Check out the results of “Rizin Landmark vol.1” held Saturday in Japan

As proof that it is today's most creative mixed martial arts promotion, Rizin FF held on Saturday, October 2, 2021, the new series “Rizin Landmark vol.1”, in an underground location in Tokyo, capital of Japan.
The event was broadcast 'live' by 'U-NEXT', a Japanese streaming site, but a problem in the distribution of 'Pay-Per-View' caused a delay in the start of matches for 1 hour.
The misfortune prompted an apology from Rizin FF CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

The 'U-NEXT' staff also publicly apologized and guaranteed that refunds will be given to customers who couldn't see all the fights.
Fans paid 3.800 yen (or 35 US dollars) to see the “Rizin Landmark vol.1” for the 'Pay-Per-View' system, but many were already customers of the 'U-NEXT' platform that distributes content on the anime format, westerns, and even pornography, among other genres.
Although this was one of 'U-NEXT's first experiences with broadcasting sporting events, they intend to maintain their partnership with the new Sakakibara series and guarantee that they will take all possible measures to prevent “similar setbacks” from occurring in the future.

In the 'main event' (and therefore 'main event') of the card we saw popular 'YouTuber' Mikuru Asakura defeat Kyohei Hagiwara by unanimous decision of the judges after three rounds. With the victory Asakura improved to 15-3, while his opponent dropped to 4-4.
After the fight, Asakura challenged his 'former opponents' Kleber Koike Erbst and Yutaka Saito to rematch.

The 'co-main event' (or “co-main event”) brought us MMA rookie Hiroaki Suzuki and 'Ganryujima' veteran Keisuke Okuda. With a cartel of respect in “swapping” fights, Suzuki - who has even fought Muay Thai in the ONE Championship - started the fight hitting his opponent with kicks. Okuda, in turn, tried a takedown on Suzuki, but took a knee to the head and was punished with a solid “ground and pound” by his opponent.
Suzuki got an impressive victory in the first round while Okuda suffered his third defeat in the 'unified professional' rules of mixed martial arts (those imposed by the Nevada Athletic Commission). His previous victories at 'Ganryujima' were in fights performed under the franchise's “custom rules”.

In another bout on the schedule, Mazakazu Imanari (39-20) returned to winning ways with an armbar submission over Takeshi Kasugai (26-9) still in the first round.

Shooto Watanabe (23-6) also got a “similar” result, who submitted Koki Naito (9-6) with a choke still in the initial round.

Check out the results of "Rizin Landmark vol.1" which include:

Rizin Landmark vol.1
02 October 2021
( location not informed )
Tokyo, Japan

Mikuru Asakura defeated Kyohei Hagiwara via unanimous decision after three rounds
Hiroaki Suzuki beat Keisuke Okuda by “TKO” (punches) at 1:42 of the first round
Masakazu Imanari defeated Takeshi Kasugai by submission (armbar) at 2:50 of the first round
Shooto Watanabe beat Koki Naito via submission (choke) at 1:34 of the first round

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 05 / 10 / 2021
Caption : Mikuru Asakura defeated Kyohei Hagiwara after three rounds.
Pictured above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

Caption : Hiroaki Suzuki beat Keisuke Okuda in the first round.
Photo below : ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).


image 1633179582 5868d


“Panchan” Rina Okamoto wins at 'Rizin 30' held Sunday in Japan; Check the results

Rizin FF returned to their home arena, the Saitama Super Arena, in Saitama, Japan, on Sunday, September 19, 2021, when they presented Rizin 30 'live', an edition that brought the second phase of the tournament among bantamweights of the franchise.

Certainly the 'card' will be remembered for these GP quarter-finals, but the Asian organization also made history by offering for the first time a female kickboxing match held under its “banner”.

And it was the fighter (still undefeated in her career) Rina Okamoto better known as “Panchan” (11-0, 2 “KO's) who was famous by beating her compatriot Momoka Mandokoro (20-17-3, 1 “KO”) by decision in the fight for opening the programming.
Japanese fans are already talking about the possibility of Rina facing Rena Kubota in an upcoming concert. The latter has competed several times in MMA for Rizin, but comes from a past in kickboxing. Will we see a duel between Rina and Rena already at Rizin 31?

Also among women, but this time under MMA rules, we saw Ayaka Hamasaki (23-3) beat Emi Fujino again (25-12), by unanimous decision, after three rounds. They fought for the first time in 2012 and on that occasion Hamasaki successfully defended her title of 'Deep Jewels' champion.

