Mount Fuji: Climbing Season After 2 Years

After 2 years without opening the route, this year people will be able to climb the most famous mountain in Japan.

On Wednesday (23) the Yamanashi provincial government said it would open the season to climb Mount Fuji, on July 1, after 2 years.

A safety survey of the Yoshida trail was conducted in joint action with officials from Yamanashi Prefecture and the ENV-Ministry of Environment. They confirmed that it is possible to reach the summit. 

Last year, all four trails, including those on the Shizuoka prefecture side, were closed due to an epidemic of the new coronavirus. So it's the first season in 2 years this summer.   

Climbers will be required to submit a 7-item health check sheet for the 5th season. In addition, the mountain huts will introduce a reservation system to avoid crowding.

Regarding the three trails on the Shizuoka side, the local government is adjusting to the goal of opening on July 10th.

Sources: ANN and Yomiuri

Mount Fuji Yoshida Trail Opens

This Thursday (1st) only a few people were seen walking up Yoshida Trail as heavy rain fell across a wide area of ​​Japan.

Mount Fuji reopened this Thursday (1st) for the summer season after being closed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With anti-infection measures in place, the most popular of the 4 routes to the top of the 3.776 meter mountain, Yoshida on the side of Yamanashi Prefecture, has been opened.

Shizuoka Prefecture, which administers the other three remaining routes, said it plans to open them on July 10th. The mountain will be accessible to visitors until September 10th.

As part of efforts to reduce the risk of infections, visitors are asked to fill out health status sheets and check their temperatures before ascending the mountain, according to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Fuji Subaru Line, a road halfway up the mountain that is open 24 hours in normal years, has reduced its operating hours from 3:18 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm to cut down on the number of climbers trying to make quick climbs during the night.

This Thursday, only a few people were seen walking up the Yoshida route as heavy rain fell across a wide area of ​​Japan.

Last year, both provinces closed all 4 routes amidst the coronavirus pandemic for the first time since 1960.

Source: News and Culture

Tour to Sakura, Mount Fuje and Waterfalls

By: Photographer- Mario Hirano.

MHH 0011 10d26

On Saturday 6 April 2019, the Japan Tour held a very interesting tour.

MHH 0078 06d91

In the itinerary of the tour we had several extra places to visit, according to the schedule of the script, the execution group had a lot of fun.

MHH 0152 9f01c

We visit:

Sakura Wanizuka of 300 years, in the city Nirazaki in Yamanashi-ken.
Sakura Yamataka Jidai of 2.000 years, in the city Hokudo in Yamanashi-ken.
Itogawa - with tasting of freshly picked strawberries.
Waterfall - Shiraito at Taki Waterfalls.

MHH 0188 6f88c


Mount Fuji Tour & Strawberry Tasting

By: Photographer - Mario Hirano | Japan Tour.

MHH0003 5ae53

Saturday 25th January 2020, we had a very fun excursion to Mount Fuji, even with the weather raining or not the day was good.

MHH0068 0121d

With a little bit of cold, even in the winter season, we noticed a certain reduction in snow, which usually appears at this time of year.

The script was:

MHH0109 ac47a

Heian Koen Park, Arakurayama Sengen Jinja, Mount Omura, suspension bridge in Izu and lastly the strawberry tasting.

Gallery of photos here.

Mt. Fuji Mud Flow Approaches School

The ghastly flow of mud almost came close to the school, causing fright. It stopped because of a sandy area, which served as a barrier.

The Mount Fuji Erosion Control office, an agency of the MLIT-Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism reported on Monday (22), that there were several large and small-scale mud flows, as a result of one in the Sunday (21).

The mud flow is like an avalanche, that is, a snow slide phenomenon, mixed with water and debris.

On Sunday, between 14 pm and 16 pm, a large mass slid from a height of 2,1 meters from Mount Fuji. Luckily it stopped 500 meters before a school, so no one was involved.

A camera installed in the city of Fujinomiya (Shizuoka) recorded the images of this sludge flow falling over the Osawa River, with a lot of speed.

The last of this magnitude occurred in March 2018. The MLIT is using drones to continue its investigation of the amount of sediment that came down with the flow.

Watch Shizuoka Shimbun's video with footage from MLIT.

Sources: SUT TV, BSN News and Shizuoka Shimbun

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