Chatri Sityodtong offers $ 250.000 job to new reality show winner

Do you have what it takes to be Chatri Sityodtong's “apprentice”?

Just hours after the president and CEO of ONE Championship, Chatri Sityodtong, announced several title fights on the next ONE cards from ONE: “Infinity 1” and ONE: “Infinity 2”, the agent also announced the launch of 'The Apprentice : ONE Championship Edition '.

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition will bring together the famous competition reality show and the largest global sports media franchise in Asian history.

This new edition of 'The Apprentice' will be presented by Chatri himself and will be under license from MGM Television. The show will feature sixteen participants chosen from around the world, who will compete in high-risk challenges designed to test their limits. The winner will receive a $ 250.000 job offer when joining the ONE Championship for one year under the guidance of Chatri Sityodtong himself.

The reality show will be produced internally by ONE Studios and will run on linear and streaming platforms across the pan-Asian region in the second half of the year. The program will also be distributed to major television networks and digital channels worldwide.

Sityodtong's life story - from poverty to wealth - is inspiring, and motivates millions of people around the world, having been reported on the BBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, CNBC and other major media.

More recently, he was chosen by renowned Forbes magazine as one of Asia's next-generation moguls. Sityodtong - who has over 35 years of martial arts experience as a student, fighter, teacher and coach - has also been named “King of Asia Martial Arts” by the Financial Times and the 2nd “Most Powerful in Asia Sports” by FOX Sports, in addition to being inducted into the 'Hall of Fame' of the acclaimed publication Black Belt Magazine in 2019.

Sityodtong is a perennial speaker at the world's leading business conferences, such as the Forbes Global CEO Conference, Milken Institute, CNBC Asia Business Leaders Awards, YPO Edge, Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), Cannes Lions, Asian Leadership Conference and others.

He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor's degree from Tufts University, in addition to being an entrepreneur residing at INSEAD, one of the best business schools in the world.

Sityodtong was also featured as a cover story in magazines of the size of Inc, Esquire, Playboy, CEO, Wealth, Tatler, The Peak, MillionaireAsia, Black Belt, and others.

In addition to Sityodtong, CEOs from across Asia will join him as guest judges on each episode of the new reality show.

Although business competitions are conducted and judged by these CEOs, the physical challenges will feature athletes from the ONE Championship, who will compete against selected participants in athletics and endurance games. The program will take place in different cities in Asia and the first season will consist of 13 episodes.

Those interested in participating in 'The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition' should follow Chatri Sityodtong on his official Instagram (@yodchatri) and post a 1 minute video talking about “why you deserve to be one of the 16 participants”.

You MUST tag Chatri (@yodchatri) and include the #ApprenticeONE Hashtag in your post to qualify. Make sure your profile is set to public.

To increase your chances of being selected, ask your friends and family to leave comments on Chatri's Instagram profile, saying why they think you deserve to join the program.

It never hurts to remember that by uploading a video through Instagram, you agree to the terms and conditions of that platform.

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition may be the most difficult in the history of all 'Apprentice' programs.

You can register for the show by sending the form available on the official website of ONE Championship.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 26 / 02 / 2020
Photo: 'The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition' will bring together 16 participants from all over the world and promises to be the most difficult in the history of all 'Apprentice' programs. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).

Results of Deep Jewels 28 held at the New Pier Hall in Tokyo, Japan

Today's biggest female MMA league returned with its 28th fight card on Monday morning (national holiday) at New Pier Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Deep Jewels 28 made headlines because of the names chosen for the competition, which was attended by a crowd of more than 830 people.

The 'main event' of the programming was on account of the ex-RIZIN fighter, “King” Reina Miura (11-3) who faced Nitchanan “Andre The Rocket” Thubtrai, in what would be the Thai's first professional fight at Deep Jewels.

Another athlete from Thailand, Suwanan “Amp The Rocket” Boonsorn (4-3), 23, faced Emi Sato (4-4), from Japan, in the opening round of Deep's Microweight (44,5 kg) tournament Jewels.

In another fight in the Microweight tournament, Mizuki Furuse defeated Yasuko “Ikuko” Tamada by majority decision of the judges.

Highlight for Moe Sasaki who defeated Sae Kokuho by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18) after two rounds of 5:00 in the 'alternate' fight (reserve) of the Microweight tournament. She will move on in the competition in case one of the finalists cannot continue.

We could not fail to mention the duel in the 49 kg category with MMA fighter and 'idol' Nanaka Kawamura, from the “underground idol group” Kamen Joshi (which means “Masked” Girls, in English, or 'girl in the mask', in Portuguese ), from Akihabara - district of the district of Chiyoda, in Tokyo.
Her opponent, Mika Sakamoto, is an athlete who has competed for DEEP Impact promotions and Deep Jewels.

