Strong 6,1 earthquake hits Tokyo region

The earthquake struck at 22:41 pm in parts of Tokyo and Saitama, focusing on Chiba Prefecture, at a depth of 80 km.

A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6,1 on the Richter scale shook the Tokyo region late on Thursday (7), but there was no threat of tsunami, said the Japan Meteorological Agency – AMJ.

The earthquake struck at 22:41 pm, registering 5+ (5 strong) on ​​the Japanese seismic intensity scale up to 7, in parts of Tokyo and Saitama, with a focus on Chiba Prefecture at a depth of about 80km, according to AMJ.

Railway companies said operations of some trains, including subway services operated by Tokyo Metro and shinkansen, had been suspended after the quake.

There were no reported abnormalities at Japan Atomic Power's nuclear plant 2 in Ibaraki Prefecture, near Tokyo, the provincial government said.

There were also no reports of damage at Narita Airport in Chiba, east of Tokyo, while transport authorities said runways at Haneda Airport had been temporarily closed for checks.

The earthquake caused a blackout that affected about 250 homes in the Japanese capital at around 23 pm.


Initially the AMJ said the magnitude of the earthquake had been 6,1 magnitude, but revised it to 5,9 and a depth of 75Km in the early hours of Friday (8)

Source: News and Culture

“Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition” will be produced by Yoshihiro Akiyama in Japan

The ONE Championship announced that “Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition” will be held at Shibuya O-East in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on October 5, 2021 (a Tuesday in Japan).

With the cooperation of Chatri Sityodtong (CEO of ONE Championship), Kazuhiro Sakamoto (Shooto & VTJ 'Promoter'), Shigeyoshi Akiyama (Sustain), Yuji Kitano (ABEMATV) and Ryo Chonan (Trybe Tokyo MMA), it looks like they will be able to. to perform “Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition” this time.

The tournament will be broadcast exclusively 'live' on ABEMATV, as announced by Mr. Yuji Kitano.

Yoshihiro Akiyama himself, fighter known by the nickname “Sexyama”, struggled a lot to get sponsors for this MMA competition.

-“Due to the prolonged health crisis, I learned that beginning fighters have fewer opportunities to fight than I do at 46 years old. However, I have not been able to attract enough sponsors to run the tournament previously. But now, while I was recovering from an injury, I called my friends to raise funds and we decided to do 'Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition' this time.”-announced Akiyama, through his social networks.

Hideyuki Hata, ONE Championship Japan branch representative, is also supporting the holding of the event.

-“I am delighted to be able to hold the fifth 'Road to ONE' this time, after the tournament in February this year. We will be able to provide more fighting opportunities for athletes. We will take preventive measures against infection by the new coronavirus. I am so honored to be here and deeply grateful to everyone involved. I hope that all participating fighters will be able to offer a brilliant tournament for everyone. Look forward to it," he said in a press release.

The event's 'card' will be “announced at a later date”, but there is another question that remains: will Akiyama himself participate only as a producer of the tournament or will he also fight? Will there be enough time for him to recover from his injury?

With a 'record' in MMA consisting of 15 wins, 7 losses and 2 'No Contest', Yoshihiro Akiyama is currently part of the ONE Championship's squad. His most recent fight was a “KO” victory over Sheriff Mohammed in the ONE main event in February 2020. In the future, he would like to promote an ONE tournament: “Japan vs. Korea".

Stay tuned for additional information about this tournament produced by Yoshihiro Akiyama.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 13 / 09 / 2021
Caption: The flyer for the promotion of “Road to ONE 5th: Sexyama Edition”.
Pictured above : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Fujisato Ichiro | ( C ) ABEMA TV | ( C ) ONE Championship | ( C ) Shooto | ( C ) Sustain | Publicity ).

Caption : The 5th edition of “Road to ONE” will be produced by Yoshihiro Akiyama.
Photo below : ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) Fujisato Ichiro | ( C ) ABEMA TV | ( C ) ONE Championship | ( C ) Shooto | ( C ) Sustain | Publicity ).


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Aruko World of the Ball in Tokyo

By: Marcia Assay.

ARUKO World of the ball was in Tokyo on December 21st, for the Hawai Futsal Cup champions' cup. That happened on December 12nd.

On landing in concentration.

Coach Cris Yamanaka has already lectured and begins preparations for the title, and represents Japan in Hawaii in February 2020.

The squad for this championship are:

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Vinicius Hashimoto Katsumi of 18 years.

At the age of 8, he started playing indoor football in Inazawa, at Santos' school, until he was 16 years old, "Indoor football", when he was 16 he started playing at Aruko Mundo da Bola.

