'Nino Bala' will fight Saturday in the 5 edition of Super League Boxing

One of Northeast's most experienced fighters, Jeferson Santos -known in the region's ringtones and octagon as' Nino Bala'-is a fighter specializing in such modalities as MMA, Muay Tha, Kickboxing and Boxing.
'Nino Bala' had his MMA debut against Thiago "Pitbull" Alves (currently UFC athlete) in the year 2001, at an event promoted by Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza, in Fortaleza-CE. At the time the modality was still known as "Vale Tudo".

Born in the state of Pernambuco, Nino fought in several states in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, facing opponents of the likes of Renée 'Forte' (former UFC), João Paulo Rodrigues, Edilson "Moicano", Arymarcel Santos and Abrãao Amorin , among others.

'Nino Bala' has always been synonymous with exciting fights and has consolidated his career as an MMA competitor and has secured invitations to fight in franchises such as Champions Night Fight, Strike Brazil, Northeast Fight Vale Tudo, MMA Revolution and Limo Fight.
In all, 'Nino' ​​had 60 MMA fights, but not all of them made his Sherdog record.
(NE: Your 'fight finder' on the US site points to a 1-18 record and needs to be updated).

Always anxious to recycle his knowledge, 'Nino Bala' began practicing Muay Thai during his time in Fortaleza and had as teachers Danilo "Dragon", Jamil and Lobo.
Today he has graduated in Muay Thai and is a teacher of the sport, having his own team, NB Muay Thai in Recife-PE, where he currently resides.

Between some remarkable moments in his learning in the Thai martial art we can mention the learning in seminars with the masters Francisco Veras and Marcos Vinicius.
Already in his competitive career in the so-called "trocação" fights, we would like to highlight his participation in Fight Dragon, an event organized in the Military Circle of Recife by Danilo Zanolini, in order to select athletes and take them to fight in Japan.

As a contestant in K-1-style fights, 'Nino' ​​has a record composed of 2 fights of Muay Thai and 6 of Kickboxing.

However, as a big fan of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali (elected "The Sportsman of the Century" by the US Sports Illustrated magazine in 1999), 'Nino Bala' also specialized in Boxing and for this he relied on the teachings of the experienced technicians José Gomes, Cláudio Santana and Rubens Doria.

He already has a two-fight cartel in amateur boxing and a fight in professional boxing, but promises to compete more often in the so-called "noble art" events.

And your next appointment is already set.
It will be on 8 next September, in the 5 edition of the Super League of Boxing, which will be held in the area of ​​fights of the Olympic Training Center (CFO) in Fortaleza-CE.
The opponent of 'Nino' ​​will be the fighter known by the nickname of "woodcutter".

Other fights are also noteworthy in the schedule, such as the duel between veterans Franklin Max “Baú” and Jefferson 'Topeirinha' and the fights Jean Freire vs Erasmo “Bala” and Jorge Oliveira vs Fagner “Baiano”.
The card of the 5 edition of the Super League of Boxing will also feature Anistavio "Gasparzinho" Medeiros, a former The Ultimate Fighter Brazil who will fight with Carlos Frota.

The event is organized by Iramar Frota, with the seal of the National Boxing Council (CNB) and support of the Ceará Council of Amateur and Professional Boxing (CCB) and Sesporte.

* Text from the Contributor Oriosvaldo Costa | Written in 7 / 09 / 2018

Pictured above: Jeferson Santos, the 'Nino Bala', will do one of the most awaited fights next Saturday in Fortaleza-CE (Courtesy: Disclosure).

Below: 'Nino Bala' is synonymous with good fights and faces opponents in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA (Courtesy: Personal collection).

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Another 'prose finger' on Zuffa Boxing and the future of MMA

Brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta sold the UFC franchise in 2016 and made one of the biggest deals in the sport's history.

Fifteen years after buying the UFC for 'miserable' $ 2 million, the brothers hit the sale of the organization for $ 4 billion. That is, they sold the show for an 2000 value times greater than what they paid for it in 2001.

To the casualest observer, UFC remains the biggest MMA tournament in the world, it's now "mainstream" and money keeps rolling in ever-increasing numbers.

