Benefits of our WordPress hosting

All of our hosting plans have dedicated resources, we do not work with shared hosting.

Pay less and enjoy the same dedicated feature, come and join Club Mokuhyou Shinbun Japan.

Installation with just 1 click, without sharing, including free SSL and unlimited email accounts.

With just one click you can install WordPress on our platform. All bureaucratic part of creating database, login and password are generated automatically through the system and if you want you can customize.

You do not need to pay to have SSL on your website, we install it for you for free.

Convenience when it comes to managing, editing, sending and deleting files on your hosting server.

Do you know how much your hosting is consuming? Can you predict when it might go down? This is one of the most innovative features that you will like.

Our servers are located in data centers around the world. This dramatically reduces latency and improves the performance of website and email services. 99,7% uptime guarantee in all locations.

Without you having to worry about it, our engineers take care of all backup routines for all sites.

Here you can create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with unlimited quantity, without additional cost.

Who likes to keep receiving unwanted emails in their inbox? All emails have a completely free antispam filter.

Count on servers optimized for the most used CMS in the world, which is the WordPress.

We have protection firewalls that filter possible attacks on the sites hosted here.

With safe and intuitive webmail system. Access via imap, pop3, smtp.

Have your own email, [Email protected] Why pay individually for each email account your company needs, if you can create emails at no additional cost.

With us you do not have to worry about whether the site will exceed the traffic limit, because we have no limit, you can traffic data on your site unlimitedly.

Our platform is designed with a focus on isolating CPU and memory resources without sharing with other hosts.

See what our plans have to offer different from the competition:

In plan 01

Ram: 2Gb.

CPU: 4Ghz.

Storage SSD: 80Gb.

Monthly fee: R $ 70,00 Reais - automatic exchange for your currency.

In Plan 02

Ram: 4Gb.

CPU: 6Ghz.

Storage SSD: 120Gb.

Monthly fee: R $ 120,00 Reais - automatic exchange for your currency.

In Plan 03

Ram: 8Gb.

CPU: 8Ghz.

Storage SSD: 160Gb.

Monthly fee: R $ 180,00 Reais - automatic exchange for your currency.

In Plan 04

Ram: 16Gb.

CPU: 12Ghz.

Storage SSD: 320Gb.

Monthly fee: R $ 300,00 Reais - automatic exchange for your currency.

In Plan 05

Ram: 24Gb.

CPU: 16Ghz.

Storage SSD: 640Gb.

Monthly fee: R $ 550,00 Reais - automatic exchange for your currency.

In Plan 06

Ram: 32Gb.

CPU: 20Ghz.

Storage SSD: 1024Gb.

Monthly fee: R $ 1250,00 Reais - automatic exchange for your currency.

All of our WordPress hosting plans, have our security system and settings that will protect your website from DDos, Bad bots, SQL Injection and other internet threats.

Like it, try it out and check it out, get one of our plans, monthly value without fidelity, you stay because you like it.

Total support and no surprises, the amount is fixed and there will be no adjustments so you can rest assured.

Attention after payment confirmation your Panel will be available within 48 hours. Regardless of whether it is Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday.

Any questions please contact us.