MMA athletes from the North and Northeast regions win Shooto Brasil 108 in Rio de Janeiro

Created in 1985, Shooto is classified as 'the father of Japanese MMA' and has already been considered the “Pride of the lightweights”, in addition to having revealed great names in mixed martial arts to the world. Already established in countries such as the USA, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Germany and England, among others, the event arrived in Brazil in 2003.
Now, again, the oldest franchise in the sport in the modern era is back in our country.

Shooto Brasil 108 was held with a strict prevention protocol against Covid-19. The rules were elaborated together with the Brazilian Athletic Commission of MMA ( CABMMA ). All athletes involved in the event were tested with a quick test on the day of the fight and at the weigh-in.
The event took place on Saturday (July 26, 2021) and took place at the Upper Arena, Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

The 'card' consisted of 26 MMA fights, 22 of which were male and 04 female. Highlight for some of the athletes from the North and Northeast regions of the country who won their fights in what is one of the most important promotions in Latin America.

Among these, we can mention the Amapá fighter, Juscelino Pantoja, who made his second fight at Shooto Brasil.
The confrontation, held in the flyweight category (+57 kg at Shooto) lasted just 1 minute and 48 seconds. As promised, the Amapá native knocked out Erick “Iguana” Gomes from Sergipe in the first round and won his second victory in the organization.
With 100% success in the sport, Pantoja climbed to 2-0, while Erik dropped to 1-1.

-“Thank you to everyone who cheered for me. I thank God for one more victory and a fulfilled promise, one more knockout ”.-said, after the victory.

It's worth remembering that, in his debut for the franchise, in November of last year, the fighter knocked out the Amazonian, Anthony “Boika” at 4m49s of the 1st round, at Shooto Brasil 104.

Among the women who entered the Shooto Brasil 108 octagon, we highlight the athlete from Valencia-BA, Flordinice Muniz, a boxing and Jiu-Jitsu fighter, who had already won an MMA belt at DM Fight 2, in March of this year, as well. in Rio de Janeiro.
She beat experienced Sergipe Anne Karoline, also known as “Karol Mutante”, by split decision of the judges after three rounds.
As a result, Flordinice moved up to 2-0, while her opponent dropped to 7-9.

After the victory, the Valencian athlete was very excited, thanking all the support she had and the fans in her city celebrated on their social networks.

-"You don't know what it's like to lose in MMA."-said the narrator of the event, after the announcement of the second success of the fighter in her beginning of her career.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 26 / 07 / 2021
Caption : Juscelino Pantoja on the occasion of his victorious debut at Shooto Brasil 104.
Pictured above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Marcel Fagundes | ( C ) Shooto Brasil | Disclosure ).

Caption : Flordinice Muniz, National MMA Champion in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
Photo below : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) DM Fight | Disclosure ).

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Interview with Dinaldson Silva about Hugo Lira and TV Ring Torres - Vale Tudo MMA (Video)

Interview with Dinaldson Silva on the renowned YouTube channel: 'Padial Jiu-Jitsu'.
Dinaldson, known as “Dolinha”, is responsible for rescuing the work of Hugo Lira, who did a lot to promote Vale Tudo matches in Paraíba and Northeastern Brazil.
He was interviewed by Sandro Padial himself and by Historian Fábio Quio Takao.