I preferred the field soccer.

On the 22nd of the 12th, Katsumi plays in Tokyo to play Hawai Word cup.

On January 6th, he goes to Brazil with a contract signed for another 1 year with Cascavel.

Caio Iudi Yamagishi of 29 Years.

Lives in Nishio in Aichi-Ken, started at Aruko Mundo da Bola for the first FUT7 League. In February, he got to know AMDB through a friend. Cris met in a championship, a guard tournament in Hekina in the mini cup, today he is at Aruko Mundo da Bola, playing hall and the Socceity league, where he is also looking for the title for Hawai Word Cup. Today I see AMDB as a family that has been growing.


Even though the team did not win the Hawai Cup, there were 2 featured players who were invited to Hawaii representing Japan.

Aruko Mundo da Bola's highlight was Bruno Melo (even without playing because he was injured), Joás.

Foreign Olympic Teams Arrive in Japan

About 400 Olympic team members from 18 countries and territories are expected to arrive in Japan from 1st to 4th July.

Many foreign Olympic teams are arriving in Japan before the start of the Tokyo Games on July 23rd.

Japan's government has said that around 400 Olympic team members from 18 countries and territories are expected to arrive in the country from July 1st to 4th.

They will head to their pre-Games camp sites across the country after landing at Narita (Chiba), Haneda (Tokyo) or Chubu (Aichi) Airports.

On Thursday, 20 members of the US boxing team arrived in Narita. They used special lines for entry procedures without contacting other airport users, in an effort to prevent coronavirus infections.

A British sailing team has arrived in Haneda, and is expected to stay in their host city of Hayama (Kanagawa).

Japanese authorities are urged to contain virus infections using various measures, including border controls, amid the arrival of many foreign teams.

Source: NHK

Tokyo Governor is discharged from hospital

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike was discharged from hospital this Wednesday (30) after being treated for severe fatigue, the metropolitan government said, less than a month before the opening of the Olympics.

Koike, 68, was hospitalized on June 22nd. She will carry out her tasks via telecommuting for the time being under the guidance of doctors, the metropolitan government said.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart for making a lot of people worried and causing them problems by being out of work at this important time,” she said in a statement.

Koike faces the tasks of leading the capital's response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as preparations to host the Olympics and Paralympics. The Summer Games are expected to start on July 23 as Japan continues to struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

The governor said that her health has improved somewhat and she has promised to speed up her recovery so that she can fully return to her duties.

Source: Mainichi

Tokyo vaccination site cannot be used for second dose

Vaccination site in Tokyo cannot be used for the second dose application due to the Olympics.

Disused area of ​​the Tsukiji Fish Market will be used for the application of coronavirus vaccines to police and firefighters in Tokyo next month.

However, as the site will be used as the main parking lot for transport vehicles at the Tokyo Olympics, vaccination is expected to take place before final preparations begin, officials said.

The site will only be used until the end of June and, as everyone who takes the first dose must wait at least 3 weeks to receive the second, it will not be possible to apply the second dose at this site, due to preparations for the Olympics.

Due to this problem, the Tokyo government is preparing another vaccination site.

Source: NHK

After the success of their 'New Year's Eve' show Rizin FF announces return to Tokyo Dome in March