However, for the subject matter experts, the business (UFC) is far from what any of the outside buyers evaluated. This would have been the reason for the sale of the event.

In my humble opinion, it was a whole set of situations that forced the Fertitta brothers to sell the UFC. They could see athletes wanting more money, USADA trying to end the careers of some stars (Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Júnior dos Santos and Vitor Belfort, among others), many Pay-Per-View best sellers getting older and younger fighters without a promising future, in any division, and even the likely approval of the Ali Act, among other reasons.

I know the information about USADA is very bold, but their position is necessary for the emergence of a new generation of non-drug fighters and extreme weight-cutting.
This may take a few years, but I think the best days of the sport are yet to come.

It's also not a case of comparing it to the old days of territorial Pro Wrestling, when the original owner checks back on the old promotion cheaply.
Forget that possibility. Fank and Lorenzo are not going to reacquire the Ultimate.

The Fertitta brothers sold the remaining percentage they held in the UFC and bid farewell to the franchise's latest actions.

But, of course, Flash Entertainment - a state company from Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) -, also a UFC shareholder, still holds 10% of the company.
Currently the Fertitta brothers maintain Fertitta Capital, an investment company focused on technology, media and entertainment.
It's also hard to remember that they continue to own one of the largest hotel and casino networks in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As residents of the "wrestling capital of the world" they understand this 'business' (fighting) because they understand the city's culture and have always known that combat sports tend to be cyclical and that they do not have built-in fans of the "hometown" to along the road, so they sold their product - which had already had a good “investment” - at the right time, as they saw the possible decline of the empire.
We can not forget that these guys are businessmen.

The conglomerate WME-IMG Endeavor, current owners of the UFC, do not seem to understand the business very well and I suspect that Dana White (kept in the company by contractual force) may leave after this time to dedicate himself fully to his new venture, which he serves by name of Zuffa Boxing, even after shareholders said that MMA remains the big deal in the fight segment and that things are still great.

Dana wants to invest heavily in the boxing market with Zuffa Boxing.
A proof of this is their recent statement realizing that they do not intend to be part of the federations that govern the 'noble art' around the world, but rather to create their own league.
"We will not work with the WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO and WBO organizations," said the top scorer.

Zuffa Boxing might as well have its own champions and rankings, just like the UFC.
However, it is not very clear how this could be done, mainly because of the Ali Act (law of protection of fighters that already is valid for the federations of boxing).

According to Dana himself: “The interest is definitely there – all the fighters have contacted us, other promoters have contacted us and everyone is interested. The question is how do I make the expansion of this maximized right now with the UFC business.”

The top hat also tried to calm MMA fans: “I'm not leaving the UFC. I'm getting into boxing with Ari (Emanuel) and the UFC will also box,” said White in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.
Emanuel is the CEO of Endeavor (formerly WME-IMG), the parent company of UFC.

Although it may take some time for White and the UFC to upgrade in the boxing world, he also said during the interview that his boxing venture could still kick-start in 2018.

"If you look at everything we've done for MMA in the last 15 years, you'll see that we're not afraid to try new things. It was more difficult than saying that we are entering boxing. I feel like I can do better than everyone else. I love boxing, "White said.

Problems and doubts aside, this seems to be the ideal occasion for the resumption of the popularity of boxing, similar to the last decades of the last century.

How long has boxing been waiting for another Ali or Tyson? This seems like the opportune moment for the arrival of a new star of the modality and Dana White, cleverly, already realized this.

* Text from the Contributor Oriosvaldo Costa


Pictured above: Dana White happily alongside Conor McGregor during a May-Mac fight press conference (Photo: Courtesy Getty Images - Getty).

Below: The manager guarantees that he will continue working with the UFC, but demonstrates that his interests may be turning to boxing by creating Zuffa Boxing (Photo: Courtesy Josh Hedges / Zuffa LLC / Zuffa LLC via Getty Images ).

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Boxing with 'bare hands' is again legalized in the US

[Wyoming, USA] - Welcome to a new era of professional combat sports with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). The inaugural card of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) will feature 12 fights and will take place at the Cheyenne Ice & Events Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. The event will be held on June 2 (Saturday) and will be broadcast live on the pay-per-view system. This show will go down in professional combat sports history.

