Aruko Mundo da Bola - South Africa

By: Marcia Assay.

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Representing Japan, Aruko Mundo da Bola FC makes its debut in the Football World Cup 5 (F5WC) held in Cape Town, South Africa, this Saturday (30/11). Those called up by coach Cristiano Yamanaka were: Caio (GK), Diego, Kazuki, Tomoya, Joás, Ruan and Bruno. The team will be led by coach Giovanni. Japan is part of Group F alongside Mexico, Ghana and Canada. At the Arena Fives Century City set up for the event, the Japanese-Brazilians face Ghana at noon, Canada at 15:30 pm and Mexico at 19:XNUMX pm, local time.


Check out all F5WC 2019 groups below:

Group A: Egypt, Portugal, Argentina and Israel.

Group B: Guatemala, Mauritius, Uruguay and France.

Group C: Pakistan, Ecuador, United States and Morocco.

Group D: Bostwana, Oman, South Africa and Senegal.

Group E: China, Italy, Colombia and India.

Group F: Mexico, Japan, Ghana and Canada.


Considered the world's largest amateur soccer competition, the Football Fives World Championship (F5WC) brings together teams from 24 countries. Each one of them got their place in national qualifiers. To have the right to represent Japan, Aruko Mundo da Bola FC qualified in the Aichi tryouts in a partnership with the Japanese team Botitarosu advancing to the national phase, which won the championship in July this year in Kanagawa.

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1 - Name: Tomoya Murase.

2 - Age: 32 years.

3 - Shirt: 15.

4 - Placement: FW, MF.

5 - I've been in MDB for 2 years. I met Cris through the field and talked to him. I really liked his idea, plans and organization. I strived to help the group.

6 - I'm Japanese, but my head and heart are from Brazil. I love Brazil and its people. I think I was born in the wrong place. My football history is great. But it will increase even more. I like to laugh and I am very positive, I am happy.

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1 - Name: Bruno Melo.

2 - Age: 24 years.

3 - Shirt: 10.

4 - Placement: FW.

5 - I've been at MDB for over 2 years, I caught Cris' contact with an acquaintance, I lived in another region of Shizuoka, knowing the project, I moved to Aichi with his help.

6 - I'm calm, I like the review and I love football.

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1 - Name: Joás Pinto.

2 - Age: 21 years.

3 - Shirt: 21.

4 - Placement: FW.

5 - I joined the MDB 6 months ago, my wife who got in touch with Cris, I took the test and I'm still here today. The team is well organized and with amazing people. In a short time here, I made great friends.

7 - I am a person who likes the review and I really like FUT7.

Aruko Ball World

By: Marcia Assay.

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The sport changing lives

'Aruko mundo da bola' Football Club is a sports project founded in Brazil in 2016, with the main purpose of encouraging social inclusion through classes, group interaction, promoting leisure, team organization, discipline, and encouraging practice sports of any age group.

Currently established in the province of Aichi, where several events are held to promote sports among Brazilians, Japanese and foreigners in general. With the purpose of presenting our work proposal to bring sport to younger people, guiding the need for physical activities, the importance of exercising and thus improving the quality of life, promoting greater group interaction and taking children and young people away for a moment of the electronic world.

We currently have amateur teams in field soccer and futsal, and on the way to the pro with the FUT 7 team where we led the Japanese league in the year of 2019.

Championships are held annually between amateur teams and events promoting the meeting of experiences and exchange of experiences, uniting the Japanese and foreign community of Japan.

Our Mission

Encourage the inclusion of young people at risk or sedentary in the use of sports activities as an extracurricular complement, offering leisure physical activities.



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Cris Yamanaka, founder of the Aruko World of Ball team.

Cris Yamanaka



Forwarding our youth to the future.

The process of approaching young people involved with drugs, mainly foreigners in Japan, has been a matter of concern for many people. The search for solutions and interventions has allowed educators to intervene early in the street addiction processes of children and adolescents.

Social vulnerability affects adolescents in various ways, leading to the use of illicit and licit drugs, promiscuity, theft, lack of professional qualification, low education and discrimination. Such factors are due to the absence of activities that provide alternatives to fill the idle time of these young people.

Our proposal is to offer soccer practice as a disciplinary and educational complement. The impact caused by this project initially involved 100 children and young people with access to sports, leisure, education, health and group living.

For 3 years the MDBFC has been changing and making dreams come true in the lives of many people, in 2019 we started activities in the Japanese FUT7 league and we are already leaders of the championship in the Tokai region, and this is just the beginning, we will take the our project for the WORLD.

Is that you? Are you with us in this?


So that we can continue with our project, each day we improve and expand our facilities, to better accommodate and create new units throughout Japan, we have the support of companies that think about the future of our children and young people. We currently have training centers in the cities of Kariya and Chiryu both in Aichi-Ken province.

All the money raised through sponsorship and partnerships will be used in the realization and development of the football club 'Aruko mundo da bola'. So helping with uniforms, sporting materials, events, championships, clinics, excursions, sports competitions, sports fairs and also in the dissemination of our project so that together we can have a greater reach and social impact.

Come join our team.

Install the BYGS APP to check the locations, photo gallery and general information of the 'Aruko world of the ball'.

On the 23rd and 24th, Aruko Mundo da Bola went to Fukuoka to dispute the title, and they were in fourth place.