“Slap in the face” championships turn into 'fever' in the Northeast of Brazil

Popularly known as “slap in the face” here in Brazil, the sport called 'sports slap' or 'slapping' by the gringos, is experiencing great growth around the world nowadays. 
Championships of this kind have been held for a long time in the United States, mainly in Texas. However, these tournaments were never professionals but amateurs. 
Apparently, the first professional championship was held in Moscow (Russia) in May 2018. The first 'sports tapas' world championship was held on March 20, 2019 in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk (also in Russia).
Therefore, the Russians are cited by most as the creators of the sport, since it became popular in that country. On the other hand, a few others claim that the creators of the sport are, in fact, Americans.
The competitions of the modality consist of participants who must strike the blows, in alternate rounds, with the greatest possible force in the face and whoever gives up loses.
But you must pay attention to the rules: you can only hit with your fingers and hands, no wrist. The slap cannot reach the rival's ear, eyes or temple.
In April of last year, MMA fighter Wagner da Conceição Martins, known as 'Zuluzinho', participated in one of these contests, in Moscow, whose prize was 150 thousand Russian rubles (about R$ 10 thousand).
Famous all over the world, mainly in Japan and Russia, the son of the legendary 'Zulu King', faced the fighter Vasily Kamotsky, known as “the champion of tapas”.
After a sequence of hard blows, the two athletes decided to split the prize. In this way, the duel ended in a draw and each one returned home with 75 thousand Russian rubles (R$ 5 thousand approximately). The competition was shown by the program Esporte Espetacular on Rede Globo.
Back in Brazil, Zuluzinho - who is from Maranhão - promoted the 1st “slap in the face” championship, in São Luís, capital of the state, on December 5th. The competition - which had the support of councilor Astro de Ogum - was a critical and public success.
Next, it was the turn of Imperatriz, the second most populous city in the state of Maranhão, to host the 2nd edition of the “slap in the face” championship, on January 30th. The competition, which took place at Imperial Shopping, was once again a success.
One of the great champions of this stage - which had the sponsorship of Black Skull, among others - was the fighter "grasshopper stone hand".
Now, Zuluzinho - who has a Sherdog record of 22 fights, including 12 wins, nine losses and one 'no contest' (ie, "no result") fight - will make his comeback as an MMA professional at Fight Nights Global, in Russia.
However, he promises that he will still hold the 3rd edition of the “slap in the face” championship, again in Maranhão, by the end of this year.
But, given so much investment in competitions, will the modality finally catch on here in Brazil?
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 05 / 02 / 2021
Photo: One of the 'flagrants' of the 2nd edition of the “slap in the face” championship. ( Credits | Courtesy : Wagner Martins Personal Collection | Disclosure ).

Professional N / NE title match at K-1 Northeastern Circuit in Recife - PE

After holding editions of the K-1 Northeast Circuit in the municipality of Mauriti, Ceará and also in the cities of Ipojuca, Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Cabo - the latter in the state of Pernambuco - the Grão Mestre Eduardo Moraes will promote the return of his competition to Recife.
The capital of Pernambuco has already received some editions previously, in the place Carmela Dutra, (Neighborhood of the Barro).

The next stage of the K-1 Northeast Circuit will be held on the 7th of July and this time the fights will take place at the Walt Disney College Court, located at Rua Jacondá n° 508, in the Ipsep district.

The schedule of fights will begin at 20 hours and will consist of three Boxing fights and five of K-1 (Kickboxing rules).

The Boxing fights will be played in five round fights.
Remembering that this will be the first K-1 Northeastern Circuit event whose boxing fights will be following the 'international pugilism standards' here in the Northeast.
The four Kickboxing fights (valid for state titles) will be played in three round fights.

The main fight of the night, valid for the professional North-Northeast champion belt of the K-1 Northeastern Circuit in the super heavy category will also be played in a five-round fight.
This title will be played by Takare Dourado and Ral, the "Steel Bull". Takare was the 2016 event champion while Ral was also the champion of the event, but the year before (2015).
Both athletes have more than 30 professional fights and are undefeated in K-1 Northeastern Circuit competitions.

The controversy of the two heavyweights Pernambuco has been moving social networks since both signed the contract for the fight earlier this year.
Now, in addition to winning the coveted event belt, they also want to show the crowd-pleasing competition audience who is in fact the best fighter.
It is no wonder that the confrontation is already being announced as 'the most awaited fight in the Northeast'.