Kawamura started the fight aggressively and managed to land a few strokes of punches before grabbing Sakamoto against the grid.
Sakamoto reversed the situation with a fall and, subsequently, worked with the ground and pound to punish his opponent.
But Kawamura got back to his feet and attacked Sakamoto with left and right hooks, in sequences that led the referee to interrupt the fight at 2:56 of the first round.
The group "MaskGirls" - which plans to conquer all of Asia with its success - is "doing well" with its representative in MMA.

Deep Jewels 28 was broadcast 'live' on the franchise's YouTube channel and also on the DEEP Impact page. The show should be available for streaming on demand in the coming days.

Check out the complete results of “Deep Jewels 28” below.

Deep Jewels 28
February 24rd, 2020
New pier hall
Tokyo, Japan

Reina Miura won “Andre The Rocket” by technical knockout (punches) in the 1st round
Suwanan “Amp The Rocket” Boonsorn beat Emi Sato by submission (armbar) in the 1st round - 1st Rd Microweight Tournament
Mizuki Furuse defeated Yasuko Tamada via Majority Decision (20-18 × 2, 19-19) - 1st Rd Microweight Tournament
Miki Motono defeated Nongpan “The Rocket” by “TKO” (Strikes) in the 1st round
Nanaka Kawamura defeated Mika Sakomoto by “TKO” (Socos) in the 1st round
Sakura Mori defeated Otoha Nagao by majority decision (19-18 × 2, 19-19)
Chisato Wada defeated Tomoko Inoue by technical knockout (straight from the left) in the first round
Moe Sasaki defeated Sae Kokuho via unanimous decision (20-18 × 3) - Alternate Microweight Tournament

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 25 / 02 / 2020
Pictured above: One of the highlights of the 'card' was Nanaka Kawamura, from the group “MaskGirls”. She ended up winning her fight with Mika Sakomoto. ( Credits | Courtesy : Deep Jewels | Arama Japan ).

Below: Originally from Muay Thai, athlete Suwanan “Amp The Rocket” Boonsorn appears in the act moments before applying the submission that guaranteed her victory over Japanese Emi Sato. ( Credits | Courtesy : Deep Jewels | Gonkaku ).

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Results of RIZIN 21: Mikuru Asakura and Victor Henry win their fights while “Shrek” is defeated

On Saturday, February 22, the RIZIN Fighting Federation hosted its 21st event in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Mikuru Asakura (12-1), Kai's brother, continues to impress inside the RIZIN ring and led this 21st edition that took place at Hamamatsu Arena.
Asakura, who has achieved an impeccable 7-0 'record' since joining RIZIN less than two years ago, faced Daniel Salas (16-6-1), known to viewers of “The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America 2” (UFC reality show), in a featherweight showdown.
Asakura ended up winning by the referee's interruption, after a kick to the head followed by punches at the end of the second round.
After the fight, Asakura was challenged by former ONE Championship lightweight champion Kotetsu Boku.

Victor Henry (19-4) was the other notable name of this 'card'. The American bantamweight gained prominence when it competed under the Pancrase flag and also won the DEEP belt last March. Following, Henry made a successful debut at RIZIN in August.
In Saturday's fight, Josh Barnett's protégé ended up beating Japanese veteran Masanori Kanehara (27-13-5) with a sequence of punches just 45 seconds into the second round.

RIZIN 21 was also good for the Souza family, as Brazilians Roberto Satoshi and Marcos Souza emerged victorious in their challenges after ending 2019 with defeats.

The only show Jiu-Jítsu fight on the schedule brought black belt Roberto Satoshi Souza into a one-on-five eliminatory bout. He had 10 minutes to finish his five opponents, otherwise he would be declared a loser. Satoshi was efficient and used varied techniques to finish Yuki Nakai (Japanese Jiu-Jitsu legend), Edison Kagohara (Japanese Jiu-Jítsu ambassador), Koji Shigemitsu (also a practitioner of the “gentle art”), Hiroshi Shinagawa (comedian) and Yua Kimura (ADCC gold medalist).

His brother Marcos Yoshio de Souza (8-2-0) knocked out Portuguese Falco Neto (11-10-0) in less than 90 seconds in an MMA fight.

In one of the hottest fights on the show, Guam heavyweight Roque Martinez (14-5-2) faced Japanese judoka Hideki Sekine (7-3).