And today Wednesday the football team Aruko world of the ball, is traveling to South Africa, in search of the F5WC title.

Our team wishes, good luck for the achievement of this desired title.


1 - Name: Thales Nishikawa.

2 - Age: 27 years.

3 - Shirt: 17.

4 - Placement: DF.

5 - I joined the MDB 1 year ago, initially to compete in futsal tournaments, and I enjoyed the group a lot, with a good friendship with everyone. And today I'm in almost every tournament that MDB plays.

6 - I am a very "playful" person and I like futsal a lot.

1- Name: Pavetti Mario.

2 - Age: 35 years.

3 - Shirt: 5.

4 - Placement: MF.

5 - Join the team because of the passion I have for football "for a few years invited by Cris", because I believe that through sport we can build a way of life, we can even say that football is very similar to life. And influencing the person to have a good character and teach positive attitudes, which in turn we pass to people in our social environment.

6 - I am a person of Faith, and through the values ​​and principles that I believe and defend, I try to put in my life, and in the choices that God puts me, in my way. I like to compete, and be prepared to overcome the challenges of each competence, I believe that dreams must be conquered.


1- Name: Daniel Katayama.

2 - Age: 41.

3 - Shirt:: 22.

4 - Placement: GK.

5 - Reason for joining the team.


A: I was invited by Cris, he talked to me and said he wanted to play the futsal and soccer championships and would like to count on me, that was in the first formation of the main team, I accepted it as a new challenge and then came the other projects like FUT7 and continue to this day.

6 - Talk a little about yourself.


A: I am a sportsman, I play soccer and futsal, I like the challenges that the sport provides, and overcoming them will always be my motivation, I have faith in God and this faith makes me move on!


1- Name: Ademilton Oliveira (Negão).

2 - Age: 31 years.

3 - Shirt: 3.

4 - Placement: DF.

5 - I joined the MDB 1 year and two months ago, through a friend, who introduced me to the MDB team. I really liked the organization of the team and the group. Here I had the opportunity to meet several people of different nationalities and make great friends.

6 - I'm a very quiet person and I don't talk a lot.

1 - Name: Robson Gomes Dias.

2 - Placement: GK Goalkeeper 1.

3 - Age: 42.

4 - Reason: I'm 1 year and 2 months in the MDB. When Cris invited me, he said he had a project to win FUT7, and make the team become a company, and here in Japan there are few people who have the mentality to make the group as he set up "with various nationalities", AND when I heard the project I was very excited, because it would be a new challenge! I am a person who likes sport.

5 - I have a strong personality, I like challenges and making friends.


1 - Name: Yasuda Pablo.

2 - Age: 43 years.

3 - Shirt: 14.

4 - Placement: MF.

5 - I met Cris 3 or 4 years ago, he told me he had the sleep of doing a little school in Aichi Ken, with different ages, coordinating the group and playing the big leagues in Japan. And exchanging players between Japan - Brazil and other countries. At the time one of my children was 4 years old and I put him in training, even if my son does not become a professional football player, I had as a goal my son's personal development, learning from an early age the most essential values ​​of life and sport that is "football". Soon after, I also started training with the adult team.

6 - I think I'm a simple person, with virtues and defects like everyone else, I always liked to listen to people and learn from each one of them.


Igor a promise for football in Japan

By: morning | Angelica Hayassaka - Mokuhyou Shinbun ®

IMG 1532 c1b94

Today we will tell a story of a champion on the football field and in life with 13 years old Igor Yan da Silva Brazilian born in Itu - SP, with his great effort and dedication has been highlighted in the soccer fields of Japan, his parents Michelle Cristina da Silva Ribeiro and André Kiochi Ribeiro are the great supporters and give us their files and their history.

Igor arrived in Japan with his family in March of 2012 at the time with 7 years old, surprised everyone by the rapid adaptation with the language because until then never had contact with the Japanese culture.

He was enrolled in AYANO (Ayano Elementary School) in Shiga Prefecture in the city of Koka, in the early months of school he joined the school's football team, a passion that comes from Brazil when he played on the street of the grandparents in Itu -SP, where he was born and spent the first years of his childhood at that time played in the school of Vasco da Gama.

In Japan, playing for the school team, his performance was visible because his speed, dribbling and goals began to draw attention, which stood out above the average of other children.
(below are some images from the time I played on the school team).

IMG 1553 ca91a

With 12 years old, began playing in the basic categories of Kyoto Purple Sanga, at the time also aroused the interest of a large company that takes care of athletes' careers.
Today this company directs and administers along with the parents the steps of him in this trajectory.
(below some images from the time he played in Kyoto Sanga).

With 13 years of age began playing for Mio Biwako Shiga, team in which he acts until today and is one of the highlights of the club in the category.
(Below some images acting by the current club).

Below Igor with the Brazilian father and businessmen who care for his career.

Nowadays Igor reconciles the routine of studies and training! The schedule of the club is very tight, so the day to day is pulled, however this is something he does with love because his dream is to become a professional athlete
Parents support him a lot because without that encouragement, none of this would be possible, besides of course the talent that God gave him and the daily dedication giving up many things!

Although a daily routine between studies and training and games is very rigorous and for the time that needs to be dedicated to both,
Igor reconciles the routine of studies and training because the calendar of the club is very tight.