Takare Dourado told us how his preparation for the fight is going:
"My Preparation is being in the Tank Box Fight, with the master Cássio Jacaré and the teacher Clayton Veras. My goal is always to get the knockout.
I'm training with the best fighters of MMA and K-1 of Pernambuco. This, of course, will make the difference to get this victory and, sure enough, the belt will be mine and will remain with me for a long time. "

Soon after, Takare thanked his supporters:
"I want to thank Master Cássio Jacaré, Professor Clayton Veras, and Professor Cinho of the Total Contact team. My 'sparrings' are all from the Tank Box Fight team. "

Ral, the "Steel Bull" also left no less and declared:
"I'm going up with everything. I train with the best. I'm blessed by God! It will be a true 'David VS Goliath'. I'm from Angels of kickboxing and Muay Thai Kezen, meaning I do not need to say anything else.
Many want, but few can! With God in control, I'm going to get in the ring and have fun, because I love to fight. There is no better feeling! Pure blood.
I count on the presence of all".

He, in the best Maguila style, also thanked all his supporters and sponsors:
“I thank everyone who is supporting me, my family and my sponsors: Rafael Costa (Mr. Costa Barber Shop), Phillippi de Castro (Planet Ink Tatto), Max Mariz (Web Designer) and Disk Águas MS”.

Ral, the "Steel Bull", finished: "IT'S WAR, LET'S GO, FAITH IN GOD ALWAYS !!"

The K-1 Nordestino Circuit started its activities on 20 on June 2014 and since then has already performed 19 editions (this next will be the
 20º event).
The previous stages were distributed in the states of Pernambuco and Ceará, in addition to a licensed edition in the city of Maceió, capital of Alagoas.

After the disputes of the next 7 of July in Recife, the event should be held in the cities of São Lourenço da Mata or Limoeiro, both in the state of Pernambuco.
Subsequently, the competition will again be held in the state of Ceará, more precisely in the city of Mauriti in December this year.

* Text from the Contributor Oriosvaldo Costa


Pictured above: The official poster promoting the K-1 Northeast Circuit with 'the most anticipated fight in the Northeast'. (Courtesy: Disclosure).

Below: Grand Master Eduardo Moraes, President and CEO of the K-1 Northeast Circuit (Photo: ).

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Here comes the 1 ° Northeast Stick Fighting Championship

The Philippine Martial Arts, or FMA (Philippine Martial Arts), encompass a large number of combat techniques developed by the various peoples and societies that inhabited the Philippine Islands, which have traditionally the present day.
In their native country, the FMA are more commonly called arnis, kali, escrima, among several other variations, depending on the school that adopts it.

The idea of ​​using weapons and tools, as in the Philippines martial arts styles enchant practitioners with their beauty and lethality, and even gave rise to competitions such as "Stick Fighting" that simulates situations closer to reality than a martial artist can experience.

In "Stick Fighting" all the possibilities involved in a real confrontation such as punching, kicking, projecting and finishing the ground are valid, in addition to the use of weapons peculiar to the Philippine martial arts styles.

One strand of the events where these combats occur are called "Gatherings Of The Pack" and were started in the late 80 and early 90 years.
Another of these shows currently produced is BTCOOC (Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer). It is held in San Fernando, USA, and as the name suggests is a charity event against cancer.

The battles are carried out with Rattan rods and the minimum protection is used. There are no rules, no trophies, no judges: the only requirement is for competitors to remain friends at the end of the day.

In this context, we would like to highlight the Clan of the Dog Brothers, creators of “Gatherings Of The Pack” and also of Kali Vale Tudo or “Real Contact Stick Fighting”, a strand of Kali Filipino.

Even in the first UFC editions, still in the mid-90 years, there was an invitation for the Dog Brothers to stage a preliminary match, but the organizers backed down because they thought the "extreme" fights were too much.

The three founders of the Dog Brothers Clan are Arlan "Salty Dog" Sanford (responsible for the Santa Fe Clan), Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny and Top Dog (responsible for the Hermosa Beach Clan), all in California.