The reason is that this will be the first legal, regulated and sanctioned event in the United States since 1889. Now dubbed “BKFC: The Beginning”, the show will also air in the United States and Canada on pay-per-view through MultiVision Media, Inc., in the and on all major television distribution channels and streaming for $ 29,99 on 4K.

The event can be ordered at

The services available to fans who will accompany the pay-per-view attraction will feature former world boxing champion Antonio Tarver as a commentator.

Held under the auspices and control of the Wyoming Combative Sports Commission (or Wyoming Combative Sports Commission), led by President Bryan Pedersen, the “BKFC: The Beginning” card will feature only professional fighters who have competed in boxing, MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai.

The show's main attractions will be former UFC champion Ricco “soft” Rodriguez facing Lewis “The Beast” Rumsey of Pennsylvania in a five-round heavyweight bout, while Bobby Gunn, heavyweight world champion Bare Knuckle Boxing, will fight Brazilian Marcelo Tavares in a seven round fight.

The presence of UFC and Pride veteran Phil “The New York Badass” Baroni is still subject to confirmation and we were unable to confirm with the organizers whether Baroni would act as the 'Vip presence' at the event or if he would compete in a ' super fight'.

Women will also have a turn at the historic show, as Bec Rawlings and Alma Garcia will perform at the groundbreaking pay-per-view event.

A former UFC fighter, Rawlings recorded two victories in the Ultimate among her seven professional wins in MMA. The 29-year-old actress from Brisbane, Australia, will enter the ring seeking to bring the same aggressive style of her MMA fights into the barehanded boxing competition. She will face Garcia, a professional boxer from Denver, Colorado who already has seven career fights.

The action will continue with the BKFC tournament where Eric “The American Soldier” Prindle (Bellator veteran), a Prescott, AZ, will battle Sam Shewmaker of Missouri, Maurice “The Gorilla” Jackson, against Dale Sopi of Hawaii, and Arnold “Bomaye” Adams of Chicago, competing against DJ “Da Protege” Linderman. To complete the key we will have Lewis Rumsey versus Marvin Skipper. All of these fighters will be part of the fourth round of the eight-man heavyweight division knockout tournament.
It's worth remembering that the winners will fight in the December finals, whose heavyweight champion will take home a $50.000 prize.

But the BKFC's emotions will not stop there.
Additional boxing fights will be included in the evening and will bring names like veteran Reggie Barnett of Virginia to Travis Thompson of Pennsylvania in a five-round dispute. Texas native Johnny "Brutal" Bedford, against Nick "Garfield" Mamalis of Wyoming, in another five round fight, as well as the clash between Estevan "El Terrible" Payan of Phoenix and Omar "Gallo Fino" Avelar, of Washington.

Following the night of boxing bouts with the 'bare hands' will be sparked a couple of fights between San Diego's Joey Beltran, in confrontation with Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez, of California, and Desmond Johnson of Winnipeg, facing Austin Ward , of New Mexico.
Both valid for the 145 pounds category and also caught in five round duels.

To finish the card we will have the Canadian Brandon Cheverfield against the Brazilian Jorge Gonzales, in contention for the category up to 165 pounds.

Don't forget: “BKFC: The Beginning” will inaugurate a new area of ​​professional combat sports.

Tickets for the live event are now available exclusively at
 and cost between $ 50 and $ 200.

* Contributed by Senior GPG Writer, Oriosvaldo Costa, "Mr Kung Fu".


Pictured above: Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) will be the first sanctioned event in the country after a 129-year wait (Courtesy: BKFC Media).

Below: The poster to advertise the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). The event will go down in professional combat sports history (Courtesy: BKFC Media).

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What is the problem that MMA and Boxing face in Connecticut?

Some of the biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions take place within the Connecticut state border. However, the UFC, Bellator and Reality Fighting shows take place at Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun, inside the famous Indian reservations, that is, in the land of a sovereign tribal nation.

An Indian reservation is the legal designation for an area of ​​land administered by a federally recognized Indian tribe under the US Bureau of Indigenous Affairs instead of the US state governments in which they are physically located. The Indian reservation is a place where "the law of the 'white man' can do nothing."