For Brazilians, the most awaited moment of this Rizin 30 was the fight of Alan Yoshihiro from São Paulo, partner of Roberto Satoshi and Kleber Koike. Yoshihiro was defeated via unanimous decision by Japan's Kai Asakura.
Asakura - a former Rizin bantamweight champion - had a good moment in the first round, when he connected powerful blows to the body of the Brazilian representative of the Bonsai Jiu Jitsu academy and approached victory. Alan resisted the attacks, managed to balance the fight in the next round, but the Japanese got the better of the third round and guaranteed the victory by unanimous decision of the judges.
Asakura improved to 18-3, while Yoshihiro dropped to 18-9-4. Not by chance, this fight was the 'main event' (and therefore the 'main event') of the 'card'.

Another athlete who also won by decision to advance in the GP was Naoki Inoue (17-2) passing by Naoki Inoue (17-2).

Hiromasa Ougikubo (23-5) also booked his place in the semifinals, beating fellow veteran Takafumi Otsuka (29-19).

The only quarterfinalist to define his fight without leaving the decision to the judges was Kenta Takizawa (13-7), who submitted Yuki Motoya (28-10) with a flurry of punches halfway through the first round, almost knocking the former bantamweight champion 'DEEP Impact' out of the ring.

Other highlights of this Rizin 30 were veteran Shoji Maruyama (19-14) who knocked out “Kickboxer” Chihiro Suzuki (5-3) in just 20 seconds of fight.

Shinobu Ota (1-1), Wrestling silver medalist at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (in 2016) also did well. The Japanese won his first fight in MMA. For that, the featherweight had to beat Yuta Kubo ( 0-1 ) by unanimous decision of the judges. Shinobu Ota's debut in the sport came at the end of 2020, when he lost to Hideo Tokoro.

Check out the results of "Rizin 30" which include:

Rizin 30
19 September 2021
Saitama Super Arena (さ い た ま パ ー ア リ ー ー ナ)
Saitama, Japan

MMA: Kai Asakura defeated Alan Yoshihiro by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Naoki Inoue defeated Yuto Hokamura by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Hiromasa Ougikubo defeated Takafumi Otsuka by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Kenta Takizawa defeated Yuki Motoya by TKO in the first round
MMA: Ayaka Hamasaki defeated Emi Fujino by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Yusuke Yachi defeated Koji Takeda by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Yoshinori Horie defeated Ulka Sasaki by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Shinobu Ota defeated Yuta Kubo by unanimous decision of the judges
MMA: Shoji Maruyama defeated Chihiro Suzuki by TKO in the first round
Kickboxing: Rina Okamoto defeated Momoka Mandokoro by unanimous decision of the judges

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 20 / 09 / 2021
Caption : “Panchan” Rina Okamoto made history as the first woman to win a kickboxing match at Rizin.
Pictured above : ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Instagram - @panchanrina | ( C ) @RIZINFF | ( C ) KNOCK OUT | Disclosure ).

Caption : The flyer to promote the fight between the “Kickboxers” Rina Okamoto and Momoka Mandokoro.
Photo below : ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).


panchanvmomoka 3a467



Noboru Uchida wins “fight of tires” and challenges Enson Inoue to rematch of 'fight' at RIZIN

The annual event “Tachikawa Martial Arts Fest”, which is a promotion of the 'Kingdom El Gaits' in collaboration with the Tachikawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was held in its sixth year.
The event returned last Saturday, July 31, 2021, at Tachikawa Colosseo, Tachikawa, Japan.

The first part of the tournament, dubbed 'FIGHTING DISCO 2021', became a programming centered on young people. However, since close contact with coronavirus was confirmed in the 'Kingdom' Fuchu branch, all fighters in the branch were banned from participating and the number of fights on the card was greatly reduced and changed.
In addition, the official photographer of the event tested positive, and the 'rings announcer' also showed symptoms of fever for several days and, although the latter tested negative, both were replaced.
Then MMA fighter Hidetada Irie (from 'Kingdom' Tachikawa) suddenly found himself as a 'ring announcer' ('announcer').

As a result of the setbacks, the 'Kingdom' folks lost 1-2 in the 'team challenge' with a 'KROSS x OVER' combined. Fights were held under the rules of Kickboxing and MMA.
Highlight for Keita Kaneko, who won his first MMA fight. He fought in place of Osamu Komaki, who was supposed to compete for 'Kingdom' Fuchu, but was removed from the 'card' because of the coronavirus.