Another name that stands out in competitions of this kind (with knives and sticks) is Alberto Cerra Leon (The first European to win the Pentjak Silat World Championship - or 'Pencak Silat' - in Jakarta, Indonesia), although the use of protectors has been abolished in that Asian country.
As long as it is a martial art from Malay, 'Pencak Silat' is very popular in Indonesia and currently the competitions are part of the Southeast Asian Games. * (PS: See note)
As for Alberto Cerra Leon, this one came to compete in UFC 2 (unarmed, of course) where it bittered a defeat for the Dutch judoka Remco Pardoel, in the years of 1994.

Now, the championships of the genre “Gatherings Of The Pack” arrive in Brazil, after being held in several countries around the world with great success and order.
The difference is that our country will receive an amateur version of the modality, not the 'Dog format', since Brazilian practitioners do not yet have enough maturity in martial arts Philippines.
To get an idea, it takes at least five years of intensive practice to become a Guru (teacher) in the art.

Therefore, Guru Edmarcio Rodrigues will be promoting the 1 Northeast Stick Fighting Championship on 19 in August.
The event will take place in the 23 ° Hunters' battalion (Avenida Treze de Maio, 1589 - Fatima), in Fortaleza-CE.

Guru Edmárcio (introducer of Kali in Fortaleza and in many other cities in the Northeast) is also Sifu in Jeet Kune Do (a neo-combat martial art system, developed by popular actor and martial artist Bruce Lee). He is also responsible for 'Jeet Kune Do & Kali Applied - Contemporary Mixed Martial Arts' and explains the purpose of the competition he will be promoting:

“The event will serve for Kali practitioners and also for fans of other martial arts that involve some kind of weapon, to test their instincts, their perception and their skills. This championship will serve for schools to interact and will also be a mental, physical and emotional test, in addition to showing what works and what doesn't in the arts with weapons. Practitioners from Fortaleza and from all over the Northeast will be able to participate.”

He is also emphatic about the direction that the martial arts Philippines has been taking: "Many people train Kali and think it's just swinging bat as we see a lot around, but the art is too serious and it is war art that involves hands nude and weapons, conditions the brain and active neural and cerebral instincts.
Peoples and ancient civilizations have always had struggles and clashes with batons and other weapons, we want to grow the Philippine fighting arts in the city. "

Unlike the competitions held there, the 1 Northeast Stick Fighting Championship will not use Ratan Bats, as it will be a tournament played in the amateur format, as previously mentioned.
But the future idea is to organize another event later, with real weapons (Wicker and Ratan).

The first modalities disputed in that inaugural event will be Stick Fighting, Knife Fighting and Kali Tudo, which involves punching, kicking, dropping and submission.

"There will be no weight classes or divisions by ranks for knives and batons.
There will be weight categories only for the Kali All mode.
All batons are padded, hand and head protectors will be used. There will be a central judge and table judges to mark the scores.
The fights will be won by those who score more free points or who disarm the opponent.
For knives, those who score more cuts than a total of 8 points will win.
Already for the Kali All the ways to win are bigger, can be overcome by knockout, by cuts of poles, by submission or by desistência. It will be very engaging. "Explains Guru Edmárcio Rodrigues.

Entries will be made in two ways:
An amount of R $ 70 (Seventy Reals) was stipulated for each of the modalities, be it Stick Fighting or Knife Fighting.
Already to participate in Kali All will be charged a fee of R $ 80 (Eighty Reais) and who enroll in two modalities will have a discount.

Prizes will be distributed to the first placed, and all competitors will receive a certificate of participation of the event.

"I also invite you to invite martial artists to participate and become pioneers in such competitions here in Brazil. The event will make history and will be a watershed. "Guru Edmarcio Rodrigues closes.

* Source / Credits: Contributor Oriosvaldo Costa

*Note: According to some historians, Kali is a martial art from the Philippines. Silat, as well as Pencak (which were old fights and joined in Pencak Silat), would be an Indonesian fight.
Also according to these historians, they (the struggles of the Philippines and Indonesia) are analogous modalities, they are very close struggles.


Photo : The official poster for the 1st Northeast Stick Fighting Championship that will take place on August 19 at the 23rd Battalion of Hunters in Fortaleza-CE (Courtesy : Disclosure).

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