IMG 1552 7635c

Igor has been struggling despite his young age with an awareness of the importance of his professional future, but this is something he does with love, because he has a great dream of becoming a player in the Japanese J-League and defending the professional Japanese team in the future. since it has all the requirements for such an achievement.

The parents of Igor Michele and André realized the talent of the child and state how it is possible for a foreign child to have an opportunity to develop their talent in the sport.

"Speaking specifically of soccer, if the parents realize that the child has talent for the sport the first step is to enroll in a Japanese school, every school has a team that is registered in the JFA from then on and that they begin to play and arise the opportunities, studying in Japanese school will learn the Japanese language will be possible to communicate with trainers and the child will grow in the environment and to form an athlete and important to start from elementary school beginning to play by the school team and with that development and will opportunities to encourage parents and the dedication to take the kids training to the games on the weekends, to give up the time to take and to accompany during all the time the child is dependent, Igor now can already go by train alone but the four years between eight and twelve years, during the week the mother accompanied in the training that was far from his house and at the end of the week the father took to the games last parents had to be present to accompany the entire development phase. "

Igor is an athlete who comes over the years dedicating himself to the sport and stresses the importance of all his effort when declaring for other young people just like him:

"The key is to do what you like and run behind to realize your dreams, that's the main reason to have strength and overcome difficulties."


From the entire team Mokuhyou Shinbun and Connection Japan, we thank the family and the Igor Country who shared this incredible and exciting story of their lives. Thank you very much.

"If you want to tell us your story too, get in touch."

Source: morning | Angelica Hayassaka - Mokuhyou Shinbun ®

Society Wactiva MDB CUP

By: Photographer - Mario Hirano.

On Sunday, January 31, 2021, the second Wativa MDB cup took place - sub-15. In the city of Anjo in the state of Aichi, the game started from 09:00 in the morning until 16:30 in the afternoon. There were 20 consecutive games of 12 minutes of time, and a 2 minute break.
At the end of the tournament, the Mundo da Bola team won 1 x 0 against the Maravilla team, the MDB was the champion of the tournament and the runner-up was the team - Maravilla.

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Words from Cristiano do Mundo da Bola.

February 1.

第2回ソサイチU15 Wactiva MDB カップ.




January 31st.

Second Sub15 Society Cup.

We had the presence of 8 teams in the event.

It was a great event with good games and a lot of talent involved.

Many thanks to all teams and everyone involved.

And with the presence of the best dogão in Japan, thank you.

The next one will be on March 28th.

Contact us and write your team.

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Photo gallery




Marvel FC- リクマ選手

Charm FC-

Midori FC - B-ニシヤママサナル選手

Midori FC - A-ヒビキ選手

Dream - B-マツヌライム選手

Dream - A-ハルヤ選手

MDB - B - シンゴ選手

MDB - ルアン選手


MVP -ムンドダボラ、ジョン選手

ベスト選手- Marvel FC- リクマ選手

ベストキーパー- ムンドダボラ-マテウス選手

ベストディフェンス-Midori FC -コンドユマ選手



DSC 0267 2 2 2 2dcec

Awards from each team and the event.

The award was delivered by our partner Miura Yūto, thank you very much for the partnership.

each team

Marvel FC - Rikuma

FC Charm - Harada Riku

Midori FC-B - Nishima Masaharu

Midori FC-A - Hibiki

Dream- A - Nishiyama Masaharu

Dream-B - Matsunuraimu

MDB-B - Shingo

MDB - Luan

MVP - Mundo da Bola - João

Featured - Wonder - Rikuma

Goalkeeper- Mundo da Bola- Matheus

Best defender- Midori- Kondo Yuma

Most beautiful collar- Mundo da Bola- Vitória

Congratulations to all of you.

Foreign Olympic Teams Arrive in Japan

About 400 Olympic team members from 18 countries and territories are expected to arrive in Japan from 1st to 4th July.

Many foreign Olympic teams are arriving in Japan before the start of the Tokyo Games on July 23rd.

Japan's government has said that around 400 Olympic team members from 18 countries and territories are expected to arrive in the country from July 1st to 4th.

They will head to their pre-Games camp sites across the country after landing at Narita (Chiba), Haneda (Tokyo) or Chubu (Aichi) Airports.

On Thursday, 20 members of the US boxing team arrived in Narita. They used special lines for entry procedures without contacting other airport users, in an effort to prevent coronavirus infections.

A British sailing team has arrived in Haneda, and is expected to stay in their host city of Hayama (Kanagawa).

Japanese authorities are urged to contain virus infections using various measures, including border controls, amid the arrival of many foreign teams.

Source: NHK

Belgian press echoes Euro defeat: "Golden generation won't win title this year and maybe never"

Belgium's press did not forgive Italy's 2-1 elimination last Friday, in the quarter-finals of the 2020 Euro Cup. This Saturday's newspapers highlighted the "bitter taste" of the defeat of this generation that has promised great achievements for some time. , but has not yet succeeded.

"La Denière Heure/Les Sports" headlined: "The golden generation won't win a title this year. And it might never win. This new failure will be hard to digest."

"This Italy is going to get stronger and stronger. And other teams too. The fear of being left behind definitely exists," adds the newspaper.