The counter of the measure adopted by these promotions becomes noticeable, since the sport was legalized in the state in 2013. (The bill legalizing the modality had been presented by state Senator Jonathan Harris since 2009).

Fight advocates say the state's lack of events so far has been due to costs.

Jimmy Burchfield, chairman of the Rhode Island-based CES, said the current cost to do business in Connecticut can not be compared with that of other states.

Although he has previously offered MMA shows at Foxwoods Resort Casino (a complex of hotels and casinos owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation on his reservation located in Ledyard, Connecticut), he generally uses the Twin Rivers Casino in Rhode Island. CES also offered boxing events at the same Foxwoods. “I also had to cancel three MMA shows and two boxing events that I had scheduled for this year,” Burchfield said of his attempts to bring events out of Connecticut's Indian reservations. “The hurdle that keeps us from bringing boxing and MMA to Connecticut is very basic – the costs,” said Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing.

Larry Perosino, secretary of the Connecticut Boxing Commission, has confirmed that there is $ 13.000 in initial fees related to MMA events, associated with personnel expenses for weighing and the events themselves. For example, only combat inspectors cost about $ 1.700.

Detective Mark Langlais, of the Connecticut State Police's Special Licensing and Firearms Unit at the Connecticut State Police's Department of Public Safety, who is the boxing and MMA administrator for that US state, said the fees cover regulatory and operational costs. incurred by the department to regulate events.

Perosino and Burchfield have criticized the 10 percent admission tax for events, saying it is much higher than other states charge. “The percentage that Connecticut levies as a tax on tickets sold is at least double the tax of even the most important states,” said DeGuardia. It is the Connecticut State Department of Public Safety that currently regulates boxing and MMA. For the past 10 years these sports have been regulated by the Consumer Protection Department.

It is well known that the coming of a great MMA show to a city is a good strategy to warm up the local economy.

I hope for the good of all parties involved - government officials, promotions, fans and local fighters - that the state will continue to refine its regulations until it works.

* Text from the Contributor Oriosvaldo Costa


Photo above : After having fought under MMA rules in Uncasville, Connecticut, Heather Hardy and Ana Julaton are set to face off in a boxing clash, which will be promoted by DiBella Entertainment and Orion Sport Entertainment ( Photo : Courtesy of John McCreary - Double G Average) ).

Below: Connecticut was the 49th of 50 US states to regulate MMA. New York (in red) was the last to legalize the sport in the US (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / Dana White ).

united states map

Sandro Vieira announces schedule for season 2018

2018 starts with everything for Sandro Vieira da Silva, an athlete who competes in MMA, Boxing and K-1.

Sandro Vieira is an official of MMA and has a record of 15 wins and 12 defeats recorded in the Sherdog, but he assures us that there are many more fights in this mode.

His curriculum at Muay Thai and Kickboxing is not far behind either. Already 98 'kick-in' fights counting Muay Thai and Kickboxing in events such as Challenge Brazil vs France, UIAMA World Championship, Pan American Championship of Thai Kick, South American Championship, Sao Paulo Cup, Combat Fight Muay Thai and Thai Giants, among others .

Currently residing in the city of São José dos Campos-SP, where he trains at his T-Rex Team Fight academy, Sandro Vieira was considered one of the most dangerous strikers in Brazil by the specialized media of Europe and Asia, since he had a excellent passage as a competitor for these continents in 2016.

In 2017, Sandro fought most of the events in Brazil and focused more on his team and athletes, standing out as coach of the year by CIAM - International Martial Arts Council.

Last season, he also booked athletes for Sandro, who was considered the 4 best Brazilian fighter in his weight category by the established organization M-1 Global (from Russia), 1 in the ranking of ULLAMP (Latin American Union of Professional Martial Arts Fighters) / WSOF Global.

Now that we have started 2018, Sandro has already released the news for this season and are not restricted to the world of fights.

This is because the São Paulo actor will also attack and record participation in a film by the great director Luma Perucci (already confirmed), and possibly, also can record a participation in a series in Globo (already is hitting the details for its participation), which is part of the Globo Group - the largest media and communication conglomerate in Brazil and Latin America.