Sekine courageously tried to take down the DEEP megaton champion, but was unsuccessful. Martinez defined the fight in his favor with punches and “goal shots” (“kinds” of “soccer kicks”) at 3:57 of the first round.

Sekine declared after the fight:

-"I'm disappointed. But it is not the end, it is not the end. I'm going to get up, I'm going to start training tonight. I'm sure that I will return to RIZIN again and I will win. I wanted to perform well for my police colleagues. ”- he said, in tears, during a testimony to the Yahoo Japan team.

Sekine “Shrek” Hideki (born August 13, 1973 in Shizuoka) is a former police detective in Shizuoka Prefecture. He turned into a professional fighter in his forties, having learned Judo as a child and the Jiu-Jitsu he started practicing while working as a criminalist. He has many Jiu-Jitsu achievements, including the All Japan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Sekine has also been active in the professional Wrestling Rings (known in our country as 'Telecatch') and accumulates participations in companies such as All Japan, Hard Hit and Real Japan. Also competing in MMA, he became popular for fighting in promotions the size of DEEP, Ganryujima and ONE Championship, among others.

The event that featured MMA and Kickboxing fights was shown on pay-per-view at midnight (local time).

The results of “RIZIN 21” include:

February 22, 2020
Hamamatsu Arena
Hamamatsu, Japan


Mikuru Asakura defeated Daniel Salas by knockout (head kick and punches) in the second round (2:34)
Victor Henry defeated Masanori Kanehara, by TKO in the second round ( 0:45 )
Roque Martinez defeated Hideki Sekine by technical knockout in the first round (4:04)
Marcos Yoshio de Souza defeated Falco Neto by technical knockout in the first round (1:27)
Yuto Hokamura defeated Kenji Kato via submission in the first round (rear naked choke) (4:21)
Naoki Inoue defeated Trent Girdham via unanimous decision
Vugar Karamov defeated Kyle Aguon by unanimous decision


Kousuke Jitsukata defeated Ryo Sakai by knockout in the first round (1:28)
Kenichi Takeuchi defeated Naoya via unanimous decision
Henry Cejas defeated SEIDO by unanimous decision
YUYA defeated KOUKI by knockout in the first round (2:30)
Masaji Tozuka vs Masahiro Ozawa - tie by majority decision

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 23 / 02 / 2020
Pictured above : The fight between heavyweights Hideki “Shrek” Sekine and Roque Martinez was one of the highlights of RIZIN 21. ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | Yahoo Japan ).

Below: Mikuru Asakura knocked out Daniel Salas at RIZIN 21's 'main event' in Hamamatsu, Japan. ( Credits | Courtesy : @RIZINFF | MMA Japan ).

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PE FIGHT 7: 'Card' with 16 fights moves MMA in Recife

Currently the biggest MMA event in the state of Pernambuco, Pernambuco Fight, (or PE FIGHT, if you prefer) will return with its 7th edition on April 18, 2020. The fights will take place at Parque Santos Dumont, in Boa Viagem, Recife, Pernambuco, from 16:00 hours.

PE FIGHT promoter, Glauber Barbosa is well known to the MMA public due to his work as a referee at all events in the sport in Pernambuco: GFC, SLF and KEZEN FIGHT, in addition to Brabos Combat, an event in the state of Alagoas that has already been nominated to dispute the Oswaldo Paquetá trophy: the 'national MMA Oscar', as “the 2016 revelation event”.

Glauber, who has produced all the editions of PE FIGHT until today, has always been concerned with the safety and physical integrity of the athletes, hiring private professionals, such as referees, military police, a group of first aid workers, as well as a Mobile ICU, doctor and paramedics.

In order to confront MMA fighters from Pernambuco and athletes from other states in the northeastern region, this 'card' will feature 16 matched matches.

To give you an idea, some of the main teams from Pernambuco will be participating in the event: One Fight Team; Jacaré Team; Paulo Franco Team and Feitosa Arena.
Representing Rio Grande do Norte, we will have the renowned Kimura team, from Natal, with 03 athletes, and from Paraíba, the Chute Fight team will also come, with 03 athletes.

Highlight for the fight between the undefeated João Paulo “King” (6-0), from Natal-RN, and Ulisses Netto (4-2), from Recife-PE.
João Paulo became famous for his victories at Gêmeos Fight and Shooto Brasil, while Ulisses Netto has already shown much of his talent at São Lourenço Fight, GFC and Caveira Fight.

The rematch between the representative of the city of Paulista, Júlio Célio Luciano do Sacramento Filho (3-4), and the representative of Nossa Senhora do Ó, Raylande Monteiro (1-1), promises to be one of the highlights of the program.

