not be able to sign with any other promotion." - said the anonymous fighter.
The practice of “building the fighter cartel” is not foreign to other large MMA organizations and, in the particular case of ONE, athletes are led to believe that this would help to attract attention in their countries of origin, in addition to leveraging the sport in those regions.
In contrast, fighters allegedly more favored by ONE receive huge monthly varying amounts, in addition to grants for their fights, according to another source.
Founder and CEO of ONE Championship Chatri Sityodtong came out in defense of his business:
- “We celebrate values ​​of integrity, humility, honor, respect, courage, discipline and compassion. We show heroes who inspire and unite countries and tell their stories of impossible triumphs over unlikely odds. ”- defends Chatri, refuting the claims that they maintain good fraudulent 'marketing'.
ONE's relationship with Evolve - founded and currently chaired by Chatri - is notorious, as ONE has champions connected to Evolve, an academy that is one of the most impressive in Asia and that - according to some - would be the only profitable business in Chatri in Singapore.
According to others, it is difficult to hear about (ONE and Evolve) in the local media, because they have control over most of the Asian media.
Despite claims of favoring fighters and some selected athletes 'on payroll', there is no doubt that Evolve has some incredible athletes who were champions inside or outside ONE and, in some cases, both.
We ended this article by stating that our commitment is to information and that, common practice or not, athletes agree to fight because they want to. The ONE Championship does not force anyone to do anything. That is our final opinion on the matter.
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 12 / 01 / 2021
Photo: Angela Lee, ONE champion and her brother Christian Lee, both Evolve athletes. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Stev Bonhage | ( C ) ONE Championship | ( C ) Getty Images | Disclosure ).

Check out the Deep 20 Impact 100th anniversary card on February 21 in Japan

Deep 100 Impact is scheduled for February 21st at TDC Hall, in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. The event will serve as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of what is one of the most traditional MMA promotions in the 'land of the Rising Sun'. The franchise's inaugural show took place in 2001 with Royler Gracie facing Takehiro Murahama in the main event.
The event will take place in front of a limited 'live' audience, although restrictions may become stricter if Covid-19's situation in Japan continues to worsen.
The 'main event' (and therefore “main event”) will be a fight between Satoru Kitaoka and Juri Ohara.
Satoru Kitaoka (42-21-10) is one of the most experienced fighters in the category. The 40-year-old veteran has not experienced victory in two years and comes from defeats in his last four fights.
For his part, Juri Ohara (27-18-3) comes from consecutive wins at Deep 95 and Rizin 22. He fought for the promotion lightweight title twice, but was defeated by Koji Takeda on both occasions.
The 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') will bring Yuki Motoya against Shoji Maruyama.
Motoya (26-9-0-1) was submitted by Naoki Inoue in the first round of his fight at Rizin's 'New Year's Eve' show, franchise for which he has made regular appearances in recent years. Motoya is also a title holder for Deep.
Maruyama (18-13-1) also comes from a Rizin 'card' loss, although not so recent. The former “King of Pancrase” in the lightweight division was defeated by Kai Asakura at Rizin 24.
This commemorative 'card' from Deep will also bring a fight in the absolute category (that is, without weight limit) between Hideki Sekine (8-5) against Seigo Mizuguchi (14-18).
In other programming fights, Muay Thai star Shunsuke Miyabi will make his MMA debut against Hiroya (4-6-1), while Kosuke Terashima (16-16-5) will face Shuhei Higashi (12-5-1).
Highlight for the women's fight in the flyweight division, in which Shizuka Sugiyama ( 19-6-0-1 ), who is coming off a streak of three consecutive victories - the last one over Mika Arai at Deep Jewels 29 - will face Aoi Kuriyama (2 -1 ), athlete coming off a decision win over Yuko Oya at Deep Jewels 30. Kuriyama made his professional debut in MMA in 2009 and all three of his fights were at distance. 
The featherweight champion of the promotion, Juntaro Ushiku (18-7-1), will also be in action at Deep 100 Impact, but will not put his title on the line. He will face 40-year-old fighter Daisuke Nakamura (29-19-1), a former Deep lightweight champion who, like his opponent, comes from a victory at Deep 97.
Still in featherweight, Daiki Hata (20-13-6) will face Kouya Kanda (6-3).
The duels between Rikiya Matsuzawa vs Sho Sekihara, Daichi Abe vs Gota Yamashita, Tomohiro Adaniya vs Takashi Matsuba, Yusuke Hatakeyama vs Ayumu Yamamoto, Taisei Nishitani vs Yuto Inoue and Rei Tsuruya vs Tatsuki Okano complete the lineup comprising a total of 14 MMA fights .
Deep 100 Impact
February 21rd, 2021
TDC Hall
Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan
Satoru Kitaoka vs Juri Ohara 
Yuki Motoya vs. Shoji Maruyama 
Hideki Sekine vs Seigo Mizuguchi 
Shunsuke Miyabi vs Hiroya 
Kosuke Terashima vs Shuhei Higashi 
Shizuka Sugiyama vs Aoi Kuriyama 
Join Ushiku x Daisuke Nakamura 
Daiki Hata x Kouya Kanda 
Rikiya Matsuzawa x Sho Sekihara 
Daichi Abe x Gota Yamashita 
Tomohiro Adaniya vs Takashi Matsuba
Yusuke Hatakeyama vs Ayumu Yamamoto 
Taisei Nishitani vs Yuto Inoue 
Rei Tsuruya vs Tatsuki Okano
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 11 / 01 / 2021
Photo: 40-year-old veteran Satoru Kitaoka is one of the pioneers of MMA in Japan. He will be in action at Deep 100 Impact. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Deep Impact | ( C ) Gong Fighting | Disclosure ).