The second part of the tournament was called "Tire Fight Launch Battle T-0001" ~ Tire God Advent ~ because it is dedicated to the fights of the modality 'Tire Fight' (or "tire fight", in Portuguese), where victory or defeats are decided by taking down and/or knocking out the opponent or taking your foot off the tire.
These disputes are divided into three weight classes ('absolute' or 'free weight' category, up to 80 kg category and up to 60 kg category).

At the “main event” we saw Noboru Uchida, 46, a heavyweight “Kickboxer” who debuted at 'K-1 Survival' on May 28, 2000. He was introduced as an “absolute class god” of the “tire fight ”.
His opponent was Shoichiro Nakamura, not by chance, Uchida's first opponent in his MMA debut in 2019.

Nakamura attacked Uchida right after the start. In turn, Uchida put “pressure” with a left 'hook'. However, Nakamura showed no decline and pushed Uchida. The latter showed his ferocity, but Nakamura knocked him off balance with a punch. The referee did not consider the “KO” and the fight continued. Both sides used all their strength. In the end, Uchida ended up winning the victory with a great turnaround and getting revenge for the defeat suffered in MMA.

In the interview after the fight, Uchida declared he has a grudge against Enson Inoue (the fighter Kazushi Miyamoto's coach) and wants to continue the 'fight' of 'RIZIN'.

NE: Inoue went up and tried to “strangle” Uchida, when he entered the ring in solidarity with his athlete, who suffered a “TKO”, applied by Inoue's student. Check out the video at:

-“The grudge against Enson was mentioned in the post-fight 'fight' (Tsuyoshi Sudario vs. Kazushi Miyamoto) of 'RIZIN.27', in March of this year. Is it okay to solve it with a 'tire fight'?” he said, aware of having worn a T-shirt with a handwritten challenge to Enson Inoue.

Uchida thinks he can show a match between Yoshihiro Takayama and Don Frye.
Will a “tire fight” between Uchida and Inoue be held? We'll know at next year's event.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 05 / 08 / 2021
Caption : The “absolute god” of the 'tire fight', Uchida (right) won an unexpected victory.
Pictured above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Kingdom | ( C ) Yahoo Japan | Disclosure ).

Caption : The fighter 'White Rice' won the fight for the under 80kg title in the “tire fight”.
Photo below : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Kingdom | ( C ) eFight | Disclosure ).

white2 602x402 5881d

“Rizin 29” held MMA and Kickboxing tournaments last Sunday in Japan

On Sunday (June 27, 2021), the Rizin Fighting Federation returned to its activities with “Rizin 29”. The card brought with it the second half of the 16-man bantamweight tournament in the bantamweight division.
“Rizin 29” also included the 'RIZIN KICK', a one-night kickboxing tournament, running the semi-final round early in the schedule, then saving the final for the main event slot.
This time, the fights took place in the city of Osaka, also in Japan.
The “opening ceremonies” began at 12:30 pm Eastern US and Canadian time. North American fans were able to watch the event 'live' via 'Pay-Per-View' broadcast on 'LiveNow'.

On the MMA side, the bantamweight GP continued, as mentioned earlier. Highlight for the participation of Brazilian Alan Yamaniha (18-8). The fighter from São Paulo faced the Japanese Kazuma Kuramoto (8-2), almost knocking him out with punches several times in the first round.
In the second period of the fight, Yamaniha almost submitted Kazuma with a guillotine. But from then on, Kuramoto began to put pressure on the Brazilian. The latter, despite the effort made earlier, used his experience in MMA to manage the advantage he built in the first two rounds and managed to win his first fight at Rizin. With the victory, Yamaniha advances towards the quarterfinals of the bantamweight GP.

All three other matches in the tournament went to the judges' decision. Takafumi Otsuka (29-18) defeated Hiroki Yamashita (8-9) while Kenta Takizawa (12-7) won a controversial victory over Masakazu Imanari (38-20).
Yuto Hokamura, a native of Osaka, won the promotion's newcomer, Kuya Ito, unanimously.
With the win, Hokamura improved to 14-9-2 and now has two wins in his three fights for the franchise, while Ito has dropped to 10-9-1, but has won many fans thanks to his performance.

In the Kickboxing tournament called the 'RIZIN KICK One Night Tournament' we saw four bantamweight fighters fighting for a symbolic belt of the organization.
This GP was won by Taiju Shiratori. To do so, he passed Chikai Iimura in the semifinals and went into the decisive fight with the popular Koji Tanaka, known to the local public as “Kouzi”.