Our collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa (3-3-1), known as “Mr Kung Fu”, will also be participating in PE FIGHT 7. He will fight Gledson Nunes (3-1), a veteran of 'A Batalha Fighting Championship', already traditional competition in the state of Pernambuco.

Another interstate fight that awaits is between Valdir Rodrigues (2-3) from Campina Grande-PB and Johnatan Vicente (2-1), from the state of Pernambuco.

In the 'co-main event', athlete Daniel “Neguinho” Oliveira (4-0) will dispute the 61kg category belt with the tough fighter Hojerry “Tratorzinho” Herald Viana (3-0).
While Daniel Oliveira beat all his opponents in GFC and Paulista Fight MMA, Hojerry Herold built his career in OCFC promotions, Sentoki Keiji and also in Paulista Fight MMA.
The duel between undefeated promises.

The 'main event' will bring the long awaited rematch between Maicon “Mamute” (6-3) and Tiago “Boi” (11-16).
Born Michael Douglas Felipe do Nascimento and known by the nickname Maicon “Mamute”, the fighter from the city of São Lourenço da Mata won his last fight with the experienced athlete Tiago “Boi” at Paulista Fight MMA, last November.
Born in Olinda-PE, “Boi” accumulates participations in promotions of the size of GFC, Octagon Fight, Snake FC, Kezen Fight and PE FIGHT itself.
The fight between “Mamute” and “Boi” will be valid for the heavyweight champion's belt.

Check out the complete PE FIGHT 7 card.

April 18 2020
Santos Dumont Park
Good trip
Recife Pernambuco

(blue corner X red corner)

1- Julio Célio X Raylande Monteiro
2- Valdir Rodrigues (PB) X Johnattan Vicente
3- Gabriel Brito X Sandoval Ferreira
4- Oriosvaldo Costa (CE) X Gledson Nunes
5- Heverton Vasconcelos X Wilson Santos
6- Paulo Henrique X Raphael Cruz
7- Nilson Instigado (PB) X Rafael Alves
8- Hosllan Alves X David Renan
9- Felipe Alves X Vitor Hugo
10- Stênio Barbosa (PB) X Elielton Fernandes (RN)
11- Glauco Ferreira X Anderson “Indian”
12- Caio Machado X Daniel Virginio (RN)
13- Gustavo Silva X Herinque Carvalho
14- Ulisses Netto X João Paulo “King” (RN)
15- Daniel “Neguinho” Oliveira X Hojerry “Tratorzinho” Herald
16- Maicon “Mammoth” X Tiago “Boi” Buarque

PS: The 'card' is subject to change.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 22 / 02 / 2020
Pictured above : Heavyweights Maicon “Mamute” and Tiago “Boi” will do the main event of PE FIGHT 7. ( Credits | Courtesy : Glauber Barbosa | Disclosure PE FIGHT 7 ).

Below: The 'co-main event' will also feature a belt dispute between Daniel “Neguinho” Oliveira and Hojerry “Tratorzinho” Herald in the 61kg category. ( Credits | Courtesy : Glauber Barbosa | Disclosure PE FIGHT 7 ).

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Japanese event REBELS announces new (and radical) mixed martial arts rules

A press conference was held on February 18 (Tuesday) in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, to announce the new MMA rules that will come into effect in the “REBELS.65” tournament, which will take place on the next 24 April 2020 (Friday).

The new set of rules has the provisional name of “Ultimate Kick Boxing” (UKB) and does not foresee any decision of the fights by the judges, the victory can only be obtained by 'knockout' ('knockout' or 'KO', if you prefer) . If there is no 'knockout' in the first five-minute round, then a second three-minute round will be requested. If there is no 'knockout' in that extra round, a tie will be declared.
Remembering that three “technical knockouts” (the term “technical knockout” is abbreviated as 'TKO'), correspond to a 'knockout' or “KO”.

Fighters must wear open finger gloves and the rules allow for punches, kicks, elbows, knees and falls, as well as a bit of ground fighting.

If one of the fighters is on the ground, your opponent can hit you if that attack is instantaneous. In that case, you can use your elbows, 'ground and pound', goal shots (in the head of the fallen opponent) or “stomps” in all parts of your body. But if these attacks are not made immediately, the fighter will be forced to retreat and wait for his opponent to rise.

Still in relation to the work of fighting on the ground, it will be allowed to strike from the mounted position, and even to use headbutt, but again, these attacks will have to be instantaneous, that is, made immediately.

Strangulations will be prohibited, but other finishing techniques must be allowed.

Cuts caused by elbows will be classified as something similar to a “TKO”.