We summarize the calendar for the 2021 season of MMA and Kickboxing tournaments in Japan

Some sites specializing in martial arts in general have a tournament schedule page, but not all promotions are listed. Usually only the biggest events are included, and the smaller franchises are left out.
Taking advantage of the fact that many promoters in Japan have already announced their annual schedule for 2021, we decided to make a summary of each promoter's tournaments in the year that now begins. We will try to update the list as soon as there are additional ads and these are sure to be many. 
As an example, we mention the organization Pancrase, which has not yet released its competition calendar for this season.
The information will be mainly about MMA, Kickboxing and Telecatch (or Puroresu) competitions, modalities that are real fever in the 'land of the Rising Sun'.
A curiosity is that Korakuen Hall, sacred temple of martial arts in Japan, will return to be the main stage of the MMA tournaments in the country in 2021.
We take this opportunity to remind you that some competitions may be postponed or even canceled, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, in some cases. In addition, this calendar is subject to change, for other reasons, beyond our knowledge.
Still, we recommend that you keep this calendar close at hand, as a kind of tournament guide that year, which promises many punching events in the country classified as the “world capital of martial arts”.
04/01 (Mon) ACF [Osaka City Konohana Ward Ikkyu Hall]
10/01 (Sun) Japan Kick [Korakuen Hall]
11/01 (holiday) REBELS [Shinjuku Face] 01/17
17/01 (Sun) INNOVATION [Convex Okayama]
17/01 (Sun) RISE [Shinjuku Face]
23/01 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
24/01 (Sun) K-1 [Yoyogi Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium] * Postponed
24/01 (Sun) WARDOG [Osaka World Pavilion]
30/01 (Sat) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
31/01 (Sun) Minerva [Texpia Osaka]
31/01 (Sun) DEEP ☆ KICK [Texpia Osaka]
31/01 (Sun) MA Kick [Korakuen Hall]
31/01 (Sun) Shooto [New Pier Hall]
07/02 (Sun) GLADIATOR [Osaka 176box]
07/02 (Sun) Shoot Boxing [Korakuen Hall]
12/02 (Fri) NJKF [Korakuen Hall]
13/02 (Sat) Krush [GEN Sports Palace]
14/02 (Sun) Kyushu Pro Kick Boxing [Fukuoka]
20/02 (Sat) NKB [Korakuen Hall]
21/02 (Sun) DEEP [TDC Hall]
21/02 (Sun) NJKF [Osaka City Sumiyoshi District Center]
23/02 (Tuesday) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
24/02 (Wednesday) NO KICK NO LIFE [Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST]
27/02 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
28/02 (Sun) MEGA2021 [Tokyo Dome]
28/02 (Sun) REBELS [Korakuen Hall]
28/02 (Sun) RISE [Yokohama Arena]
07/03 (Sun) DEEP JEWELS [Korakuen Hall]
13/03 (Sat) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
14/03 (Sun) KROSS × OVER [Saitama Ikos Ueo]
14/03 (Sun) RIZIN [Tokyo Dome]
20/03 (Sat) Shooto [Korakuen Hall]
21/03 (Sun) Bigbang [Korakuen Hall]
21/03 (Sun) K-1 [Tokyo Garden Theater]
27/03 (Sat) KNOCK OUT [Shinjuku Face]