Belgium 4a3c8

Kevin De Bruyne and Belgium players welcome support after defeat to Italy — Photo: Reuters

The newspaper "Sudpresse" recalled the eliminations of Belgium's most recent competitions: "There was the Mané Garrincha Stadium in Brasília in 2014 (when Belgium was eliminated from the World Cup by Argentina after losing 1-0), then the Pierre Mauroy stadium in 2016 (defeat 3-1 for Wales in Euro-2016). From now on, Arena Allianz will be among the cemeteries that buried the dreams of the Devils."

For "De Standaard": "After a real roller coaster of emotions, in which hopelessness and hope alternated, the 'Red Devils' couldn't (once again) live up to it. What's left after Munich is, therefore a bitter taste".

"On paper, this golden generation deserves more than a quarter-final elimination. But in practice, it's been very difficult to get that deserved award," the paper continues.


Wonder Woman Athlete in Japan

Cosplay Athlete Eliete Malta Wonder Woman 7d015

Eliete Malta Ikeda (47), professional street racing athlete, in middle and deep races (5km to 21km), with a career that gathers almost 400 podiums in Brazil, and that can now continue also in Japan.

Let's learn a little more about the history of this athlete

Tell us a little about this relationship with the sport and how it helps you?

A: I love sports, I love street racing, running relieves me of everyday stress, gives me a feeling of freedom, it also makes me forget about problems. It is also important to mention the health benefits that sport provides.

And competitions help me to have focus, commitment, determination and a sense of achievement, not only in athletics, but also in my life.

DSC 0238. scaled 230dd

Many people in your place could give up and leave the sport aside, but with you it was the other way around. What motivates you?

A: When the problem arises, we have to solve it and not just accept it and that's it. When I have a difficulty, it seems that the will and the challenge of being able to overcome it gets even greater.

What makes me happy and motivates me are the messages I receive from people, saying that I am an inspiration for them, both in the race and in my struggle for life.

There are so many affections, that motivate me more and more to run.

How did you get started in athletics?

A: I have always practiced various sports since school, and I have always excelled in the modalities I practiced, except that I identified myself by Corrida de Rua.

My passion for running came when I studied at an elementary school in Barão Geraldo (District of the City of Campinas, interior of São Paulo) and this year I studied, the school partnered with Unicamp College, which consisted of taking students to practice swimming in the university pools.

14918804 1279750175389533 6277872397661028279 o ebc7e

The teacher put all the students to warm up on the athletics track that was next to the pools, and then I started running on the track, then I gradually increased the distance, jumping from block to block and going to a little forest that is on university entrance.

That's how I started running. At the time I was about 12 years old and I started to realize that it brought me several benefits, but I ran to take care of my body and health, nothing more.

What motivated you to be an athlete?

In mid-2002, she lived in the city of Sumaré, a neighboring city of Campinas in the interior of São Paulo, and was a member of CRS-Clube Recreativo Sumaré. One day the club manager saw me running through the streets and invited me to be part of the group of club runners, who often went to competition in several cities, but were a group of amateur athletes.

Race Integration scaled 78ca9

I came right away, and I went to participate in my first competition: the Integration Race in Campinas, one of the largest in the State, right after that it was the São Silvestre Race in SP-2002 Edition, but it was in the third competition, a race in the city of Valinhos-SP at the beginning of 2003 I got my first podium and my first trophy. From then on, the CRS club started to sponsor me, I stood out in several races in different cities, then I went through 2 great Athletics teams in SP, and I was winning more and more podiums.

Today I have almost 400 podiums on my resume and with many highlights in several competitions.

DSC 0285 scaled ac262

How do close people observe you?

A: As a symbol of Overcoming, a heroine, going through all the problems and getting to where I am.

In the world of sport everyone knows me as Wonder Woman, nickname acquired in the Races. And today it has become my trademark in competitions. Not only for the look, but also for overcoming my problems.

How and when did the nickname Wonder Woman come about?

DSC 0273 scaled 2bfc9

A: I always ran and climbed on the podium on my head, so far so good, but it was in 2006 at the São Silvestre Race that the story began, at this time, the women's race was separate from the men's race, being the women's start at 15h and the masculine at 17h. Well, I ran my race and after I finished, I put the medal around my neck and went to accompany a friend who was not doing very well in the men's race.

During the course of the Men's Test, some people in the crowd saw me running with the men and started to say: “What are you doing there, pangaré, your test is over!”, But what they didn't imagine is that I already I had finished my race and after hearing the crowd saying that, my friend got angry, pulled the medal from my neck and started saying: “Look at her medal, she has already run the women's race and is running again in the men's race , then she will complete 30 km! ”.

The crowd started to say: “Wow! She is Wonder Woman! ”, And several other comparisons emerged: Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Batman Woman (kkkk), but the most heard was Wonder Woman, and since then she started spreading this nickname among athletes, she went extending in my city, in the region and soon spread throughout Brazil.

People compared me to Wonder Woman, because of the physique, the style of the hair, even more using a band in the hair, both in training and in competitions and also on the podium, but I did not dress as Wonder Woman.

My husband and I met at the races, we were friends and the race brought us together.

My husband, still in love at the time, told me, since they know you as Wonder Woman, why not wear 100% Wonder Woman in the races.

It was there that he had the excellent idea of ​​turning me into a real Wonder Woman, he himself characterized and personalized all my clothes.

The curious thing is that I only went up on the podiums with my dog ​​Isabella, so my husband also characterized and personalized all the clothes of Isabella from Wonder Woman and she became known all over Brazil, as the "Wonder Dog" the Mascotinha do Atletismo.