However, it must be remembered that these rules will only be implemented in each fight if both sides agree.

- “Fighters who resist open finger gloves will be able to wear six ounce (6 oz) boxing gloves and eliminate elbows. We are looking for opponents between 70 and 80 kg. ”.- explained Yamaguchi Genki, REBELS representative.

- “When I practiced Muay Thai ten years ago or more, I already believed that it was better to do it with open finger gloves. Back then, almost nobody agreed, but today they are doing it normally in ONE Championship. I believe that our new set of rules suits MMA fighters who are not good at strangling, and we will be bringing only the most interesting part of mixed martial arts to our audience ”.- added Yamaguchi.

To further motivate the fighters, a system of awards for the fights has already been introduced and three companies have already informed that they will offer approximately 100.000 yen each, to be distributed among the competitors. In the event of a tie, the cash prize will be added to the amount to be paid in the next fight of the tournament. Prizes will also be awarded for knockouts.

In addition, “REBELS.65” will also feature other exciting fights.

Highlight for the first fight for the women's title of REBELS, REBELS-BLACK (without elbows), in the category of 46 kg.
In this dispute, Punchan Rina (1st place in the category according to the REBELS ranking) will face Misaki Morita (former J-GIRLS champion and currently participating in the Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup) in a fight scheduled for three rounds of three minutes, plus one round three minutes if necessary.

This will be the first fight between women to be considered for the “main event” of “REBELS.65”. Obviously, both fighters will be the first at Korakuen Hall.

Before this 'card', however, there will be “REBELS.64”, already on February 29th, composed of fights of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. This event will also take place at Korakuen Hall.

The 'REBELS.64' main event will be a fight between Japanese Hiroki Suzuki and Brazilian Shely Santana, under the rules of Kickboxing.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 19 / 02 / 2020
Photo: Kohei Tokuji (center), flanked by the fighters Puchan Rina (left) and Misaki Morita (right), athletes who will compete for the women's title in the REBELS tournament. ( Credits | Courtesy : REBELS(レベルス) | Disclosure ).

Camila Rivarola will return to MMA at Zeus FC 4 in Seoul

Although the threat of "COVID-19" - formerly known as "Wuhan coronavirus" - is canceling out events across Asia, South Korea has apparently curbed the spread of the virus within the country and security concerns have eased, with the government encouraging publicly allow citizens to continue their daily lives “normally”.

Therefore, the Swiss Grand Hotel Convention Hall (formerly the Grand Hilton Hotel) in Seoul, capital of South Korea, will host the Zeus FC 4, on February 29th.

The MMA promotion has already announced three clashes that feature a mix of promising local fighters and talented international athletes.

Kwon Hye Lin (2-3) will face Camila Rivarola (2-2-1) in a strawweight division. Kwon, 27, is a Taekwondo fighter with a heavy attack. In the 27-year-old athlete's last appearance, she won with knees in the second round of a Kickboxing match at Max FC 20.

Rivarola, a fighter from Sweden who now trains in Paris, France, is a Bellator MMA veteran and Kickboxing champion. Despite having only two years of career in MMA, the kickboxer has a lot of experience competing in enemy territory.
With passes through promotions of the size of 100% Fight, Le ROI DU FIGHT 2019 and XFN, among others, the athlete is among the first placed in the main female rankings by weight in France, United Kingdom and Ireland.

In addition, an intriguing flyweight fight between Choi Seung Guk (3-1) and Kerwin Tan (0-0) is also scheduled. Choi, a disciple of Korean Zombie in MMA, spent a lot of time competing in the amateur leagues and went professional in 2018.

After accumulating a 1 to 1 'record' in his first year, he improved and won two consecutive wins the following year.

His opponent, Tan, is a promise from the Philippines that represents Hitman MMA, where he trains with ONE Championship veteran Burn Soriano.

Finally, Jo Jung Yong (0-0) and Jung Ho Won (0-2) will face off in a lightweight showdown. While Jo will make his debut in the promotion, Jung will enter this fight from a two-game losing streak.

Despite having announced only three fights for this 'card', Zeus FC is already thinking about the future and promises to do new shows at a faster pace going forward.

Zeus FC 4
February 29rd, 2020
Swiss Grand Hotel Convention Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Kwon Hye Lin vs Camila Rivarola (straw weight)
Choi Seung Guk vs Kerwin Tan (flyweight)
Jo Jun Yong vs Jung Ho Won (light weight)

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 17 / 02 / 2020
Photo above: Bellator MMA veteran Camila Rivarola is also Kickboxing champion. In the image, Rivarola appears with the Battle Arena belt. ( Credits | Courtesy : Camila Rivarola Personal Archive | Zeus FC | Bellator MMA | Battle Arena ).