27/03 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
28/03 (Sun) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
28/03 (Sun) Japan Kick [Shinjuku Face]
11/04 (Sun) GOOD [Yokohama Osanbashi Hall]
17/04 (Sat) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
23/04 (Fri) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
24/04 (Sat) NKB [Korakuen Hall]
25/04 (Sun) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
02/05 (Sun) NKB [Osaka Joto District Citizens Center]
09/05 (Sun) Japan Kick [Korakuen Hall]
16/05 (Sun) Shooto [Korakuen Hall]
23/05 (Sun) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
28/05 (Fri) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
30/05 (Sun) GOOD [Shinjuku Face]
30/05 (Sun) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
06/06 (Sun) KROSS × OVER [Shinjuku Face]
06/06 (Sun) NJKF [Osaka City Sumiyoshi Ward Center]
06/06 (Sun) RISE [Across Fukuoka]
06/12 (Sat) KNOCK OUT [Shinjuku Face]
13/06 (Sun) Japan Kick [Chiba Ichihara Prefecture Seaside Gymnasium]
18/06 (Fri) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
19/06 (Sat) NKB [Korakuen Hall]
20/06 (Sun) Shooto [Melparc Hall OSAKA]
25/06 (Friday) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
27/06 (Sunday) NJKF [Korakuen Hall]
04/07 (Sun) GOOD [Yokohama Osanbashi Hall]
17/07 (Sat) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
18/07 (Sun) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
24/07 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
25/07 (Sun) Shooto [Korakuen Hall]
08/08 (Sun) GOOD [Shinjuku Face]
21/08 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
22/08 (Sun) KNOCK OUT [Shinjuku Face]
22/08 (Sun) Japan Kick [Korakuen Hall]
29/08 (Sun) Bigbang [Korakuen Hall]
12/09 (Sun) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
19/09 (Sun) NJKF [Korakuen Hall]
20/09 (Sun) Shooto [Korakuen Hall]
24/09 (Fri) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
25/09 (Sat) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
26/09 (Sun) BOM [Ota Ward General Gymnasium]
16/10 (Sat) NKB [Korakuen Hall]
22/10 (Fri) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
29/10 (Fri) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
31/10 (Sun) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
Bigbang (between October and November) [TDC Hall]
07/11 (Sun) GOOD [Yokohama Osanbashi Hall]
07/11 (Sun) NJKF [Korakuen Hall]
20/11 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
21/11 (Sun) Japan Kick [Korakuen Hall]
23/11 (holiday) Shooto [Korakuen Hall]
28/11 (Sun) KNOCK OUT [Korakuen Hall]
11 / (date to be defined) Shooto [Osaka]
11/12 (Sat) NKB [Korakuen Hall]
12/12 (Sun) RISE [Korakuen Hall]
18/12 (Sat) Krush [Korakuen Hall]
26/12 (Sun) Bigbang [Korakuen Hall]
12 / (date to be defined) KNOCK OUT [TBD]
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 10 / 01 / 2021
Photo : Korakuen Hall, the sacred temple of martial arts in Japan, will once again be the main stage of MMA tournaments in the country in 2021. ( Courtesy | Credits : (C) RISE | (C) Connection Japan | Disclosure ).