He tells us excitedly: "about the film, I will make an interesting participation, it will be a beautiful film and I thank the invitation of the great director Luma Perucci.

As for the series, we're still in the talks phase, who knows, but I'll have to stay focused on the fights. I'm sure I'll manage my time very well. "

But it is the fighter's blood that 'runs in his veins' and Sandro has signed a contract with one of the companies of an Arab Sheik, which guarantees him participation in fights held in places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, and China.

The contract will also allow you to promote a course that will be taught within the Burj Al-Arab, a 7 star hotel in Dubai and whose source is to host princes, sheikes and millionaires from around the world.

The athlete tells us that he has also signed another contract for already confirmed fights for Russia, Spain, Las Vegas (USA) and also Mexico.

The fighter also studies some proposals to live, train and give courses outside the country.

"About the proposals to live and work out there with teams from these other countries, yes, I have some service offers, who knows, I'm studying everything, but first I'm going to do my work here at T-Rex and fight, analyze these offers more closely. Let's see what happens in the future, more are good things and I'm glad my work is being recognized by the outside world. I'm happy because I'm going to have a lot of work this year. " Finish the rind.

Source / Credit: Employee Oriosvaldo Costa.

Can Zuffa Boxing change the face of boxing and MMA around the world?

Sometimes there are MMA fans and boxing who do not understand that you can be a fan of both sports. Yes, both modes of fights are fine. People are very dramatic.

Contrary to what many people believe, (including boxing promoters), MMA did not come to take the place of boxing; Quite the contrary, he came to add to the boxing crowd, conquering new hearts and minds around the world.

Recently wrestler Jose Aldo has stated to the press his desire to "end his contract with the UFC as soon as possible" and probably will be able to dedicate himself to boxing. Aldo's motivation for MMA is no longer the same, according to André Pederneiras, coach of the athlete and leader of the Nova União team.

At the same time, Dana White, the (still) UFC president, announced the creation of his new venture, Zuffa Boxing, and reaffirmed his interest in venturing into the promotion of "art nouveau" fights (as pugilism is also known) , even though it is still under the WME-IMG Endeavor conglomerate (the new owners of Ultimate).

White also promises to continue to take care of his business as a UFC agent, still the largest MMA event on the planet.

Although the two facts mentioned above have no connection to each other (at least apparently), these may be indicative of some paradigm shifts behind the scenes of the US fights market, and this, as happens most of the time, may reflect on changes in the promotion of boxing and MMA events in some parts of the world.

After paying $ 4 billion to buy the UFC, WME-IMG Endeavor plans to recover much of that money invested in the franchise acquisition and they are looking to set up 'cards' that create new stars and are also focusing on younger, will also be able to use MMA talents already established in the UFC, such as Jose Aldo and Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino, who has also expressed an interest in dedicating himself to professional boxing, along with his career in MMA.

Other MMA big names also interested in the modality are the brothers Nate and Nick Diaz, who use the idea of ​​boxing to negotiate better handbags.

But with the bad reputation the UFC has been having to undervalue its athletes, we do not know if that idea will avenge. In this scenario, the WME-IMG Endeavor would be tempted to pay and invest more on the boxing side.

“I'm getting into boxing with Ari (Emanuel, leader of WME-IMG Endeavor) and the UFC will be boxing too. It's still early, but we're already working on it." - declared White, according to the newspaper "Los Angeles Times".

He added that he has already started the process of applying for a license to promote boxing matches, and although he admits he still has much to learn, he has squandered his usual confidence in his future in the new industry.

At first glance it's all very beautiful, but Zuffa Boxing could face a "flurry" of problems before finally settling into the new market.

The first of these problems is the effort of Congressman Markwayne Mullin to expand the Muhammad Ali Act and include MMA under the same legislation.

That would be amplified if UFC toppers really invested in promoting boxing matches because their fighters and money would be used in both sports.

The ongoing antitrust lawsuit will bring new ammunition, as the UFC will also be influencing boxing, the sister sport of MMA.

On the other hand, the fights would have great visibility, since Zuffa Boxing's shows would be included in the UFC Fight Pass, an online broadcasting platform that hosts Ultimate shows and other franchises around the world, such as Invicta Fighting Championships, Cage Warriors Fighting Championship , Pancrase (for the MMA side), Eddie Bravo Invitational and Glory Kickboxing (in the different areas of combat sports), among others.