The fight was explosive, especially in the last round, with both athletes going up and giving their all, looking for the definitive knockout. Shiratori, who had already applied a “knockdown” in the first round, dominated most of the fight and ended up winning by unanimous decision of the judges.

The day after the fight, Koji Tanaka spoke about his feelings in a video posted on his YouTube channel, the “Koji Channel.” He said he had to undergo surgery due to a fractured bone near his right eye and revealed who went directly to apologize to Genji Umeno, his opponent in the semifinals.
He also ruled out a possible retirement in a message aimed at his fans.
Genji Umeno, in turn, also wants to do another battle with the popular fighter. Will a second fight between Koji and Umeno be held?

For now, stay with the results of "Rizin 29" which include:

Rizin 29
27 June 2021
Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka
Osaka, Japan

Kickboxing: Taiju Shiratori defeated Koji Tanaka via unanimous decision
MMA: Yuto Hokamura defeated Kuya Ito via unanimous decision
MMA: Takafumi Otsuka defeated Hiroki Yamashita via unanimous decision
MMA: Kenta Takizawa defeated Masakazu Imanari via unanimous decision
MMA: Alan Yamaniha defeats Kazuma Kuramoto via unanimous decision
MMA: Yusuke Yachi defeated Yuki Kawana via unanimous decision
MMA: Rikuto Shirakawa defeated Jin Aoi via unanimous decision
Kickboxing: Taiju Shiratori beat Ryo Takahashi by “TKO” (punches) at 1:37 of the first round
Kickboxing: Koji Tanaka vs. Genji Umeno finished in “No Contest”
Kickboxing: Yoshinari Nadaka beat Chikai Iimura by “TKO” (nose injury) at 3:00 of the first round
Kickboxing: Seiki Ueyama beat Josei Izumi by “TKO” (three “knockdowns”) at 0:55 of the second round 
Kickboxing: Yuma Yamahata vs. Kiyoto Takahashi ended in a draw (majority)

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 28 / 06 / 2021

Caption : Taiju Shiratori and Koji Tanaka made the final of RIZIN KICK 'One Night Tournament', Rizin FF Kickboxing tournament.
Pictured above : ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

Caption : Will there be a new fight between Koji Tanaka and Genji Umeno no Rizin?
Photo below : ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

image 1624876454 23b66

See the results of Rizin 28 held this Sunday in Japan

Mixed martial arts returned to the historic Tokyo Dome for the first time in nearly 20 years at dawn on Sunday (June 13, 2021) with an edition of the Rizin Fighting Federation, Japan's biggest MMA event today. But despite the stadium having the capacity to hold between 55 and 70 thousand spectators, Rizin 28 was only authorized to receive an audience of 10 thousand people and even so with strict security measures, including the use of masks and social distance, among others. All this due to the state of emergency imposed by the country's government.

The 'main event' (or 'main event') on this card was a featherweight fight between Brazilian Kleber Koike Erbst, former KSW champion, and popular Japanese Mikuru Asakura.
Koike had promised to erase Asakura before the fight and fulfilled his promise in the second round, when he landed a series of blows in the clinch and pulled him to guard, fitting the triangle to suffocate Asakura, who was unconscious.
As a result, Koike moved up to 28-5 while Asakura dropped to 14-3.

In the 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') we saw a special challenge, namely a fight with 'custom rules', in which the undefeated 22-year-old Japanese 'star' Tenshin Nasukawa faced three opponents , one at each round, in the following order: Koki Osaki, Hiroya Kawabe and Hideo Tokoro.
The rules were similar to boxing, but with the addition of the “superman” punch (or “superman punch”, if you prefer) and also the round punch.
Tenshin did a good - and tough - first round with Osaki, and even knocked Hiroya down with a jab in the rib in the second period, going to the last shift with MMA veteran Hideo Tokoro, making him 'sway' several times , but without getting the knockout.
After the fight, the tie was officially announced.

Brazilian Roberto Satoshi and Azerbaijani fighter Tofiq Musayev competed for the promotion's inaugural lightweight belt. Musayev, Rizin's lightweight GP champion in 2019, managed to prevent Satoshi's first takedown attempt, but the São Paulo native - who specializes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - didn't give up and, despite finishing low on the second attempt, fitted a triangle and forced Musayev to beat, thus becoming the first linear champion in the weight category by the Japanese organization.

The Rizin 28 also featured a portion of the Rizin Grand Prix opening round fights in the bantamweight division. The tournament features 16 men and on this 'card' we saw former champion Kai Asakura beat Shooto Watanabe with 'Ground and Pound' punches, while Naoki Inoue beat Shintaro Ishiwatari after knocking him out with 'a goal kick' .