Angel's FC 15 MMA show will be held on February 26 in the capital of South Korea

The Angel's Fighting Championship (AFC) is the first MMA fight promotion to make charitable donations around the world - helping young children who are sick (whether they have common or rare and incurable diseases) and their families, in addition to paying the costs. of surgeries and treatments with the revenue and donations collected in each fight - and promoting various activities for that purpose.
In addition, their mission is - also - to promote the development of mixed martial arts in South Korea and develop sports content for the family, projecting their fighters to other MMA events around the world.
In this way, the AFC operating system is made up of wrestlers, entrepreneurs and artists, making it an effective combination for sports entertainment and charity.
The news now is that the next AFC card will be held on February 26 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.
Despite having been announced by the local media that - "therefore, the first major MMA tournament in Asia (excluding the Middle East) this year will actually be the ONE Championship in Singapore on Friday, January 22" - it's worth remembering that some small MMA events have already been held this first week of January in Japan and other countries on the Asian continent, and other smaller shows are still to come before the date set for the next AFC.
Returning to the AFC 15, the event is scheduled for the Sindorim Techno Mart Grand Ballroom. Currently there is only one fight on the schedule and this will bring a valid dispute for the middleweight title.
Experienced veteran Jae Young Kim (25-13-0-2) will face inexperienced Jong Hwan Lee (1-1). The first is already the current holder of the provisional title of the category.
In turn, Lee returns to MMA competitions after two years of absence. He scored the only victory of his career at Road FC 48 in 2018, and has not fought since.
The full official card will be announced shortly. The matches will be broadcast “live” on Angel Sport TV and Naver Sports TV.
Mr. Park Ho Jun, AFC representative, revealed that the plans for 2021 consist of four competitions, including holding the franchise's first show in Vietnam.
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 09 / 01 / 2021
Photo : In addition to the tournament in Seoul, the franchise also plans to hold an edition in Vietnam. ( Courtesy | Credits : (C) AFC official | (C) Angel's FC | Disclosure ).

Check out the results of the Hoost Cup Kings Nagoya 8 held over the weekend in Japan

On Sunday (December 27, 2020), the Hoost Cup Kings Nagoya 8: Nagoya Champion Carnival was held, an event that took place at the Nagoya Congress Center in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. 
The Kickboxing competition is already traditional in the 'land of the Rising Sun' and has invited foreign fighters every year, including Brazilians, but this time it was held only for fighters residing in the country, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2 ), the virus responsible for Covid-19 disease. Therefore, the tournament was carried out with complete measures against new coronavirus infections at the site. At the opening ceremony, in addition to greeting Mr. Tatsuharu Doi, a video was projected on a screen with a message in Japanese from Mr. Ernesto Hoost, a former K-1 champion and creator of the competition.
In the 'main event' (or 'main event') of the 'card', the Japanese Shunsuke Oishi drew with the Thai Chachai Maki, after five rounds of a very technical Muay Thai fight.
Originally, this should have been a valid dispute for the ISKA title held by Oishi, but negotiations were difficult. Still, it was decided that it would be a sanctioned fight with Chachai, a former 'contender' at Lumpiny Stadium (in Thailand), and a fighter based in Nagoya.
After the confrontation, when the tie was officially announced, the fighters smiled and hugged each other, perhaps because of Chachai's brightness, who smiled from beginning to end, as the atmosphere was also fun, despite this being a serious fight.
The 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') brought us a valid Kickboxing match as a rematch between P. Sor.Amnuaysirichoke and Junpei Hisai, who had fought a fierce battle two months ago. 
P. Sor.Amnuaysirichoke, also known as the “Japanese killer” and who had already won second place in the 'Hall of Fame' at Lumpiny Stadium's Muay Thai, ended up winning the Japanese by decision of the judges 3-0 (30- 26 / 30-26 / 30-25) in the battle that was realized as the return of the title of the category up to 60 kg, due to a long-term injury of the former champion Heihachi Nakajima.
It is worth remembering that despite accumulating two defeats for his rival, Junpei Hisai is still champion of the super featherweight category of JAPAN KICK INNOVATION.
The results of the “Hoost Cup Kings Nagoya 8: Nagoya Champion Carnival” include:
Hoost Cup Kings Nagoya 8: Nagoya Champion Carnival
December 27, 2020
Nagoya Congress Center 
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Shunsuke Oishi drew with Chachai Maki after five rounds (Muay Thai) 
P. Sor.Amnuaysirichoke defeated Junpei Hisai by unanimous decision after three rounds (Kickboxing)
Sho Ogawa defeated Kenta Yamada by unanimous decision after three rounds (Kickboxing)
Shingo Yamato defeated Yuki Masui by unanimous decision after three rounds (Muay Thai)
HΛL defeated Gentaro Kai by KO / TKO (right hook) after two rounds (Muay Thai)
Shun Okubo vs Ryuta Asaoka N / A (Kickboxing)
Masashi Yamato defeated Toshiyuki Ohara by majority decision after three rounds (Muay Thai)
Yosuke Yamato defeated Masaya Jaki by unanimous decision after three rounds (Muay Thai)
Takako Mizoguchi defeated Mayumi Aoki via unanimous decision after three rounds (Kickboxing)
Hiro Yamato defeated Daisuke by KO / TKO (right hook) at 1:38 of the first round (Muay Thai)
Yukinari Takiguchi defeated Riku Yoshida by KO / TKO (knee in the body) at 1:39 of the first round (Kickboxing)
Ryuichi Nakano defeated Masanari via unanimous decision after three rounds (Kickboxing)
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 30 / 12 / 2020
Photo : The tournament was carried out with complete measures against new coronavirus infections at the site. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) HOOST CUP | Disclosure ).

