Champions in Numazu

By: Mario Hirano - Photographer.

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In the city of Numazu, there was the Champions Cup 2020 tournament, on February 16th. It was divided into two groups: A and B, each group has 4 teams, in total with 8 teams.

The beginning of the game started with ARUKO ( Mundo da Bola ) x Furuda Gramp, which the ARUKO team won by 2-0.

Second game, ARUKO winning 2x0 against Golden Bat, third game of ARUKO winning 1x0, against TOKISAI-Shin-Anjo team.

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NOTE: tournament score per point, each group has the highest score, final, the ARUKO team against the BOSS team and winning by 1x0, making it as tournament champion.

ARUKO - Munda da Bola, as he was champion, will now participate in the tournament in Tokyo, on March 14th - AOBA SKY FIELD TOURNAMENT - Saturday.

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Aruko MBFC at F7SL 2020 debut

By: Marcia Assay.

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Aruko Mundo da Bola starts the year 2020 on the right foot.

Receiving the awards of the year 2019 from the Japanese Federation Fut7, the delivery of the awards took place on January 17th, with highlights: Bruno Melo, Daniel Katayama, Paulo, Ademilson, Joás, Tomoya and Thales.

The AMDB committee was attended by Cris Yamanaka (founder and coach of Aruko Mundo da Bola), Wagner Nakamura (Director), Kamiya Munetaka (President). As special guest of Aruko Mundo da Bola, we had the presence of the deputy from the region of Aichi Ken Karya shi, Mr. Ishitaku Alex Santos and Takaagi Oba. AMDB comes with great projects for this year and thanks everyone who was able to attend the awards.

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At the debut of F7SL, the results were these:

Aruko Mundo da Bola FC.

Daniel and Caio (Goalkeepers), Pablo, Diego, Thales, Joás, Tomoya, Paulo Jun. Takaaki Oba, Alex Santos, Alef, Bruno, Lucas Anderson, Frank Birigui, Michael. Coach: Cristiano Yamanaka. Assistant: Fábio Hopf. Director: Wagner Nakamura.

Results of the 19/01/2020 round held at the Brincar em Anjo complex:


-ARUKO World of the Ball 2 X 1 Bishu SFC

-TS United 7 X 1 FC Anniversary.

-TKS Aichi Bombonera 1 X 3 Mikawa Devils.

-UNO BellEzza 6X3 Colt Lawman.

-Fascinate 5 X 2 Rico Puente.

Partial classification:


1 - TS United – 3 points, balance: 6.

2 - UNO BellEzza – 3 points, balance: 3.

3 - Fascinate - 3 points, balance: 3.

4 - Mikawa Devils – 3 points, balance: 2.

5 - ARUKO Mundo da Bola FC – 3 points, balance: 1.

6 - Bishu SFC – 0 points, balance: -1.

7 - TKS Aichi Bombonera – 0 points, balance: -2.

8 - Colt Lawman – 0 points, balance: -3.

9 - Rico Puente FC – 0 points, balance: -3.

10 - FC Anniversary – 0 points, balance: -6 .

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Aruko MBFC x Bishu SFC at the premiere of F7SL 2020

By: Marcia Assay and Mario Hirano - Photographer.

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AMB - The F7SL 2020 season begins.

On January 18th was the start of the games, the opening of the game was held in Anjo - Shi - in Brinkar Football Park.

Aruko Mundo da Bola, started with the debut of two great soccer stars, Alex Santos, former player of the Japanese team and Takaagi Oba, still playing beach soccer for the Japanese team, and now with a contract signed with Aruko Mundo da Bola, the team continues stronger, formed by debut players who are:


Aruko Mundo da Bola FC.

Daniel and Caio (Goalkeepers), Pablo, Diego, Thales, Joás, Tomoya, Paulo Jun. Takaaki Oba, Alex Santos, Alef, Bruno, Lucas Anderson, Frank Birigui, Michael. Coach: Cristiano Yamanaka. Assistant: Fábio Hopf. Director: Wagner Nakamura.