Two other bantamweight GP contestants, Hiromasa Ougikubo and Yuki Motoya also progressed through the tournament after decision-winning Takeshi Kasugai and Ryo Okada, respectively.

Check out the results of "Rizin 28" which include:

Rizin 28
13 June 2021
Tokyo dome
Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan


Kleber Koike defeated Mikuru Asakura with a choke (triangle) submission at 1:49 of the second round
Tenshin Nasukawa vs Koki Osaki, Hiroya Kawabe and Hideo Tokoro - Draw
Roberto Satoshi beat Tofiq Musayev with a choke submission (triangle) at 1:12 of the first round
Kai Asakura beat Shooto Watanabe by “TKO” at 3:22 of the first round [Rooster GP opening round]
Naoki Inoue defeated Shintaro Ishiwatari by KO at 2:01 of the first round [Rooster GP opening round]
Hiromasa Ougikubo defeated Takeshi Kasugai by unanimous decision [Rooster GP opening round]
Yuki Motoya defeated Ryo Okada by unanimous decision [Rooster GP opening round]
Yutaka Saito defeated Vugar Karamov via split decision
Shoma Shibisai defeated Tsuyoshi Sudario with a choke submission ("rear-naked choke") at 1:39 of the third round
Satoshi Yamasu beat Noah Bey via split decision

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 13 / 06 / 2021
Caption : Kleber Koike won in his first main event against a Rizin “star”.
Pictured above : ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

Caption : Roberto Satoshi became Rizin's first linear lightweight champion.
Photo below : ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

image 1623580708 e01a3


Check out the Rizin Fighting Federation (RIZIN) 24 card to be held on September 27

Saitama Super Arena will receive RIZIN 24 on September 27 (Sunday). The MMA show will count on the participation of the public, who will be able to honor the 'live' fights in the gym, but this will be limited to 5.000 people and tickets are already sold out. 

This will be the first time that a show will be held there in nine months.
The CEO of Rizin Fighting Federation (RIZIN), Nobuyuki Sakakibara, confirmed that the show will begin at 16 pm local time, and that two hours of the event will be broadcast on Fuji TV.
Fans will also receive the full 'card' via 'Pay-Per-View' on the crowdfunding page for 5.000 yen in advance or 5.500 yen on the day of the show.
RIZIN had already returned to action in early August, after a six-month hiatus and now some of the biggest names in the promotion will be in action on this September 27 card. 
Kai Asakura (15-2), RIZIN's new bantamweight champion will fight Shoji Maruyama (18-12-1), a former “King of Pancrase” and fighter who comes from a victory over Kosuke Terashima in the Deep 96 Impact. However, it seems that the cock champion belt will not be at stake in this fight.
Coming out of victory at RIZIN 21, “star” Rena Kubota (10-3) will face Emi Tomimatsu (15-16), former champion in the strawweight category of Deep-Jewels.
Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi Sudario will face Dylan James in a heavyweight fight. The two are making their MMA debut. The first is a Sumo wrestler, while the second is a veteran of Pro Wrestling (Telecatch).
The card will also feature a lightweight clash between Takasuke Kume (23-6-3) - whose last fight was a victory at the ONE Championship last year - and Satoru Kitaoka (42-20-10), the latter the last one coming from a tie with Sho Kogane, at iSMOS.1, held in July in Japan. 
Still at light weight Yusuke Yachi (21-10-0) faces Juri Ohara (26-18-3).
As previously announced, Kickboxing “superstar” Tenshin Nasukawa will make his return to RIZIN against former K-1 fighter Koji Tanaka, in a duel scheduled to be held at a combined weight of 55kgs.
By the way, two more Kickboxing fights were added to the 'card', also in combined weight. Yuki Kitagawa faces Taishi Hiratsuka (up to 60kgs) while Mutsuki Ebata fights Rasta (up to 55kgs).
September 27th, 2020
Saitama Super Arena
Saitama, Tokyo, Japan
Kickboxing: Tenshin Nasukawa vs. Koji Tanaka 
MMA: Takasuke kume vs. Satoru Kitaoka 
MMA: Yusuke Yachi vs. Juri Ohara 
MMA: Takahiro Ashida vs. Kyohei Hagiwara 
MMA: Tsuyoshi Sudario vs. Dylan James 
MMA: Koji Takeda vs. Yuki Kawana 
MMA: Kai Asakura vs. Shoji Maruyama 
MMA: Rena Kubota vs. Emi Tomimatsu 
Kickboxing: Yuki Kitagawa vs. Taishi Hiratsuka 
Kickboxing : Mutsuki Ebata vs. Rasta 
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 17 / 09 / 2020
Pictured above: After becoming RIZIN's third bantamweight champion, Kai Asakura will fight Shoji Maruyama, an athlete still active in DEEP Impact. ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).
Below : Tenshin Nasukawa will make his comeback against former K-1 fighter Koji Tanaka at RIZIN 24. ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).
Tenshin 2 368ac