Following the tradition started with the extinct Pride FC and then with other promotions in the 'land of the Rising Sun', the Japanese closed the year with yet another great mixed martial arts show and just as they have been doing since 2015, Rizin FF promoted its spectacular annual 'new year's eve' event. 
Japan's main MMA franchise currently promotes a 'card' made up of an astronomical number of 16 fights, 13 of which are MMA fights, 2 kickboxing fights and 1 fight in the 'Custom Rules Bout' format (ie, “fights with custom rules ”).
The show was in accordance with the standards established by the aforementioned Pride and this was reflected in the television numbers with 7,3% of Fuji TV's audience, recovering the same level as last year or, according to some other sources, even surpassing it. .
Rizin 26 also marked the company's return to Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The capacity of spectators was limited due to restrictions imposed by Covid-19, but the event attracted an audience of 9.908 people.
Shortly after the end of the show, it was announced that Rizin 27 will be held at Tokyo Dome on March 14, in what will be the first time that Rizin will hold an event there, which has not happened for about 17 years, since the it was Pride. 
It is worth remembering that some of the biggest events in Japanese MMA history took place at the Tokyo Dome, including Pride 1, Pride 4, Pride Grand Prix 2000, Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals, Pride 17, Pride 23 and Pride Final Conflict 2003. All they were all held at the aforementioned baseball stadium, which has a capacity for 55.000 people.
If social distance regulations are still in place until March, at least the Tokyo Dome will allow Rizin to sell more tickets and attract a larger audience.
As for the fights of December 31, the 'main event' (and therefore “main event”) of Rizin 26 was a valid rematch for the bantamweight belt, which returned to the Japanese Kyoji Horiguchi. He faced fellow countryman Kai Asakura, who defeated him in 2019 and won the vacant title in August.
The 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event') brought us the undefeated Japanese kickboxing star, Tenshin Nasukawa. Now owner of a 28-0 “record”, he fought enough to dominate veteran Kumandoi Phetjaroenvit (158 fights) and win by unanimous decision.
In the antepenultimate fight of the program, Mikuru Asakura won another one for the family, just five weeks after he detonated Yutaka Saito, who won by unanimous decision (in Rizin 25). This time, he knocked out Satoshi Yamasu, a former DEEP champion.
Meanwhile, Japanese MMA 'living legend' Takanori Gomi defeated Koji Tanaka 'Kickboxer' by majority decision.
Also noteworthy was the performance of Ayaka Hamasaki who won the female atom weight belt (up to 49kg) by defeating Miyuu Yamamoto in the first round with a finishing technique rarely used: a scissor choke.
But the most anticipated moment of the night for the Brazilian public was the fight of the São Paulo Kleber Koike Erbst, former champion of the featherweight category of the Polish KSW tournament, who submitted Kyle Aguon, from Guam, in his debut for the franchise.
The card also served as the stage for the MMA debut of the Olympic fighter Shinobu Ota and the young “sensation” of Kickboxing Ren Hiramoto.
Rizin 26
December 31, 2020
Saitama Super Arena
Saitama, Japan
Kyoji Horiguchi defeated Kai Asakura by technical knockout at 2m48s of R1
Tenshin Nasukawa defeated Kumandoi Phetjaroenvit by unanimous decision
Mikuru Asakura defeated Satoshi Yamasu by technical knockout at 4: 20s of R1
Takanori Gomi defeated Koji Tanaka by majority decision
Ayaka Hamasaki defeated Miyuu Yamamoto via submission 1m42s from R1
Naoki Inoue defeated Yuki Motoyo via submission at 3m00s of R1
Kleber Koike defeated Kyle Aguon via submission at 4m22s of R1
Kyohei Hagiwara defeated Ren Hiramoto by technical knockout 1m29s from R2
Hideo Tokoro defeated Shinobu Ota via submission at 2: 45s of R2
Yoshinari Nadaka defeated Petmalai Phetjaroenvit by technical knockout at 2: 20s of R1
Ulka Sasaki defeated Kenta Takizawa via unanimous decision
Kanna Asakura defeated Ai Shimizu by unanimous decision
Shibatar defeated Hiroya via submission via R2
Kazuma Kuramoto defeated Taiyo Nakahara by knockout at 2m12s of R1
Tsuyoshi Sudario defeated Ikuhisa Minowa by technical knockout at 3m19s of R1
Sakura Mori vs. Eru Takebayashi ended in “No Contest”
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 03 / 01 / 2021
Photo: Kyoji Horiguchi recovered the bantamweight champion belt at Rizin 26. (Credits | Courtesy: @RIZINFF | Disclosure). 