Coach Cris Yamanaka, aims to create rules so that all players, the team will have the best support in 2020, preparing the team for the next games.

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Thus Aruko Mundo da Bola was in 5th place.


Next game will be in TOYOHAShI - Ugar Escape Ishinomaki Stadium, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture.

Aruko takes the field at 15:30 on February 15, 2020.

 The Football Club Aruko Mundo da Bola, invites all friends and audiences to once again honor the race for the title.

At the debut of F7SL, the results were these:

Results of the 19/01/2020 round held at the Brincar em Anjo complex:


-ARUKO World of the Ball 2 X 1 Bishu SFC

-TS United 7 X 1 FC Anniversary.

-TKS Aichi Bombonera 1 X 3 Mikawa Devils.

-UNO BellEzza 6X3 Colt Lawman.

-Fascinate 5 X 2 Rico Puente.

Partial classification:


1 - TS United – 3 points, balance: 6.

2 - UNO BellEzza – 3 points, balance: 3.

3 - Fascinate - 3 points, balance: 3.

4 - Mikawa Devils – 3 points, balance: 2.

5 - ARUKO Mundo da Bola FC – 3 points, balance: 1.

6 - Bishu SFC – 0 points, balance: -1.

7 - TKS Aichi Bombonera – 0 points, balance: -2.

8 - Colt Lawman – 0 points, balance: -3.

9 - Rico Puente FC – 0 points, balance: -3.

10 - FC Anniversary – 0 points, balance: -6.

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Cris Yamanaka returns to Japan

By: Marcia Assay.

The founder of Aruko Mundo da Bola, disembarked today on January 15th, in Osaka at Kansai International Airport, bringing many techniques and learning, in these 18 days where he passed through several cities in Brazil.

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I work away from home, in partnership contracts and agreements between athletes.

Cristiano Diego Yamanaka, armed with his new certification as a coach, has big plans for 2020, check out the details below according to the vision of our coach better known as Cris Yamanaka.

I returned to Japan today “Cris Yamanaka”.

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I went to Brazil for 18 days on business, to monitor the contract settlement of the athletes who will leave our project “Aruko Mundo da Bola” in Japan for professional football in Brazil.

And it reinforces or aligns our partnerships for 2020 with field football and Fut7.

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Where I took the coaching course and acquired the coaching license to be able to work in 2020.

And enter my 'CBF' agent course, where I will start in the business field in trading and athletes and other activities.

I've already started some negotiations, with 7 athletes in our company giving full playing condition and support to exercise their function, and with some athletes employed in clubs.

I arrive in Japan, with a lot of news and focused on our youth category, with training for our young people to be in full condition in the games.

And thinking about the debut of the Japanese Fut7 championship in the Tokai region, where we are the current champion, I know that teams will come full steam ahead to defeat our strong team.

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Aruko Mundo Da Bola FC, on January 18, the team debut with two players of the Japanese National Team, former player Alex Santos and the current soccer player of the national team Takaaki Oba, also with league scorer Paulinho and Frank Birigüi, already playing at several Brazilian football clubs and professional indoor soccer in Japan, by club Shuraika Osaka, Lucas from TS, Maicon from TS and goalkeeper Welbis with a lot of baggage, are the hires of the season.

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Aruko World of the Ball in Tokyo

By: Marcia Assay.

ARUKO World of the ball was in Tokyo on December 21st, for the Hawai Futsal Cup champions' cup. That happened on December 12nd.

On landing in concentration.

Coach Cris Yamanaka has already lectured and begins preparations for the title, and represents Japan in Hawaii in February 2020.

The squad for this championship are:

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Vinicius Hashimoto Katsumi of 18 years.

At the age of 8, he started playing indoor football in Inazawa, at Santos' school, until he was 16 years old, "Indoor football", when he was 16 he started playing at Aruko Mundo da Bola.

I preferred the field soccer.

On the 22nd of the 12th, Katsumi plays in Tokyo to play Hawai Word cup.