Rizin Fighting Federation (RIZIN) announces return with two editions in August

As the restrictions are lifted, MMA has been advancing, mainly with the UFC events, and it seems more and more that the sport was interrupted for the shortest possible time, with the modality being a pioneer in the return of competitions.

During a press conference held the day before yesterday, the CEO of Rizin Fighting Federation (RIZIN), Nobuyuki Sakakibara, announced that RIZIN 22 and RIZIN 23 will take place on August 9 and 10 at the brand new Pia Arena MM in Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and it looks like they will allow the public to enter to attend the shows.

The arena has a capacity for 10.000 people and was inaugurated just this year. As of July 10, restrictions will be relaxed in Japan and a maximum of 5.000 people will be allowed to participate in events, meaning that the venue will be able to hold up to half of its capacity.

For Sakakibara and MMA in the 'land of the Rising Sun', the presentation and competition means nothing without fans in the arena and MMA fans, especially fans of the Pride Fighting Championship (Pride FC) era, know that the way how Sakakibara and his team organize an event can provide great fighting.

- “Without an audience present, RIZIN would not be RIZIN. What I can say is that everyone in the audience creates RIZIN. We will do our best to face the challenges that will come in these two days ”.- said Sakakibara.

He added: - “I look forward to seeing everyone's smile at Pia Arena in August” .- referring to the appeal that promises to take fans to the arena on two consecutive days.

Even the travel restrictions will not pose any problems for the realization of the shows, because fortunately for RIZIN, most of its fighters live in Japan. The rest will have to adapt to the quarantine requirements.

RIZIN is also raising money to help promote the next 'cards'.

The scheduled fighters have not yet been released, but we expect their names to be announced in the near future. At the moment, there is also no information on the availability of events for the international audience, either on a digital platform or through the Pay-Per-View system.

But what about you, reader? What do you think of RIZIN's return?

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 08 / 07 / 2020
Pictured above: Nobuyuki Sakakibara confirmed that RIZIN FF is set for August with two consecutive events. ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

Below : RIZIN held a press conference to discuss its future and announced its first events since the interruption of its activities in mid-March. ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

106907609 3237116443023347 8466464930271028298 n efe48

Japanese heavyweight Hideki Sekine included on the “RIZIN.21” card in Shizuoka

Hideki Sekine, 46, is on a mission to become the first Japanese heavyweight champion in a major promotion of mixed martial arts.

Nicknamed 'Sherek' and 'Big Body', the fighter has always been a huge fan of Japanese regional promotions, and this has started the new path.

After leaving behind a promising career as a police officer, the resident of Shizuoka, Japan, built a beautiful 'record' of 7-3-0 in MMA.

Recently, the Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has also been active in the Professional Wrestling rings - a modality known in Brazil as "Telecatch" - in addition to accumulating participation in MMA promotions of the size of the ONE Championship, DEEP Impact and Ganryujima .

Last Friday, (January 24), Hideki Sekine was confirmed on the “RIZIN.21” card at a press conference in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. His opponent will be Roque Martinez (14-5-2) .

Coming from the island of Guam, Roque Martinez has stood out in the heavyweight category in promotions such as DEEP Impact, PXC and RIZIN itself.

Also on this card, former UFC fighter and former SRC featherweight champion, Masanori Kanehara (27-13-5), who will make his first appearance on RIZIN. Your opponent will be Victor Henry (19-4), the current DEEP Impact middleweight champion. Henry proved to be one of the strongest fighters in promoting Nobuyuki Sakakibara right from his first appearance at RIZIN last August, when he beat Trent Gardam (12-3) with a triangle.

Speaking of Trent Gardam, he will also fight in this edition with the Japanese Naoki Inoue (12-2).

This show will be headed by a dispute that will put Mikuru Asakura (12-1) in front of Daniel Salas (16-6-1).

Asakura is a YouTube star and has promised to entertain the public. He won seven fights in a row and was last seen in action at "RIZIN.20".

His opponent, Daniel Salas (known by the nickname 'El Cazador') was one of the participants in Season 2 of “The Ultimate Fighter Latin America”.

