October does not have a holiday as it was brought forward

As there are printed calendars with the Day of Sport, the government and the media draw attention because in October this year there is no such holiday.

There are many Japanese calendars printed with the date of October 11th marked as a holiday. The government recommends attention to the population, as this holiday, the Day of Sport, was brought forward to July 23 due to the Olympics.

This was not a graphics error. Many printed the calendars before the time frame for Tokyo 2020 was set, which was delayed because of the pandemic.

Therefore, the month of October had no red date. Thus, Monday (11) is a working day.

The 2022 calendar will be normal, with all national holidays, for the first time in the Reiwa era. In the first year there were also changes due to the possession of the new Emperor and in the second year, because of Tokyo 2020.

Sources: FNN and Impress Watch


“Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition” will be produced by Yoshihiro Akiyama in Japan

The ONE Championship announced that “Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition” will be held at Shibuya O-East in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on October 5, 2021 (a Tuesday in Japan).

With the cooperation of Chatri Sityodtong (CEO of ONE Championship), Kazuhiro Sakamoto (Shooto & VTJ 'Promoter'), Shigeyoshi Akiyama (Sustain), Yuji Kitano (ABEMATV) and Ryo Chonan (Trybe Tokyo MMA), it looks like they will be able to. to perform “Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition” this time.

The tournament will be broadcast exclusively 'live' on ABEMATV, as announced by Mr. Yuji Kitano.

Yoshihiro Akiyama himself, fighter known by the nickname “Sexyama”, struggled a lot to get sponsors for this MMA competition.

-“Due to the prolonged health crisis, I learned that beginning fighters have fewer opportunities to fight than I do at 46 years old. However, I have not been able to attract enough sponsors to run the tournament previously. But now, while I was recovering from an injury, I called my friends to raise funds and we decided to do 'Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition' this time.”-announced Akiyama, through his social networks.

Hideyuki Hata, ONE Championship Japan branch representative, is also supporting the holding of the event.

-“I am delighted to be able to hold the fifth 'Road to ONE' this time, after the tournament in February this year. We will be able to provide more fighting opportunities for athletes. We will take preventive measures against infection by the new coronavirus. I am so honored to be here and deeply grateful to everyone involved. I hope that all participating fighters will be able to offer a brilliant tournament for everyone. Look forward to it," he said in a press release.

The event's 'card' will be “announced at a later date”, but there is another question that remains: will Akiyama himself participate only as a producer of the tournament or will he also fight? Will there be enough time for him to recover from his injury?

With a 'record' in MMA consisting of 15 wins, 7 losses and 2 'No Contest', Yoshihiro Akiyama is currently part of the ONE Championship's squad. His most recent fight was a “KO” victory over Sheriff Mohammed in the ONE main event in February 2020. In the future, he would like to promote an ONE tournament: “Japan vs. Korea".

Stay tuned for additional information about this tournament produced by Yoshihiro Akiyama.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 13 / 09 / 2021
Caption: The flyer for the promotion of “Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition”.
Pictured above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Fujisato Ichiro | ( C ) ABEMA TV | ( C ) ONE Championship | ( C ) Shooto | ( C ) Sustain | Publicity ).

Caption : The 5th edition of “Road to ONE” will be produced by Yoshihiro Akiyama.
Photo below : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Fujisato Ichiro | ( C ) ABEMA TV | ( C ) ONE Championship | ( C ) Shooto | ( C ) Sustain | Publicity ).


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Fábio Maldonado debuts in boxing without gloves in October

Bare Knuckle Boxing, also known as 'boxing without gloves' or boxing with 'bare hands', in the Portuguese translation, or 'boxing Irish' or 'prizefighter boxing' (according to others), as you prefer, is a modality that is experiencing a great growth by the world. To get an idea, the sport is legalized in the UK and even in some states.

David Feldman, promoter of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship - the biggest show of its kind today - has been fighting tirelessly with the other state athletic commissions with a view to sanctioning the new sport in the land of Uncle Sam.

In another proof of the success of 'no gloves' boxing, the BKFC 6 - which took place recently in Tampa, Florida - and was spearheaded by the clash “Malignaggi vs Lobov”, sold somewhere around 200.000 pay-per-view packages ( PPV ), according to Feldman's own statistics.

That said, BKFC 6 would have roughly doubled what UFC 236 did with pay-per-view revenue last April.

Although the promotion is unlikely to replicate its latest numbers, the fact that boxing 'glove-free' can generate such attention will undoubtedly result in more fans, fighters and sponsors taking an interest in this new sport.

Now the promotion is planning a series of monthly events beginning with BKFC 7, which will take place on August 10 in Biloxi, Miss., And will be headed by UFC veterans Jason Knight and Leonard Garcia.
Feldman is also eyeing new markets such as Massachusetts, Alabama, Kansas and New Mexico to host his upcoming events and expects state lawmakers to approve his initiative.

The international market, of course, is also part of the agent's expansion plans, and Russia may host the 10X edition of BKFC in October.

This 'card' will be particularly interesting for Brazilian fans, as it will mark the debut of UFC veteran Fábio Maldonado in this new fighting mode.
At 39 years, Maldonado, who alternates duels in MMA with presentations in the boxing ring, signed contract to fight also in the promotion of David Feldman.

In the edition of the event to be held in the country of Vladimir Putin, the "steel horseman" is expected to fight with boxer Jason Garven, an American who has already defeated former world champion James Tonney.
Gavern, accumulates a cartel consisting of 27 wins, 24 losses and four draws as a professional fighter.

Already Maldonado comes from two losses in boxing, a sport in which he has 26 victories as a pro.
The fight is being announced as the 'co-main event' of BKFC 10.

As for the other card fights, rumors have it that BKFC 10's main event may be a valid fight for the vacant heavyweight title between Anthony Johnson and Alexander Emelianenko, but there is nothing confirmed yet.

It is interesting to note that Johnson, Emelianenko and Maldonado are all experienced MMA fighters, but just like so many others, are making the transition to fight also in "Bare Knuckle Boxing".

But what about you, dear reader? As well as boxing supporters without gloves, do you also believe that this sport could take the place of MMA in the near future?

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 08 / 07 / 2019
Photo : The Brazilian fighter's debut will be at BKFC, a promotion originating in the USA, but whose 10th edition will be held in Russia. (Courtesy | Credits: Disclosure).

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