On January 6th, he goes to Brazil with a contract signed for another 1 year with Cascavel.

Caio Iudi Yamagishi of 29 Years.

Lives in Nishio in Aichi-Ken, started at Aruko Mundo da Bola for the first FUT7 League. In February, he got to know AMDB through a friend. Cris met in a championship, a guard tournament in Hekina in the mini cup, today he is at Aruko Mundo da Bola, playing hall and the Socceity league, where he is also looking for the title for Hawai Word Cup. Today I see AMDB as a family that has been growing.


Even though the team did not win the Hawai Cup, there were 2 featured players who were invited to Hawaii representing Japan.

Aruko Mundo da Bola's highlight was Bruno Melo (even without playing because he was injured), Joás.

Aruko Mundo da Bola - South Africa

By: Marcia Assay.

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Representing Japan, Aruko Mundo da Bola FC makes its debut in the Football World Cup 5 (F5WC) held in Cape Town, South Africa, this Saturday (30/11). Those called up by coach Cristiano Yamanaka were: Caio (GK), Diego, Kazuki, Tomoya, Joás, Ruan and Bruno. The team will be led by coach Giovanni. Japan is part of Group F alongside Mexico, Ghana and Canada. At the Arena Fives Century City set up for the event, the Japanese-Brazilians face Ghana at noon, Canada at 15:30 pm and Mexico at 19:XNUMX pm, local time.


Check out all F5WC 2019 groups below:

Group A: Egypt, Portugal, Argentina and Israel.

Group B: Guatemala, Mauritius, Uruguay and France.

Group C: Pakistan, Ecuador, United States and Morocco.

Group D: Bostwana, Oman, South Africa and Senegal.

Group E: China, Italy, Colombia and India.

Group F: Mexico, Japan, Ghana and Canada.


Considered the world's largest amateur soccer competition, the Football Fives World Championship (F5WC) brings together teams from 24 countries. Each one of them got their place in national qualifiers. To have the right to represent Japan, Aruko Mundo da Bola FC qualified in the Aichi tryouts in a partnership with the Japanese team Botitarosu advancing to the national phase, which won the championship in July this year in Kanagawa.

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1 - Name: Tomoya Murase.

2 - Age: 32 years.

3 - Shirt: 15.

4 - Placement: FW, MF.

5 - I've been in MDB for 2 years. I met Cris through the field and talked to him. I really liked his idea, plans and organization. I strived to help the group.

6 - I'm Japanese, but my head and heart are from Brazil. I love Brazil and its people. I think I was born in the wrong place. My football history is great. But it will increase even more. I like to laugh and I am very positive, I am happy.

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1 - Name: Bruno Melo.

2 - Age: 24 years.

3 - Shirt: 10.

4 - Placement: FW.

5 - I've been at MDB for over 2 years, I caught Cris' contact with an acquaintance, I lived in another region of Shizuoka, knowing the project, I moved to Aichi with his help.

6 - I'm calm, I like the review and I love football.

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1 - Name: Joás Pinto.

2 - Age: 21 years.

3 - Shirt: 21.

4 - Placement: FW.

5 - I joined the MDB 6 months ago, my wife who got in touch with Cris, I took the test and I'm still here today. The team is well organized and with amazing people. In a short time here, I made great friends.

7 - I am a person who likes the review and I really like FUT7.

Aruko Ball World

By: Marcia Assay.

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The sport changing lives

'Aruko mundo da bola' Football Club is a sports project founded in Brazil in 2016, with the main purpose of encouraging social inclusion through classes, group interaction, promoting leisure, team organization, discipline, and encouraging practice sports of any age group.

Currently established in the province of Aichi, where several events are held to promote sports among Brazilians, Japanese and foreigners in general. With the purpose of presenting our work proposal to bring sport to younger people, guiding the need for physical activities, the importance of exercising and thus improving the quality of life, promoting greater group interaction and taking children and young people away for a moment of the electronic world.