Below: Bellator MMA veteran Camila Rivarola is also Kickboxing champion. In the picture, Rivarola appears at the weigh-in before his fight on XFN. ( Credits | Courtesy : Camila Rivarola Personal Archive | Zeus FC | Bellator MMA | XFN ).

Camila ranking f8752

International champion Adriano “The Rock” Balby accepts fight with Irwing “King Kong” for the SFT middleweight belt

International MMA champion with titles won on three continents and with the experience of having fought in five different weight classes (120, 110, 93, 84 and 77 Kgs), Adriano “The Rock” Balby is active in MMA competitions since 1998, when the fights were fought practically without rules, without gloves and without weight limit, that is, still in the format of the old 'Vale Tudo'.

Living in Manaus-AM for 18 years, the native has a 'record' of more than 20 MMA fights, although his record on the website 'Sherdog' points to only 16-03-0. Among his titles recently won is the welterweight champion (up to 77 kg category) of the “REBEL FC” event held in China.

With 22 years of career in the sport, Adriano Balby acquired fame as a knockout and accumulated experience by fighting and winning true MMA icons like Akihiro Gono, Andy Wang and Edilberto “Crocotá”, among others.

Balby is currently pursuing an international career and is fighting in other countries around the world. However, a recent event may motivate the athlete to fight again in our country.

Adriano Balby was scheduled to fight the 'main event' of the 20th edition of the SFT MMA, where he would face Pernambuco and MMA sensation Paulista, Renê 'Soldado' Pessoa (21-06-0), but the fight ended up falling due to problems with the fighter's displacement to the capital of São Paulo.

In his place was the athlete from Curitiba-PR, Irwing “King Kong” Machado (16-06-02), who starred in a real war with 'Soldado', who had not lost a fight for almost four years on national soil.

The curitibano only defined the fight at 4:13 of the final round, when he fitted a left-hand right, on the tip of Renê 'Soldado's chin. The fight was classified by the specialized media as the biggest zebra of MMA Paulista after the victory of Clécio 'Bruto' over Flávio Álvaro in 2017.

After the fight, there were fervent debates among national MMA fans, posted on forums specialized in the sport.
Some netizens suggest that the fight between Adriano “The Rock” Balby and Irwing “King Kong” Machado should be carried out now and even go so far as to claim that “Balby would probably win, for having a heavier hand than 'Soldado', which ended being knocked out by 'King Kong', when he snatched the SFT middleweight belt ”.

Balby recently commented that he is no longer interested in fighting Renê 'Soldado', since he was hired to dispute the under 84 kg category title, but that he would accept to fight with Irwing “King Kong”, since the fight valid for the SFT middleweight belt.

Irwing "King Kong" has been sharing a post of "MMA IN SAMPA" on his social networks, in which fans are asked about 'who should be the next challenger to the SFT middleweight title?'

And for you, who would win this fight? Adriano “The Rock” Balby or Irwing “King Kong” Machado?
Leave your opinion in the comments.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 14 / 02 / 2020
Photo: Belt collector. Adriano Balby accepts to fight Irwing “King Kong” for the SFT middleweight belt. ( Credits | Courtesy : Adriano Balby Personal Archive | Disclosure ).

Ten more events added to the ONE Championship 2020 calendar

The ONE Championship announced the date and locations for ten more fight cards in the second half of 2020. Three events have been removed from the calendar due to concerns about the new coronavirus, dubbed “COVID-19”, by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday (11 February).

There have already been three events this year, ONE: “A New Tomorrow” in Bangkok and ONE: “Fire & Fury” in Manila last month. Meanwhile, ONE: “Warrior's Code”, took place in Jakarta, last Friday.

The events in Chongqing, Seoul and Macau were removed from the schedule. This occurs amid widespread cancellation of sporting events in the region due to the outbreak of respiratory disease caused by infection with the new coronavirus.

For the first time in the history of promoting Chatri Sityodtong, there will be four events in one country in a single calendar year. Jakarta will be hosting fight shows in June, September and December, in addition to last Friday's event.

There are also six ONE 'Warrior Series' events on the 2020 schedule. There is scheduled to be a calendar of ONE 'Hero Series' events in the Philippines, yet to be launched, while the ONE 'Hero Series' Muay Thai is also on progress.

The ONE Championship currently has great athletes in their squad, with some of them having stints in the UFC, such as Demetrious Johnson, Eddie Alvarez, among others.

For this year, there is also the expectation of the debut of Vitor Belfort, hired by the Asian franchise in 2019.