Quick results of HEAT 47 held on Sunday in Tokyo, Japan

Launched in February 2005, HEAT is a Nagoya-based 'mixed martial arts' promotion whose aim is to launch fighters from “central Japan” and project them to the entire world in MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate and Pro Wrestling, among other martial arts modalities, always with the themes “from Nagoya to the world” and “Japan vs. the world".
The tournament also takes place in Tokyo and Osaka.
Currently, HEAT has been active as a mixed Kickboxing and MMA event, according to organizer Tamio Shimura, a Japanese Kempo stylist (Shorinji Kenpo).
The franchise's latest show, HEAT 47, was held on Sunday (September 13) at the Star Rise Tower in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
In this edition, Brazilians Jairo Kusunoki (Freelancer) and Vitor Toffanelli (Brazilian Thai / Danilo Zanolini) fought and won in exciting Kickboxing fights against Japanese opponents.
But this 'card' also featured a Brazilian MMA champion in the 'land of the Rising Sun': João Batista Yoshimura (Brazilian Thai / Danilo Zanolini), who beat Japanese Go Hishinuma early in the first round.
Check out the results of “HEAT 47: MMA & Kiboxing”, which include:
September 13th, 2020
Star Rise Tower
Tokyo, Japan
MMA: Shigeaki Kusayanagi defeated Ukyo Abe in the 1st minute and 5 seconds of the second round by TKO
Kickboxing: Henry Cejas defeated Fumio Ujihara in the 1st minute and 56 seconds of the fourth round by TKO
Kickboxing: Abiral Ghimire defeated Ryuya in the 1st minute and 44 seconds of the first round by TKO
MMA: Shigeaki “Kusa MAX” Kusayanagi defeated Ukyo Abe in the 1st minute and 5 seconds of the second round by TKO
Kickboxing: Izaya Matsushima defeated Takuya “T-98” Imamura 30 seconds into the third round by TKO
Kickboxing: Mohan “Dragon” Maharjan defeated Tomomi Hosogoe via majority decision (29-28,30-29,30-29) after three rounds
Kickboxing: Jairo Kusunoki defeated Kentaro Ishikawa in the 2nd minute and 35 seconds of the second round by KO
MMA: João Batista Yoshimura defeated Go Hishinuma in the 1st minute and 13 seconds of the first round by TKO
Kickboxing: Vitor Toffanelli defeated Yukio Yasukawa by majority decision (28-29,28-30,29-30) after three rounds
MMA: Kaoru Hashimoto defeated Yoon Tae-sun by majority decision (27-30,27-30,27-30) after three rounds
MMA: Takuya Kuramoto defeated Yuji Akiyama at 1 minute and 6 seconds by TKO
* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 14 / 09 / 2020
Pictured above: Bruno Marega (left), Vitor Toffanelli (center) and Danilo Zanolini (right). After winning at Fight Dragon and HEAT 47, Vitor Toffanelli will fight at the K-1 World GP in Japan in November. (Courtesy | Credits: AP Danilo Zanolini | @HEATofficialcom | Disclosure).
Below: Vitor Toffanelli will fight Noiri Masaaki at the K-1 World GP in Japan in November. ( Courtesy | Credits : ( C ) K-1 Japan Group | ( C ) M-1 Sports Media | Disclosure ).
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Results of the MMA Deep Jewels 29 show held in Tokyo, Japan

The biggest female MMA event in the “land of the Rising Sun” today, Deep Jewels showed its 29th fight card on Thursday, July 23, 2020, at night, at Shinjuku Face, Tokyo, Japan.

This tournament was held with an audience present (half the capacity of the gym) according to the Tokyo flexibility program and tickets were sold out quickly. But the competition was also distributed through a 'Pay-Per-View' system to fans who were unable to buy tickets and did not attend the fights in person.

Deep Jewels 29 had as a highlight and therefore 'main event' (or “main event”) of its programming a valid fight for the interim title of the female strawweight between Asami “Akaringo” Nakai and Miki Motono.

Nakai took the initiative, throwing the first punches, but Motono responded with a takedown. On the ground, the AACC promise moved to the half guard and Nakai tried to scrape, but failed to reverse and Motono remained on top, from where he continually punched his opponent's body.

After throwing blows with the elbows on Nakai's face, the athlete originally from Judo managed to mount, from where she started a sequence of punches, forcing referee Minoru Toyonaga to intervene and stop the fight at 4:23 of the first round.

With the impressive victory by TKO (punches) Motono improved his MMA record to 5-1-0, in addition to becoming Deep Jewels' new strawweight champion. Nakai fell 4-3.

In the 'co-main event' (or 'co-main event'), Shizuka Sugiyama and Mika “Arami” Arai had a 'contract fight' in the category of 61 kg or less, which is close to the female bantamweight.

After an early exchange of blows, Arai tries to shoot down and Sugiyama defends himself, then counterattacks and takes Arai to the mat. "Arami" tries a leg lock and Sugiyama uses his fists. The fighters stand up, and this time, it is Arai who knocks down Sugiyama, but she reverses and passes to the side control from where she hits elbows.

The second round develops similarly to the first, with the athletes trying to fall, delivering traumatic blows when on the ground and alternating good times.
The situation would only be defined at the beginning of the third and final round, when Shizuka Sugiyama submitted Arai with an arm-lock, after obtaining the mount.

A notable curiosity was the last minute change in the lineup of the long-awaited Kikcboxing fight 'King' Reina Miura and Marina Kumagai that was transferred to Deep 95 Impact, an MMA show that will be held on August 22.

In place of the fight, an elimination match of 'Grappling' was inserted in the format of “Tag-Team” (teams) that pitted the duo Ayaka Hamasaki and Emi Tomimatsu against the partners Tomo Maesawa and Mizuki Furuse.