We currently have amateur teams in field soccer and futsal, and on the way to the pro with the FUT 7 team where we led the Japanese league in the year of 2019.

Championships are held annually between amateur teams and events promoting the meeting of experiences and exchange of experiences, uniting the Japanese and foreign community of Japan.

Our Mission

Encourage the inclusion of young people at risk or sedentary in the use of sports activities as an extracurricular complement, offering leisure physical activities.



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Cris Yamanaka, founder of the Aruko World of Ball team.

Cris Yamanaka



Forwarding our youth to the future.

The process of approaching young people involved with drugs, mainly foreigners in Japan, has been a matter of concern for many people. The search for solutions and interventions has allowed educators to intervene early in the street addiction processes of children and adolescents.

Social vulnerability affects adolescents in various ways, leading to the use of illicit and licit drugs, promiscuity, theft, lack of professional qualification, low education and discrimination. Such factors are due to the absence of activities that provide alternatives to fill the idle time of these young people.

Our proposal is to offer soccer practice as a disciplinary and educational complement. The impact caused by this project initially involved 100 children and young people with access to sports, leisure, education, health and group living.

For 3 years the MDBFC has been changing and making dreams come true in the lives of many people, in 2019 we started activities in the Japanese FUT7 league and we are already leaders of the championship in the Tokai region, and this is just the beginning, we will take the our project for the WORLD.

Is that you? Are you with us in this?


So that we can continue with our project, each day we improve and expand our facilities, to better accommodate and create new units throughout Japan, we have the support of companies that think about the future of our children and young people. We currently have training centers in the cities of Kariya and Chiryu both in Aichi-Ken province.

All the money raised through sponsorship and partnerships will be used in the realization and development of the football club 'Aruko mundo da bola'. So helping with uniforms, sporting materials, events, championships, clinics, excursions, sports competitions, sports fairs and also in the dissemination of our project so that together we can have a greater reach and social impact.

Come join our team.

Install the BYGS APP to check the locations, photo gallery and general information of the 'Aruko world of the ball'.

On the 23rd and 24th, Aruko Mundo da Bola went to Fukuoka to dispute the title, and they were in fourth place.

And today Wednesday the football team Aruko world of the ball, is traveling to South Africa, in search of the F5WC title.

Our team wishes, good luck for the achievement of this desired title.


1 - Name: Thales Nishikawa.

2 - Age: 27 years.

3 - Shirt: 17.

4 - Placement: DF.

5 - I joined the MDB 1 year ago, initially to compete in futsal tournaments, and I enjoyed the group a lot, with a good friendship with everyone. And today I'm in almost every tournament that MDB plays.

6 - I am a very "playful" person and I like futsal a lot.

1- Name: Pavetti Mario.

2 - Age: 35 years.

3 - Shirt: 5.

4 - Placement: MF.

5 - Join the team because of the passion I have for football "for a few years invited by Cris", because I believe that through sport we can build a way of life, we can even say that football is very similar to life. And influencing the person to have a good character and teach positive attitudes, which in turn we pass to people in our social environment.

6 - I am a person of Faith, and through the values ​​and principles that I believe and defend, I try to put in my life, and in the choices that God puts me, in my way. I like to compete, and be prepared to overcome the challenges of each competence, I believe that dreams must be conquered.


1- Name: Daniel Katayama.

2 - Age: 41.

3 - Shirt:: 22.

4 - Placement: GK.

5 - Reason for joining the team.


A: I was invited by Cris, he talked to me and said he wanted to play the futsal and soccer championships and would like to count on me, that was in the first formation of the main team, I accepted it as a new challenge and then came the other projects like FUT7 and continue to this day.

6 - Talk a little about yourself.


A: I am a sportsman, I play soccer and futsal, I like the challenges that the sport provides, and overcoming them will always be my motivation, I have faith in God and this faith makes me move on!


1- Name: Ademilton Oliveira (Negão).

2 - Age: 31 years.

3 - Shirt: 3.

4 - Placement: DF.