So now there are 2 heroines in the races?

A: No, now there are 3! My husband and I got engaged on the podium of the Boldrini Race in Campinas in 2012, almost a year and a half later we got married and went to celebrate the Honeymoon, running the Disney Marathon in Orlando in the United States.

On the eve of the Disney Marathon, we drove almost the entire city of Orlando looking for a Wonder Woman costume to be able to run, and when we found it, I already thought that my husband turned me into Wonder Woman in fact, why not turn him into Superman? So we also looked for the Fantasy of Superman and we also found it.

And in the Marathon, we ran the party, the 42km dressed as Superheroes of the Justice League, and we also ended up becoming celebrities, because many people wanted to take pictures with us.

The race brought us together and today we are known as the Justice League Family of Racing, Wonder Woman, SuperMan and Wonder Dog.

You mentioned overcoming a problem, what was it?

When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with a tumor in the head. My parents were really worried at the time.

I was treated at the Hospital Boldrini de Câncer Infantil in Campinas - SP, by Dr. Silvia Brandalise, and after several consultations, analyzes and applications, I was cured of the Tumor considered benign. But every cure must be followed up for several years.

DSC 0081 scaled 732ea

Are you also a volunteer? How did this come about?

After a few years, I had a niece who had Leukemia at the age of 5, and I helped my sister to take care of her at the same Boldrini Hospital where I had already been.

At this time, the Hospital held some parties on commemorative dates for children undergoing treatment, and I participated with my niece in some of them.

At parties, I played to amuse my niece, but I also ended up having fun with the other children who were there.

I asked my mother if she could make a little clown outfit for me to wear on the day of the party at the Hospital, and then I put the name on the character "Deca clown", because Deca is the nickname my father put on me when he was still I was a little child, this was a tribute to my parents, who fought hard for me. I ended up getting very well-known among the children at the Hospital parties, and now I also dress up as “Easter bunny”, “mama noel”, “noivinha caipira”, “caipirinha” and “Mulher Maravilha”.

After I got married, my husband also accompanies me in volunteering as Superman, and even Isabella also went to Wonder Dog, enchanting all the children.

At the hospital parties, when I tell the children's parents about my history as a former patient of Boldrini and for my cure, they are super happy and very optimistic.

Anyway, I have been a volunteer at the Hospital for 21 years, bringing joy to children undergoing treatment and I also end up having a lot of fun.

After the problem was solved, was it all joy?

Well, it wasn't like that, after 27 years, completely cured, I felt some pain on the left side of the face and I thought it was a tooth's nerve, but I found out that I had another Tumor in the sinus of the left face, in the Trigeminal Nerve . A new scare!

In 2012 I had the surgery to extract the Tumor and do the biopsy, which resulted in a Benign Tumor, but I continued to be in pain months and years later. In 2015 I consulted another doctor who analyzed the post-surgical images, ordered new tests and found that the tumor was still there and that it had not been removed, that is, the doctor who performed the surgery had deceived me saying that he had extracted the tumor .

Then, in 2015, I received the news that I have to go through another surgery to remove the same Tumor again.

I spent some time thinking and taking courage to do the surgery.

In the meantime, in the second half of 2016, I started to feel some strange things in the Competitions, I felt very short of breath, a pressure in my chest, sometimes some dizziness in the middle of the Race and when I finished competing, I went straight to the paramedics' help. in the Competitions, I stayed there until I recovered, until then I didn’t know anything that was coming, I continued competing and feeling sick, I started to suspect that I wasn’t well and that it wasn’t just an occasional malaise, because we know our body and its limitations, especially since I am a Physical Educator and have knowledge in studies of the Human Body. I went through several doctors, I did several exams and nothing came up, but only when I did the Ergospirometry Exam that accused Arrhythmia, because this exam does to exhaustion, exactly as if I was in a Competition, that is, exactly when I was feeling bad at the peak of effort.

I confess that I was scared because I didn't expect it to be an arrhythmia, because all my Heart exams were always normal, but it was the electrical part of the heart. The doctor gave 2 options: stop running or have surgery. Of course I would have the surgery, because I have almost a lifetime in athletics. In fact, now I was accumulating 2 surgeries.

When I went to a consultation at the Hospital Dante Pazzanese in São Paulo, when I left the hospital I received the news that my little dog Isabella the “Wonder Dog” died, my God, it was the worst news of my life, I was hit so badly that I passed out on In the middle of the street, when I woke up, I wanted it to be a lie, but it was true.

After this day I gave up on surgery, I just thought about dying, I was completely floorless, I was lying in bed, I didn't want to eat anymore, I wanted to die, because I lost my 4-legged little girl (tears), I was 5 days without eat and I just got up to eat, because my husband took care of me and cried seeing me in that situation and said he was not going to let me die, because Isabella wouldn't want it either, I just went back to eating, because of him who didn't let me commit any nonsense, because for me, my world no longer made sense.

After a few months of great pain and suffering, crying every day, and with the support of my husband and several people to whom I am immensely grateful, I decided to go back to the doctor to schedule the surgery, Isabella always loved to get on the podium with me and I would definitely be very happy to see me do what I like to do the most, I did the Heart surgery (Cardiac Ablation) first in the middle of 2017 and after 1 month I went back to the Competitions and the Boldrini Race, I just didn't go up at the Podium, because, incredible as it may seem, I missed the course, because I was very touched by my return, already in all the following events I got Podium.

