WordPress Hosting

First what would be WordPress ?

WordPress is CMS Most used (Content Manager) in the world to create websites because it is a great and complete system for creating amazing websites that you can manage yourself.

You must be wondering what it is CMS, or what is WordPress, isn't it? Don't worry, it's nothing too complicated to understand. A CMS is a website content management system whose main objective is to make the creation of digital pages very simple and also easy to update content.

Have you ever wondered how complicated it is to work with programming and building a website? Hardly a lay person could accomplish this task without proper knowledge, but WordPress has come to make it easier. WordPress allows anyone to be able to create and edit a blog or website without the need for programming knowledge.

Os CMS They come with a number of functions such as photo gallery, form manager, plug-in, add-on, etc. There are currently several other site managers, but WordPress is undoubtedly the best and most widely used.

Don't know what domain and hosting is.

Domain is the registration of a name, which is used to connect your site to your hosting through a word or string for the purpose of facilitating access to your site through a web browser.

What is hosting?

Unlike the domain, which only links your site so that it can be accessed through a word or string, hosting is one such as an online space reserved for your website, it is through it that you store the files. that keeps your site up and running.

Why is WordPress the best?

There are several reasons why people prefer this site manager. Check out some:

  • Easily and quickly create platforms.
  • Nowadays people no longer accept to pay dearly to have their web page and for this reason they opt for intuitive managers.
  • WordPress is very simple and allows anyone to create a blog or website within minutes.
  • WordPress is free!
  • WordPress has organized, beautiful and professional templates.
  • The company already has a history and is consolidated in the market, which gives more security to its users.
  • The versatility of having everything in one place is also one of the reasons for its success. There you can have an online store, a website and / or blog.
  • Easy to work with SEO techniques

Since the year of 2003 when it was created, this manager has kept its focus on providing affordable quality service and simple control panel. As I said earlier, you still fear being able to create your site for free with WordPress.com or you can opt for a more complete version with WordPress.org.

O Club Mokuhyou You have some special plans for your members.

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Our platform is designed with a focus on isolating CPU and memory resources without sharing with other hosts.

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Free MySQL database at no additional cost.

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Free email accounts at no additional cost.

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Includes priority technical support.

Access via FTP and SSH.

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