“RIZIN.21” will be held on February 22nd and will take place at Hamamatsu Arena, in Shizuoka.

Check out the complete 'RIZIN.21' card:

22 February 2020
Hamamatsu Arena
Shizuoka, Japan

MMA: Mikuru Asakura vs. Daniel Salas 
MMA: Vugar Keramov vs. Kyle Aguon
MMA: Victor Henry vs. Masanori Kanehara
MMA: Trent Girdham vs. Naoki Inoue
MMA: Yuto Hokamura vs. Kenji Kato 
MMA: Roque Martinez vs. Hideki Sekine
MMA: Marcos Yoshio Souza vs. Falco Neto
Kickboxing: Yuya vs. Kouki
Kickboxing: Kenichi Takeuchi vs. Naoya Kousuke
Kickboxing: Jitukata vs. Ryo Sakai
Kickboxing: Masaji Tozuka vs. Masahiro Ozawa
Kickboxing: Henry Cejas vs. seido

(* 'card' subject to change)

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 27 / 01 / 2020
Pictured above: Veteran Hideki Sekine will be one of the highlights of “RIZIN.21”, on February 22nd in a heavyweight contest with Roque Martinez. ( Courtesy | Credits : Hideki Sekine Personal Collection | @RIZINFF ).

Below: The flyer for the promotion of “RIZIN.21” with the duel Hideki Sekine vs. Roque Martinez. (Courtesy | Credits: @RIZINFF | MMA Japan ).

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Results and highlights of 'New Year's Eve' Rizin in Japan

Japan's iconic Saitama Super Arena hosted a second major MMA event in the space of three days when Rizin FF - Japan's top promotion today - hosted their spectacular annual 'New Year's Eve' event.

Therefore, the 20th numbered edition of Rizin, which took place on Tuesday, December 31st, featured notable names from the sport in title fights, in addition to their lightweight GP finals.

In the main fight, for the roosterweight belt, Angolan Manel Kape had a spectacular performance by knocking out Kai Asakura in just 38s of the second round to win the Rizin title.

South Korea's former UFC fighter Seo Hee Ham beat Japanese woman Ayaka Hamasaki by a split decision in a bustling duel and claimed the franchise's weight-atom belt (49 kg). This was the third confrontation between both athletes and Ham's first win.

Also in the weight-atom category, Miyuu Yamamoto (45), sister of legendary Kid Yamamoto, beat Thai Suwanan Boonsorn (21) by unanimous decision.

Still among women, Rena Kubota got her revenge against Lindsey VanZandt by defeating the American in the final seconds of her rematch. Rena dominated the fight standing, and after taking his opponent to the ground and winning the mount in the final minutes, saw the fight was interrupted when striking, as VanZandt's coach threw the towel.

Also in action, light heavyweight champion Jiří Procházka defended his title against former UFC fighter CB Dolloway. The Czech fighter beat Dolloway with a clean combination of two punches that drove the former UFC into the first round knockout.
Initially, Prochazka would fight Bellator athlete Ryan Bader, but the fight was not completed. In his place was cast CB Dollaway, who recently requested his release from UFC while serving a two-year suspension imposed by USADA.

Japanese Kickboxing phenomenon Tenshin Nasukawa maintained his unbeaten record by demolishing his compatriot Rui Ebata with three knockdowns in the first round.

Also on the card, Mikuru Asakura - also a "YouTuber", as well as his brother Kai Asakura - won one of the biggest victories of his promising career by beating Brazilian and Bellator veteran John "Macapá", by unanimous decision of the judges after 15 minutes of fighting.

At the beginning of the lineup we had the semifinals and the final of the big Rizin lightweight tournament. Brazilian Patricky “Pitbull” Freire, after knocking out compatriot Luiz “Killer” Gustavo with a brutal goal kick after 28 seconds of fighting in the semifinal of the tournament, was defeated by Azerbaijan's Tofiq Musaev by unanimous decision in the final. closed the preliminary 'card' of the event.

It took a while, but it seems that finally, Rizin is revealing big names and turning them into stars. One example is Jake Heun - who came in as Freddie Mercury - and in the best style Akhiro Gono, beat former Olympic Judo champion and current MMA fighter Satoshi Ishii with a brutal knockout.

Happy from life after the event, company CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara has announced that he plans to hold 6-7 tournaments in 2020.
Rizin 21 is already scheduled for February 22, 2020 at the Hamamatsu Arena.

The event was broadcast live on Fite Pay TV.