But since boxing offers so many free offers on TV we believe fans will not shell out their hard-earned cash with a monthly subscription fee to watch the new boxing talents, even if that mode has experienced a new but small growth recently.

It's no exaggeration to say that boxing packages could have some of the worst sales within the UFC Fight Pass schedule. The exceptions, of course, will be one or another struggle with any great name of the 'art nouveau'.

Still, Zuffa Boxing could live in a hybrid environment. We've already seen the Bellator MMA example by integrating its newly created kickboxing business with some financial success through its Dynamite series. However, the 'cage' that is being positioned next to the traditional string of ropes has caused some difficulties for the live audience experience. In addition, the decision to have two ongoing actions simultaneously removed the possibility of using fights in any sport to draw the attention of fans to each other. It is unlikely that the UFC, which has historically been very much aware of its television broadcast and its live audience, follows this path.

Of course, there is the option of using the same combat surface for boxing and MMA. After all, MMA's early days featured a lot of action in a rope ring, and Japanese promotions like the Rizin Fighting Federation haven't embraced the "octagon" yet.

State athletic commission rules (in the US) prevent boxing matches from taking place anywhere outside of a ring. This rules out something similar to some Muay Thai fights, which take place inside an MMA cage, in a few countries around the world.

In addition to the rules changes, the only other option would be to have UFC fights inside a ring. While this is something allowed by most state athletic commissions, it would require a cultural departure from the well-established practice of the UFC and the use of the "octagon." When the Ultimate Fighting Championship made its return to Japan for UFC 144, White insisted that nothing would be different, choosing not to capitalize on the defunct Pride FC and nostalgia like wearing a ring and instead chose to showcase the standard product.

Will Dana make use of rival Bellator's format (when promoting Dynamite / Bellator Kickboxing) or will it keep promoting their shows to different standards and dates?

We look forward to hearing about the format used by the shows promoted by White from now on.

Nor can we forget that Dana began her journey in the Boston-area fights world, where she directed a boxing program while hiring fighters, but her big dream has always been to be a boxing promoter.

He has already announced that he plans to meet some of the world's most influential boxing personalities early in 2018 - or nearly all.

He is unlikely to attempt any deal with Golden Boy Promotions, Bob Arum (Top Rank), or even Stephen Espinoza (Showtime) with whom he does not seem to have a good relationship, but will be able to maintain partnerships on some level with Al Haymon (Premier Boxing Champions) and Leonard Ellerbe (Mayweather Promotions).

This opinion is shared by boxing commentators. For them, Dana White can only consolidate in boxing if they partner with the PBC or some of the English promoters. No way, Golden Boy or Top Rank would work with the hat. And White also wants to bring the UFC model to The Sweet Science.

White's other plan for boxing, at least at the moment, is to hire champion Anthony Joshua for a fight with Wladimir Klitschko and that would be valid for the heavyweight title in the month of April.

However, a contract with Joshua could make the WME-IMG Endeavor take a substantial risk and increase its already monumental debt.

By the way, rival promoter Bob Arum (Top Rank) believes that there are other reasons for Dana to enter this new venture.

"It's a recognition of boxing's strength. He has the UFC that is sinking, and he needs boxing to survive."

"But if Dana White really starts promoting boxing, it will be fantastic," adds Arum. "Because it would prove that even though it's an old sport, boxing has a huge reach among the young audience."

These are the news so far and all this is a result of the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. held at 26 last August and it proved to be a huge financial success and excellent sales in the Pay-Per-View system. The fight in question was White's first involvement in a major boxing promotion.

But some media outlets in the United States already fear that Zuffa Boxing could do much more harm than good to the sport.

Does not the WME-IMG Endeavor ("UFC") "golden egg chicken" generate more money? On the floor of the carriage, it seems not.

In addition to all these factors, these same media outlets already suggest that the UFC may be sold again if WME-IMG Endeavor fails to pay off its debts.

All we can do is think positively and wait. Time will tell us how far it will take us.

Source / Credits: Contributor: Oriosvaldo Costa

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