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New Club Mokuhyou Shinbun, come and meet our benefits club, with a wealth of digital features and incredible discounts on Club partners and covenants, annual subscription with discount on hiring and renewal, for your convenience and security, payment made through PayPal ou PagSeguro .

All club members or supporters will have the right to post their banner on our website, all our readers will have access to the banner “banners with content deemed violent, illegal or sexual will not be allowed in accordance with the laws of Brazil and Japan“Members will be able to expose their producers for sale in our online store, and their banners will also be posted on our social networks and partners.

Learn more about Club Mokuhyou Shinbun, click here.

And for you who want to have a secure website free from data attacks and other intrusions and still have daily backups of your website, come join Club Mokuhyou. All club members are entitled to a website backed up by our security system designed for club members. (The website does not include domain registration or installation exemptions), “WordPress” platform, automatic PHP upgrade, WP, database and FTP access, will not be charged monthly, or hosting service, for further information see Club Mokuhyou - . Club Member Website Hosting Package - Includes Limited 'SSD' 10 GB 'Hard Disk Space See Regulations or Contact Email ', requesting a larger space (additional charge may apply), unlimited data traffic, installation time up to 48 H after payment confirmation.

Personalized technical support, email service, whatsapp - any time of day or night service for club members Monday through Sunday.

The Club also has the advantage of tours and travel for a promotional value through its partnership with Japan Tourwhere your members will be able to take tours to Japan and Asia - at much more attractive prices.

O Paparazzo Japan, provides Club members with a space to post their photos and videos, as per the data inclusion policy, for clarification send an email: .

Your banner ads may appear on the Channel Japan guideAmazingly good promotional prices for Japan Tourist Guide, publicizing your events among other benefits.

Needing a promoter, advice on your event, guidance, tips, coverage, club members are fully supported by Assay Eventos from start to finish, for values ​​well below the market, exclusive benefit only for those who are part of Club Mokuhyou Shinbun.

With custom webmail system for your emails, automatic setting limit 10 emails for each domain, for further technical clarification send an email to .

Digital regulation and contract here.

Club Mokuhyou management system can be accessed by members via the, all members received their credentials by email, in this system the same to access their club emails, send their banners for promotion, request technical support and even send additional documents or receive data by the management system.

To discounted annual subscription, use one of the following options - less than R$ 30,00 dollars per month, don't miss this opportunity, just pay R$ 350,00 per year and get access to all of these club benefits, among other exclusive benefits:

Choose a Club Partner:

To Monthly subscription of R $ 60,00 reais - no discount, use the option below:

All signatures are protected by the system. PayPal ou PagSeguro , after payment by no later than 48H, the new member will receive all email access data in their email Club, and you can now enjoy the benefits of Club, contact in email: .