Rizin FF 20 results include:

Rizin FF 20
31 December 2019
Saitama Super Arena
Saitama, Japan


Manel Kape beat Kai Asakura by TKO at 38s of R2
Kickboxing: Tenshin Nasukawa beat Rui Ebata by TKO 2m47s
Seo Hee Ham beat Ayaka Hamasaki by split decision
Mikura Asakura defeated "Macapá" by unanimous decision
Rena Kubota beat Lindsey Vanzandt by TKO 4m42s


Tofiq Musaev beat Patricky “Pitbull” Freire by unanimous decision
Jiří Procházka beat CB Dollaway by knockout 1m55s from R1
Simon Biyong beat Vitaly Shemetov by TKO at 58s from R2
Hiromasa Ogikubo beat Shintaro Ishiwatari by split decision
Jake Heun beat Satoshi Ishii via TKO 1m12s from R1
Patrick Mix beat Yuki Motoya by R1 37m1s submission
Taiju Shiratori beat Taiga Kawabe by TKO at 3m R00
Miyuu Yamamoto defeated Suwanan Boonsorn by unanimous decision
Patricky “Pitbull” Freire beat Luiz “Killer” Gustavo by knockout at R28 1s
Tofiq Musaev beat Johnny Case by TK 2m45s knockout

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 01 / 01 / 2020
Pictured above: Angolan fighter Manel Kape surprised by knocking out Kai Asakura, one of the main names in Japanese MMA, and conquered the bantamweight belt. ( Photo | credits: @RIZINFF | Gong Kakutogi ).

Below: Nobuyuki Sakakibara, CEO of the company, was satisfied with the results of the 20th numbered event of the biggest MMA franchise in Japan. In the act, alongside Seo Hee Ham, atomweight champion. ( Photo | credits: @RIZINFF | Disclosure ).

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RIZIN in negotiations with Conor McGregor and Oscar de La Hoya for the New Year's Eve concert

Last year, RIZIN FF was featured in headlines around the world by hiring Floyd Mayweather to compete at RIZIN 14, his new year's eve show. In the main event, Mayweather faced Japan's young kickboxing star and MMA, Tenshin Nasukawa, in a scheduled display fight for three rounds of boxing, beating him in the first round.

As New Year's Eve approaches, RIZIN President Nobuyuki Sakakibara suggested what we can expect from the Japanese promotion later this year.

Speaking after RIZIN 18, an event held last weekend, Sakakibara said he is planning something “very different” for RIZIN 21, his New Year's Eve show, something “that won't be MMA, kickboxing or pro-wrestling, but a new kind of competition. ”

- “It will be a new innovation. I feel like creating a new competition that is different from mixed martial arts, kickboxing and professional wrestling. ”- said the agent, who is getting in touch with martial arts professionals from around the world to prepare for this.

Sakakibara also stated (as announced by the Tokyo Sports newspaper) that RIZIN 21 will not involve Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. But he has been talking to Conor McGregor and Oscar De La Hoya.

- “Mayweather had a surprise appearance last year, but it's hard to develop anything new from there. Pacquiao is also an active bondholder. It will be more interesting to contribute to mixed martial arts innovation than to work with both boxers. I think we can do something together with Connor McGregor or Oscar De La Hoya. ”- Said Sakakibara, referring to the former UFC champion in two categories and also the current president of Golden Boy Promotions.

It is worth remembering, however, that Conor McGregor is currently in a 'hiatus' of competitions, and it is also unclear whether the Irish star will fight again. He has not entered the cage since October last year, when he was defeated in a valid lightweight title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And although McGregor is obviously still under contract with the UFC, he may be able to compete in a fight without 'traumatic blows', similar to the Submission or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, although this is still unlikely to happen without consent. from the UFC. In this case, he can only attend the event as a 'distinguished guest'.

Oscar De La Hoya has won several world titles in six weight categories as a boxer. In 2002, he founded Golden Boy Promotions.
On 2018, the year-old 46 fighter tried his luck as an MMA promoter, but the less said about it, probably the better.

Whether it's a case of involving McGregor or De La Hoya - or not - it's clear that Nobuyuki Sakakibara is thinking a lot “outside the box” for RIZIN's concert later in the year.

But what about you, dear reader? What do you think Sakakibara “has up his sleeve” for RIZIN 21?

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 22 / 08 / 2019
Photo: RIZIN President and CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara is in talks with Conor McGregor and Oscar De La Hoya with a view to a possible appearance at RIZIN 21. (Courtesy | Credits: @RIZIN FF | Tokyo Sports Newspaper).

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