It was even speculated recently that Belfort could fight Brandon Vera for the heavyweight belt at the ONE Championship: “Code of Honor”, ​​which will be held on May 29 in Manila, Philippines.
But, to the frustration of the Brazilian fans, Vera's opponent will be Arjan Bhullar.

The long-awaited fight for the flyweight title between Adriano Moraes and Demetrious Johnson, which was originally scheduled for Chongqin on March 28, was relocated from China and will be included in another 'card'. It remains to be seen which one.
It is speculated that this fight may take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, but we cannot confirm it yet.

ONE Championship 2020 Agenda (Main Events)

ONE: “Warrior's Code”, Bangkok, Friday, January 10th
ONE: “Fire & Fury”, Manila, Friday, January 31
ONE: “A New Tomorrow”, Jakarta, Friday, February 7
ONE: “King of the Jungle”, Singapore, Friday, February 28
ONE: “Heart of Heroes”, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Friday, March 20
ONE: “Kings & Queens”, Kuala Lumpur, Friday, April 17
ONE: “Code of Honor”, ​​Manila, Philippines, May 29
ONE: “Battle for the Ages”, Jakarta, Friday, June 5
ONE: “Fists of Fury”, Singapore, Friday, June 5
ONE: “Warriors Legends”, Shanghai, Friday, June 20
ONE: “No Surrender”, Bangkok, Friday, July 10
ONE: “A New Breed”, Manila, Friday, August 14
ONE: “Power and Passion”, Jakarta, Friday, September 11
ONE: “Dreams of Destiny”, Kuala Lumpur, Friday, September 18
ONE: “Legends Will Rise”, Bangkok, Friday, October 9
ONE: “Next Generation”, Singapore, Friday, November 20
ONE: “Winds of Change”, Jakarta, Friday, December 4
ONE: “Golden Circle”, Manila, Friday, December 11
ONE: “Eye of the Storm”, Kuala Lumpur, Friday, December 18

[*] Dates subject to change.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 12 / 02 / 2020
Photo : Hired in 2019, Vitor Belfort has not yet had his debut date confirmed by the ONE Championship or even a defined opponent. ( Credits | Courtesy : Reproduction | Instagram ).

Northeast K-1 and Boxing Circuit returns to Mauriti - CE in November 2020

Since the beginning of its activities on June 20, 2014, the Northeast K-1 and Boxing Circuit has hosted editions in Recife and other cities in the interior of the state of Pernambuco such as Ipojuca, Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Cabo, in addition to other stages in places like Maceió-AL and João Pessoa-PB.

Now, the “biggest 'striking' event in the Northeast” returns to the city of Mauriti, in the interior of the state of Ceará.

Located around neighboring municipalities in the states of Ceará, Paraíba and Pernambuco, the city had already received a previous stage of the competition on July 8, 2017 and another on November 16, 2019.

This year's edition is initially scheduled for November 14th, practically “one year after the last show in the city”.

The president of the Northeast K-1 and Boxing Circuit, Grand Master Eduardo Moraes, is very excited and promises high level fights, since fighters from cities close to the Cariri region (Juazeiro do Norte, Crato and Barbalha) have always shown interest participating in the event, as well as athletes from neighboring states.

The matches will be played under the rules of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing and the fights will be confirmed by CIAM - International Martial Arts Council, WPKB - World Professional Kickboxing and IBFed - Intercontinental Boxing Federation.

Plans for the next event start with a dispute for the Brazilian K-1 title with Juazeiro do Norte-CE athlete, Anderson Silva, (from Bibiano Team), who won the North-Northeast champion belt at the event of the year previous, in addition to some other matches that will be married in the rules of Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Some of the winners of the 21st edition of Circuito Nordestino de K-1 e Boxe em Mauriti-CE, such as Jeibson (PB) and Vandeilson (CE), have not yet confirmed their presence on the card.

The organizers are also negotiating with Raphael Dom Garcia, World Boxing Champion by the World Boxing Union (WBU), to have him fight the 'noble art' rules.

It's worth remembering that Roy Jones Jr. - who won world titles in four weight divisions - was also champion for the WBU and left the title vacant.

Raphael Dom Garcia is from Rio de Janeiro and has been a Brazilian champion for the National Boxing Association (ANB) and Latin American for the World Boxing League (WBL).

Despite some difficulties around the last editions, promoters of the Northeastern Circuit of K-1 and Boxing are working and struggling to improve their product. Anyone who has ever fought, whether in boxing or any other martial arts discipline knows that failure or disappointment cannot make them give up trying and trying until they succeed.

