Union between Martial Arts forces of Brazil and Japan

As we have seen in recent years, many teams, fighters and even training 'camps' expand through alliances aimed at exchange, improvement and various forms of expansion of their teams and activities. On Saturday (04.Sep.2021), two references in martial arts and combat sports sealed a new partnership. The teams of black belts and MMA Champions Carlos Toyota, leader of Carlos Toyota Jiu-Jitsu and Marcelo Barreira, leader of the Barreira Team, started a new phase of projects aimed at the exchange between Brazil and Japan.

Carlos Toyota has an extensive trajectory in MMA having fought important events such as: Deep, Mars, Heat, B-Fight, Fortissimo, Pride Challenge, K-1 Energy, Gladiator, Real Fight, Arzalet, Revolution, Accel, Road FC, Rizin and Ganryujima.

In addition to having a network of affiliated and partner academies in Japan and around the world. Toyota's top titles include: All Japan Jiu-Jitsu Champion, All Japan Karate Champion Kakutogui, European Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Asian Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Champion, ACCEL MMA Heavyweight Champion, Heavyweight Champion ACCEL Kickboxing Heavyweight, Asian MMA Heavyweight Champion, ARZALET MMA Heavyweight Champion.

Marcelo Barreira, in turn, also has many years of practice in martial arts and has extensive experience in participating in events and leagues such as: WUFC, Hombres de Honor, XFC, MRWF, Áspera FC, MMA Champions League and Araça FC, in addition to of having ranked among the 16 most voted participants in the 'Global Proving Ground' to participate in the Reality Series “Warrior Island”, in 2013, in the USA.

Barreira has been active in the field of martial arts as a fighter, coach and athlete's agent for many years, with affiliates and partners throughout Latin America and around the world. Among the main Barreira titles we have: WUFC MMA Champion, Hombres de Honor MMA Champion, Araça MMA Champion, MRWF MMA Champion, South American MMA Champion in Odisea Combat, UIAMA World Martial Arts Champion in MMA, Submission and Kickboxing in the years 2005, 2006 and 2017.

The São Paulo native says he is very enthusiastic and happy with this new partnership:

-“I'm a big fan of Japanese MMA, I'm an admirer of Carlos Toyota, who in addition to being a 'thick skin', as everyone knows, is a great master, manager and human being. I've had the opportunity to talk a few times and see about your trajectory. Toyota always helps Brazilians with training and is a 'friendly shoulder', in addition to masterfully carrying the name of our country and I want to be able, together with my students, to help you to continue contributing to the growth of your team and name. I am a great friend and I was a student of Mestre Jailton da Cunha, as well as of his Uncle, the Grão Mestre José Gomes.”-commented Marcelo Barreira.

Responsible for initiating communication between the two MMA Champions, Jailton or “Kaká”, as many call him, boasts the titles of Japanese and Asian Jiu-Jitsu Champion. He is a member of the academy, a professor and a great friend of Mestre Toyota. Jailton has also won countless other Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in “absolute” matches and in his weight class, in addition to accumulating a 2-0 record in MMA.

For those who don't know, Jailton da Cunha is the son of Jaildo Gomes (who was the first teacher of Romero “Jacaré”, founder of Alliance) and nephew of GM José Gomes (brother of the famous Vale Tudo fighter, Ivan Gomes, one of the introducers from Vale Tudo - today MMA - in Japan).

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 06 / 09 / 2021
Caption : MMA Champions Carlos Toyota and Marcelo Barreira signed a partnership between Brazil and Japan.
Photo above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Carlos Toyota Personal Archive | ( C ) Marcelo Barreira Personal Archive | Disclosure ).

Caption: Jailton da Cunha (center) is Japanese and Asian Jiu-Jitsu Champion.
Photo below : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Jailton da Cunha Personal Collection | Disclosure ).


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