Check out the results of the Tokyo Fight 9 Tribe held over the weekend in Osaka

On the same night that the professional Shooto tournament took place in Osaka - competition that was held in two parts - Mr. Ryo Chonan, representative of TRIBE TOKYO MMA, obtained a license as a promoter of Professional Shooto MMA.
Therefore, the Tribe Tokyo Fight 9 (TTF 9) took place at the same Hotel Mielparque, in Osaka, that Sunday (December 20), with three matches (from the 6th to the 8th duel of the main card) being held as a “fight Shooto official ”, in which the professional license holders of the Shooto franchise fought each other.
In the 'main event' (or “main event”) of this TTF 9, Ryoji Kudo (10-01) obtained his fourth victory in that year of 2020, when passing through Derricott Yamamoto (9-7), in rematch of the fight they did at Shooto: Gig Tokyo 26, in October 2018. At that time, Yamamoto had become the winner, by decision.
But this time, Kudo did not leave it to the judges. He stopped his opponent with blows at the end of the opening round (4:28), beating him by "KO / TKO".
The 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') saw a fight in the middleweight division, in which Takuya Nagata (9-3) recovered from his submission defeat in ONE Warrior Series 8. He defeated Tateo Iida (8-5) with a difficult decision win after three rounds.
Joji Goto (11-4-1) was another winner of this 'card'. The featherweight stopped Kenta Hattori (4-3-1) by knockout in the opening round.
Kouki Nakagawa (6-0-0-1 ) maintained his perfect professional 'record'. He passed Yu Karino of Tribe Tokyo (2-1) with a majority decision win.
The results of “Tribe Tokyo Fight 9” include:
Tokyo Fight 9 Tribe
December 20, 2020
Osaka Myelparque Hall
Osaka, Japan
Ryoji Kudo defeated Derricott Yamamoto by KO / TKO at 4:28 of the first round
Takuya Nagata defeated Tateo Iida via unanimous decision 
Joji Goto defeated Kenta Hattori by knockout at 3:06 of the first round
Takanori Takahashi defeated Yohei Nada via unanimous decision
Naoki Ueda defeated Daichi Nishimura via split decision
Taiga Iwasaki defeated Masanori Kato by KO to
4:04 of the second round 
Kouki Nakagawa defeated Yu Karino by majority decision
Hiroki Otani defeated Go Utsunomiya by majority decision
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 24 / 12 / 2020
Photo: Kudo beat Yamamoto in the October 2018 tournament rematch. On that occasion, the fight was held in a rope ring. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Professional Shooto Japan | ( C ) TRIBE TOKYO FIGHT | ( C ) TTF MMA | Disclosure ).

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