Pairing was determined using a rock-paper-scissors in the center of the ring, just before the start of the dispute. The first was Hamasaki, who eliminated Furuse with an armbar at 1:10.

Then Tomimatsu and Maesawa revived their rivalry in the martial arts. Maesawa was able to defend himself from the initial attacks, but in the sequence, Tomimatsu dropped with a double-leg and forced his opponent to withdraw with an armbar applied at 6:42.

Check out the results of “Deep Jewels 29” which include:

Deep Jewels 29
23 July 2020
Shinjuku Face
Tokyo, Japan

MMA: Miki Motono (AACC) defeated Asami “Akaringo” Nakai (Free) by TKO (punches) at 4:23 of the first round
MMA: Shizuka Sugiyama (Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me, We) defeated Mika Arai (Free) via submission (arm-lock) at 1:49 of the third round
Grappling Match : Deep Jewels Tag-Team - 1 × 10 : Ayaka Hamasaki (AACC) & Emi Tolimatsu (Paraestra) beat Mizuki Furuse (MMA Academy) & Tomo Maesawa (ALPHA) by submission (armbar) at 1:10 and at 6:42
MMA: Hikaru Aono (Striple Shinyurigaoka) defeated Rion Noda (KRAZYBEE) by TKO (punches) at 4:53 of the first round.
MMA: Saori Oshima (AACC) defeated Sakura Mori (Free) via submission (Kimura) at 2:10 of the second round
MMA: Otoha Nagao (AACC) defeated Pan “Kai” Hui (ALPHA) by split decision (20-18, 19-19, 18-20) after two rounds
MMA: Yuri Takeda defeated Aya Murakami by majority decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19) after two rounds
MMA: Moeri Suda defeated Motoko “Moochan” Tashiro via submission on the arm at 3:00 of the first round

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 24 / 07 / 2020
Pictured above: Shizuka Sugiyama returned to winning ways and now boasts a 19-6-1 MMA record. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Deep Jewels | ( C ) Deep Impact | Disclosure ).

Below: Miki Motono defeated Asami “Akaringo” Nakai and won the working strawweight title of Deep Jewels. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Deep Jewels | ( C ) Deep Impact | Disclosure ).

image 1595511363 5daa3

Check out the new Deep Jewels 29 card to be held in Tokyo, Japan

Deep Jewels 29 is scheduled for July 23 at Shinjuku Face and, with the easing of restrictions in Japan, tickets are already sold out, since mixed martial arts events can already accommodate a part of your audience.

But it is worth remembering that the event will still be distributed through the “SPWN” Pay-Per-View system, operated by Barusu Co. Ltd., where after registering as a user, fans who have not purchased a ticket will be able to pay to view the show from the comfort of your home.

The event - which was rescheduled from the previously stipulated date - will be headlined by a title fight between Asami Nakai and Miki Motono.

Some of the other highlights of the card are Shizuka Sugiyama, who will have a new opponent in his MMA fight, and 'King Reina' Miura, who will be competing in a Kickboxing match.

Sugiyama (18-6-1) was supposed to face Kano Kagaya, but this was replaced by Mika Arai (4-2). She has not fought for promotion since 2018 and comes from submission defeat to Ji Yeon Seo at Double G 3, held in South Korea last year.

'King Reina' Miura will be competing in Kickboxing, as stated earlier. The MMA veteran will fight Marina Kumagai in a bantamweight fight.

In addition, three other fights were announced in the super atom weight division (49kg).

Pan Hui, a fighter originally from China, but who is currently based in Japan, will face the Japanese Otoha Nagao.

In other fights, Hikaru Aono faces Lion Noda, while Sakura Mori will fight Mayu Kawanishi, who is undefeated as an amateur and will make her debut as an MMA professional.

Deep Jewels 29
23 July 2020
Shinjuku Face
Tokyo, Japan

Asami Nakai x Miki Motono (for the vague strawweight title)
Shizuka Sugiyama vs. Mika Arai (bantamweight)
Kickboxing: Reina Miura vs. Marina Kumagai (bantamweight)
Hikaru Aono x Lion Noda (super atom weight)
Sakura Mori x Mayu Kawanishi (super atom weight)
Pan Hui vs. Otoha Nagao (super atom weight)

(* the 'card' is subject to change)

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 17 / 07 / 2020
Pictured above: Deep Jewels is the biggest female MMA event in Japan today. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Deep Jewels | ( C ) Deep Impact | Disclosure ).

Below: Shizuka Sugiyama will have a new opponent, Mika Arai. ( Credits | Courtesy : ( C ) Deep Jewels | ( C ) Deep Impact | Disclosure ).

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