In 2018, I was again at the operating table for the removal of Tumor in the Sinus of the Face, now by another doctor and by another method. The surgery was a success and the doctor assured me by showing in the images that the problem has now been solved.

But I don't have the courage to tell the parents of the children at the Boldrini Hospital about this tumor, so as not to take away the children's hopes of a cure, even if it has nothing to do with the Tumor I had as a child.

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Homenagem pra Wonder Dog's photo Isabella.

How much extreme adventure, and now everything is ok?

Well, after Heart surgery, I returned to feeling some symptoms I was feeling before, but at a lesser intensity, according to the doctors, he has no more arrhythmia, but he is still under investigation to know what may be causing this.

Even so, I still manage to get a podium in competitions.

And one of the most significant tests I did in these conditions, was the “Wonder Woman Race” by DC Comics in São Paulo, running with a device called Holter (recording 24 hours of continuous heart rate), to analyze the record of any problem in the effort at the pace of competition, all filled with wires and electrodes stuck to the points of the Heart. I felt that malaise, so I slowed down a bit to recover and started to accelerate again, I managed this at the limit several times to stay competitive and managed to get the podium coming in 3rd. place in the overall women's classification. I cried, I cried, I cried with Emotion on the podium, because I dedicated the victory and the trophy to Isabella (Wonder Dog).

And Japan? When did you get here?

In 2019, already with some planning, we came to Japan and in the same year I participated in the first Race in Japan in the “Toda Marathon” in Saitama and I was Vice-Champion General of Women in the 5km Race. The structure of Races and Events in Japan is quite different compared to Brazil, and I still need to adapt to these differences.

We entered 2020, and soon the first cases of COVID-19 appear. As a precaution, they suspend all types of sporting events and also the biggest one, the Tokyo Olympics. Due to the pandemic, sport competitions have not yet been released, with the exception of rare, controlled and limited competitions.

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What are your goals here in Japan?

With a little over a year here, I realized that Japan is an amazing country, well organized and with a lot of respect for others. The sporting spirit is present in people and spread across different sports. Due to the efforts of everyone, city halls, institutions, companies, and people in general of different ages, there are several places, parks, gyms, streets, bike paths available and well preserved for anyone who wants to practice the sport they want.

I intend to continue my work in the sports field by giving classes here in Japan, passing on all my knowledge acquired over the years in my sports career, exercising my training as a Physical Educator and making a difference in the health and well being of an entire population.

I also intend to continue competing professionally in Race events, adapting myself to the style of Japan and leaving in search of sponsorships and consequently in search of podiums, dedicating, of course, the victories always for Wonder Dog Isabella.

I also want to continue my volunteering work, there are more than 21 years dedicating children, with a lot of Love and Joy, taking fun, Motivation and Hope for Healing, being an Ex-patient twice cured

What kind of message can you leave for other people who have not yet managed to dedicate themselves body and soul to a sport.

A: Everyone has the ability to overcome and achieve their goals, just start and dedicate yourself. One step at a time. And when you least expect it, the sport is already part of you.

Sport brings joy and happiness, develops internal strength and creates within everyone a feeling that we can overcome the greatest adversities of our lives, in the same way that we overcome every kilometer traveled in races. Sport cures all ills, both physical, mental and emotional.

PS: We are the Super Heroes Wonder Woman and Superman of Brazil, now we are also from Japan, our two houses that we love, always saving the world with our super powers of sedentarism, motivating and bringing joys

Several media in Brazil have made my article publicizing my work, both on TV such as Globo Nacional, Globo local, Fantástico among others, Rede Record Nacional, Rede Record local, Esporte Fantástico among others, Rede TV, SBT, TV Bandeirantes, TV Pé de Figo Valinhos , TV Sol Comunidade Indaiatuba, several radio programs, CBN Campinas (Radio Globo), Radio Nova Sumaré, Radio Nova Aliança, Radio Morada do Sol Litoral, Various articles in Jornal Expresso, Various Sports Magazines.




I want to thank Connection Japan and Mokuhyou Shinbun for Recognition of my Work and Outreach, and for the opportunity for more people to Know my Sports Life Story and Overcoming.

My stories in the media open doors for futures, sponsors and also for people who are interested in hiring a Personal Trainer Job. Both future sponsors and people interested in my work, find me on my Social Networks


My Youtube Channel: Wonder WomanWoman

My Facebook Page: Eliete Malta Ikeda

My Instagram Page: @elietemalta.mmaravilha

My Twitter page: @ElieteMaltaMMWW

TikTok page:

Subject Links:

Story on Fantastic Sports talking a little about my Wonder Woman nickname:

EPTV (Globo) Race Integration 26/09/2015:

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - TVB Record Campinas:

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - TVB Make Up Run 2016 Report:

Engagement at the Boldrini Race podium:

Celebrating the Honeymoon at the Disney Marathon:

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - Affection of the people:


Some videos of Volunteering:

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - Caipira wedding at June party - Hospital Boldrini.

Wonder Woman (athlete) Clown Deca "From One Hand Pro Boldrini" 2013.