5 - I joined the MDB 1 year and two months ago, through a friend, who introduced me to the MDB team. I really liked the organization of the team and the group. Here I had the opportunity to meet several people of different nationalities and make great friends.

6 - I'm a very quiet person and I don't talk a lot.

1 - Name: Robson Gomes Dias.

2 - Placement: GK Goalkeeper 1.

3 - Age: 42.

4 - Reason: I'm 1 year and 2 months in the MDB. When Cris invited me, he said he had a project to win FUT7, and make the team become a company, and here in Japan there are few people who have the mentality to make the group as he set up "with various nationalities", AND when I heard the project I was very excited, because it would be a new challenge! I am a person who likes sport.

5 - I have a strong personality, I like challenges and making friends.


1 - Name: Yasuda Pablo.

2 - Age: 43 years.

3 - Shirt: 14.

4 - Placement: MF.

5 - I met Cris 3 or 4 years ago, he told me he had the sleep of doing a little school in Aichi Ken, with different ages, coordinating the group and playing the big leagues in Japan. And exchanging players between Japan - Brazil and other countries. At the time one of my children was 4 years old and I put him in training, even if my son does not become a professional football player, I had as a goal my son's personal development, learning from an early age the most essential values ​​of life and sport that is "football". Soon after, I also started training with the adult team.

6 - I think I'm a simple person, with virtues and defects like everyone else, I always liked to listen to people and learn from each one of them.


Summer holidays deserve attention

Both July and August have holidays that have been brought forward.

The 2020 Olympics and Paralympics have been moved to the summer of this year, with the start date set for July 23rd.

Thus, those who purchased a calendar or calendar, both printed, can see that they are different from the digital smartphone.

The Day of the Sea holiday would be on the 19th, Monday, but it has been moved to the 22nd, Thursday.

Sports Day has been brought forward from October 11th to Friday, July 23rd for the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As the Olympic Games end on August 8th, the Mountain Day holiday, the 11th, has been brought forward to that date. Thus, 9 Monday becomes a red date, compensating for Sunday.

The change of holidays occurred through a special measure just for this year, decided by the revision of the Special Measures Law of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The goal is to reduce congestion during the Olympics and Paralympics, so that athletes can stay move in parallel with citizens.

Source: Asahi

Brazilian dies when pressed by paper rolls during work

Brazilian dies when pressed between rolls of paper at the factory where he worked in Shizuoka.

Around 16:30 pm on Wednesday (30), a 65-year-old Brazilian, haken employees, died after being pressed by paper rolls at the factory where he worked.

The accident happened at the Ide Paper Converting factory in Fuji (Shizuoka), in a machine that unloads pieces of paper. His death was confirmed at the hospital.

According to the Fuji Police Station, his head was trapped between the rolls. He managed to remove his head and leave the scene, but he could not resist the injuries.

The police station investigates the case under the possibility of an accident at work.

Source: Shizuoka Shimbum

Mount Fuji Yoshida Trail Opens

This Thursday (1st) only a few people were seen walking up Yoshida Trail as heavy rain fell across a wide area of ​​Japan.

Mount Fuji reopened this Thursday (1st) for the summer season after being closed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With anti-infection measures in place, the most popular of the 4 routes to the top of the 3.776 meter mountain, Yoshida on the side of Yamanashi Prefecture, has been opened.

Shizuoka Prefecture, which administers the other three remaining routes, said it plans to open them on July 10th. The mountain will be accessible to visitors until September 10th.

As part of efforts to reduce the risk of infections, visitors are asked to fill out health status sheets and check their temperatures before ascending the mountain, according to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Fuji Subaru Line, a road halfway up the mountain that is open 24 hours in normal years, has reduced its operating hours from 3:18 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm to cut down on the number of climbers trying to make quick climbs during the night.

This Thursday, only a few people were seen walking up the Yoshida route as heavy rain fell across a wide area of ​​Japan.

Last year, both provinces closed all 4 routes amidst the coronavirus pandemic for the first time since 1960.

Source: News and Culture

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