This lesson is now apparently being applied by the promoters of the Northeast K-1 and Boxing Circuit. We hope to report with the coverage of the November 14 show in Mauriti-CE, reflecting these efforts.

Athletes interested in fighting or who wish to obtain more information about the next stages, please contact the president of the Northeast K-1 and Boxing Circuit, Grand Master Eduardo Moraes, at: (88) 9 9468 4226.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 09 / 02 / 2020
Photo: The “largest 'exchange' event in the Northeast” returns to the city of Mauriti, in the interior of the state of Ceará. ( Credits | Courtesy : Event Press Officer | Eliane Barreto ).

ONE results: “Warrior's Code” that featured MMA and Muay Thai fights in Indonesia

ONE's latest show, dubbed ONE: “Warrior's Code” was held on February 7, 2020 (Friday, local time) at Istora Senayan, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The tournament was a great success.

In a valid fight for the female atom weight division (52,2 kg in ONE), 20-year-old Japanese athlete Itsuki Hirata (6-0) maintained her invincibility in MMA. The judoka had already beaten Angelie Sabanal with an American brace in the first round in June 2019 and then submitted Rika Ishige with an arm-lock in the second round of her fight in the October tournament.

Her initial opponent, Bi Nguyen (USA), withdrew from the fight due to an injury and was replaced by Nyrene Crowley (3-3).

Crowley made his MMA professional debut in February 2017 at Glory of Heroes. Afterwards, she signed with ONE where she accumulated 2 wins and 2 losses. If she won the fight, the New Zealand athlete would be cast for the main card in an upcoming edition of ONE.

Crowley, who is experienced with standing skills, and is orthodox, started the duel with the "striking" and trying to keep the fight, because he knew that his opponent had a preference for the fight "hand to hand".

But after the first two rounds, Hirata was able to use her Judo to take down Crowley, controlling her and looking for several submissions.

In the third round, Hirata opted to give up on finishing attempts and with just two minutes left he won with a technical knockout.

Hirata improved his 'record' to 7-0-0 (between professional and amateur MMA fights) and won his first technical knockout victory over a career in which he had been 100% successful with submissions.

In the 'co-main event', the Dutch middleweight title contender, Reinier de Ridder (12-0), won the victory over Brazilian Leandro Ataides (11-4) and was accredited to the dispute for the division's belt, currently under the power of Aung La N Sang.

Brazilian Ataides came from three consecutive wins at ONE, over Mohammed Ali, Michael Pastanak and Vitaly Bigdash, respectively.
Ridder, an athlete from Judo, came from victories over Ron Juan and Gilbert Gaubaon.

Reinier de Ridder took the fight with the Brazilian 3-0 in the judges' decision after 3 rounds and increased his' record 'to 12 consecutive victories.

The 'main event', on the other hand, featured a fight between P. Sangprapai and Pongsiri PK, who competed for the inaugural world title of ONE Muay Thai in the featherweight category.

The entire ONE: “Warrior's Code” fight card will be available for 'live' viewing and free in some territories using the application recently launched by the franchise, where you can also follow the upcoming events.

The entire ONE: “Warrior's Code” fight card will be available for 'live' viewing and free in some territories using the application recently launched by the franchise, where you can also follow the upcoming events.

The results of ONE: “Warrior's Code” include:

ONE: “Warrior's Code”
February 7rd, 2020
Istora Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia


Muay Thai: P. Sangprapai defeated Pongsiri PK via unanimous decision - for the featherweight title
MMA: Reinier De Ridder defeated Leandro Ataides via unanimous decision
MMA: Iuri Lapicus defeated Marat Gafurov via submission (rear naked choke). Round 1, 1:07
MMA: Eko Roni Saputra defeated Khon Sichan via submission (rear naked choke). Round 1, 3:45
MMA: Koyomi Matsushima defeated Kim Jae Woong by technical knockout. Round 3, 0:24


MMA: Itsuki Hirata defeated Nyrene Crowley by TKO. Round 3, 3:27
MMA: Sunoto Peringkat defeated Yang Fei via unanimous decision
MMA: Abro Fernandes defeated Eko Priandono by unanimous decision
Muay Thai: Taiki Naito defeated Michael Savvas by unanimous decision
Muay Thai: Josh Tonna defeated Andy Howson by knockout. Round 2, 2:39
MMA: Fajar defeated Egi Rozten by TKO. Round 1, 2:39

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 08 / 02 / 2020
Pictured above: The tournament held in Jakarta, Indonesia was a great success. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).

Below: Japanese judoka Itsuki Hirata maintained her unbeaten MMA record by passing the athlete from New Zealand. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).

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