Wonder Woman (athlete) Clown Deca "From One Hand Pro Boldrini"2013 Ilariê:

Clown Deca "From a hand to Boldrini 2012" 1st part:

Clown Deca "From a hand to Boldrini 2012" 2nd part:

Wonder Woman - Athlete Eliete Malta - Christmas Party Boldrini 18-12- 2014:

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - McDia Feliz 2015 (With Wonder Dog):

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - Happy McDia part 3 - 27-08-2016 (With Wonder Dog):

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - Elevator party after competition "kkkkk".


This one is for unwinding, making the biggest Disney hit "kkk".

Wonder Woman (Athlete Eliete Malta) dances at Animal Kingdom Disney Orlando 2014:

Isabella Mascotinha do Atletismo Brasileiro street race, her subject for the National Record:

Athlete Eliete Malta - Wonder Woman - A Tribute to Our Greatest Motivation! Wonder Dog Isabella:


Isabella's Facebook page:

Wonder Dog Isabella - Facebook.

Source is credits: Eliete Malta Ikeda (Wonder Woman) - Professional Athlete.

Bachelor and Degree in Physical Education.


North American RUF MMA promotion to launch athletes for ONE Championship

The ONE Championship, the biggest global media and sports promotion in Asian history, is - increasingly - extending its "tentacles" into the North American market. 
Now, the franchise has begun searching for its next big heavyweight talent in the land of 'Uncle Sam'.
To this end, it established a strategic partnership with the regional company Ringside Unified Fighting ( RUF Nation, also known as RUF MMA ), based in Arizona and ranked by many as the main MMA promotion in that US state.
As such, the RUF 39 - the year's first Yankee franchise event - scheduled for March 13 (Saturday), will host a "Road To ONE" knockout tournament for 16 heavyweight fighters whose champion will take home a contract worth $100.000 upon signing to the ONE Championship.
-“I am ecstatic for the opportunity the ONE Championship has given us to partner in a 'Road To ONE' tournament. The RUF is prepared with the ideal stage for recruitment, and candidate response has been impressive so far. I believe this tournament will reveal some of the best talent in the United States to be added to the ONE roster.”- said Dr. Joel Lopez, President of RUF Nation.
-“One of our most important goals at the ONE Championship is to give athletes the largest global platform to showcase their skills. We are more than excited about the start of this tournament and the discovery of the next heavyweight superstar.”-completed Rich Franklin, vice president of the ONE Championship.
In addition, there will be more “Road To ONE” tournaments held by the RUF this year in different weight classes, with the winners securing a contract to fight in the ONE Championship.
The old editions of Ringside Unified Fighting already had the participation of Brazilians, such as José Maria “No Chance” Tomé, winner of the fight with Rentsen Otgontulga, at RUF MMA 29, in 2018.
As for the matches at the next heavyweight tournament these will be confirmed and announced later and fans will be able to watch all the action 'live' on 
Enjoy and download ONE's app to see ONE's fights: “FISTS OF FURY” on February 26th, in Singapore.
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 19 / 02 / 2021
Pictured above: The winner of the heavyweight tournament will take home a contract worth $100.000 upon signing with ONE. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) RUF MMA | ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).
Below: The ONE Championship and RUF MMA co-promotion will launch fighters from different weight divisions to fight on the Asian continent. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) RUF MMA | ( C ) ONE Championship | Disclosure ).
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Sporting events will be held amidst Covid's 19 pandemic in European countries

Despite maintaining the restrictive measures of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of Geneva - a canton of Switzerland whose capital is the city of Geneva - has announced a possible relaxation of restrictions in the area of ​​sports, said Mauro Poggia, Health Minister of the Canton, last Wednesday (February 17th).
-“Today it is necessary to preserve the health of people, especially mental health. When good weather arrives, it will become increasingly difficult to tell people: 'stay as you are, without sports and fitness'. So, if something is to be eased, then in my opinion, this direction should be a priority.", declared Poggia, during an interview with Russian media Sputnik.
The declaration was not intended only for individual sporting activities.
Of course, sporting events should follow preventive health measures and the minister added that if these are followed, cultural events will also be among the first likely to return, as they have an impact on the mental health of the population, continued the government official, specifying, however, that the authorities would take into account the decisions of the federal government in Bern on the matter.
Poggia noted that while the canton of Geneva - one of the 26 member states that make up the Swiss Confederation - complies with decisions on the federal government's Covid-19 measures, the latter should allow cantonal authorities to determine the scale of restrictions to prevent the third outbreak of coronavirus and, at the same time, prevent further damage to the mental health of the population.
One of the reasons behind the increase in Covid-19 cases in Geneva (in addition to the increasing number of tests carried out daily) is the influx of people from neighboring France, as this movement benefits the economy despite the restrictions.
Speaking of France, many European MMA organizations plan to hold their 'cards' in that territory since last year, when the sport was legalized there.
One such promotion is Cage Warriors, a London-based MMA organization whose inaugural 'card' was made on July 27, 2002. The promotion planned to hold an event in Paris in 2020. However, the pandemic has thwarted such plans.
But now, Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan has announced that he is still planning an edition of his show in Paris, France, this summer. The announcement was made during an interview with the MMAJunkie website last Monday.
The scheduled date is July 3rd and now the Cage Warriors is awaiting confirmation from the local government.
Also according to the president of the franchise, Cage Warriors already has other dates scheduled for this year of 2021.
The schedule will start with a “trilogy” of events: Cage Warriors 120, 121 and 122, respectively. The shows are scheduled for March 18th, 19th and 20th in London, England.
Please note that with the exception of the June event, which will mark the organization's debut in the US, all other 'cards' are expected to take place in continental European countries in an ambitious 17-event schedule by the end of this year.
Here are the dates that were revealed:
March 18-20 - Trilogy of events in London, England
June 4 - California, USA
June 17-19 - Trilogy of events in London, England
July 3rd - Paris, France
July 31 - Dublin or Belfast, Ireland
October 30-2 - Trilogy of events in London, England
Other events are also planned for November and December, but neither dates nor locations have been fixed.
All events will be broadcast on UFC Fight Pass.
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 18 / 02 / 2021
Pictured above: Cage Warriors released its schedule consisting of 17 events, almost all in countries on the European continent, until the end of this year. (Courtesy | Credits: (C) Cage Warriors | Disclosure ).
Below: The flyer for the promotion of “Cage Warriors Paris”, which already had a date announced. (Courtesy | Credits: (C) Cage Warriors | (C) | Disclosure ).
PARIS 883ea936daa03f2b73e2eba926df65dc f70cb

Check out the card for the upcoming “Bigbang” to be held in March in Japan

The 'Bigbang-Road to Unification-38' card (Bigbang-統一への道-38) to take place at the 'legendary' Korakuen Hall, a gym located in Tokyo and classified as 'the sacred temple of the arts' has been announced. martial' in Japan.
This tournament was scheduled to be held on June 28 of last year, but was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
However, following the success of “Super Bigbang 2020” on November 8th, the competition was re-announced for the beginning of this year and is now scheduled for March 21st, 2021.
Currently in Japan, many events are scheduled to end at 20:00 pm due to event restrictions imposed by the new coronavirus emergency declaration, but the 38th 'Bigbang' card is also scheduled to end at 20:00 pm hs. 
Maybe that's why the first five fights will take place in less than 3Rs of 2 minutes each. 
The tournament will have a total of ten fights.
It was also announced that the tournament will feature a double main event and, in the second of those fights, Shunta Ito will face Ryosuke Watanabe at super featherweight.
Shunta is a veteran with a 17-year professional career comprising over 60 fights. Highlight for his titles conquered by MA Japan, WMAF and in “Bigbang”.
His opponent Ryosuke Watanabe is coming off a 2-1 loss streak in professional Kickboxing matches played at MAGNUM 49, MAGNUM 50 and MAGNUM 51, respectively. However, his résumé as a professional is much more extensive: 17 fights, being 8 wins, 5 losses and 4 draws, occupying the 4th place in the former New Japan lightweight division.
The first fight of the main event will be a contract fight (under 64kg) between Toshiki Taniyama and Yusaku Hayashi.
Toshiki Taniyama is also a veteran fighter who has won many belts, including the titles of champions by ISKA, WKA and “Super Bigbang”.
Yusaku Hayashi, on the other hand, is a mixed martial arts fighter who has accumulated a 9-7-1 'record' in MMA and has already won the GLADIATOR and “PFC” titles in Hokkaido. He also has 1 win and 1 loss in Pancrase.
In addition, Kazuki Yamagiwa, an experienced fighter in K-1, Krush and also in “Bigbang” will fight Masato, ranked first in Japan Kick. This fight will be valid as a semifinal in the welterweight division.
The fight valid for the decision of the featherweight title of “Bigbang” will put Kenichi Takeuchi and Ryuto ahead.
Check out the full 'Bigbang-Road to Unification-38' card which so far includes:
10th fight (2nd main event fight): Shunta Ito vs Ryosuke Watanabe
9th Match (1st Main Event Match): Toshiki Taniyama vs. Yusaku Hayashi
8th fight: Kazuki Yamagiwa vs Masato
7th fight: Kenichi Takeuchi vs Ryuto
6th fight: Takeharu Ogawa vs Tomomi Hosogoshi
5th fight: Tadashi Suzuki vs. Nakamura Ranchai Kenta
4th fight: Kokei Nakao vs. Natsumi Mizukoshi
3rd fight: Munekata 888 vs Taichi Nomura
2nd fight: Takehiro Fukushima vs Umi Doi
1st fight: Ozeki Hitoshi 哉 vs Hitoshi Tanaka
(* the 'card' is subject to change)
Tournament name : Bigbang-Road to Unification-38
Date: March 21, 2021 (Sunday)
Time : 16:50 pm ( opening ) 17:30 pm ( start )
Location: Korakuen Hall
City : Tokyo Country : Japan
Ticket prices: 25.000 yen (VIP), 15.000 yen (SRS), 12.000 yen (RS), 9.000 yen (A) and 7.000 yen (B).
Ticket sales for affiliated wrestlers / gym
Inquiries Big Bang Promotion (Taniyama Gym) 0463-93-9664 
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 17 / 02 / 2021
Pictured above: The flyer to promote the “Bigbang-Road to Unification-38”. (Courtesy | Credits: (C) Bigbang Kickboxing | (C) Bigbang-統一への道-38 | Disclosure ).
Below: “Bigbang” combines state-of-the-art kickboxing with entertainment. This is “Bigbang”, the 'path to unification'. In the act, the champion Shunta Ito. (Courtesy | Credits: (C) Bigbang Kickboxing | (C) Bigbang-統一への道-38 | Disclosure ).
190607bigbang 14 shunta 3 3711f

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