What we do

What we do

The Connection Japan website - Maintained by the Mokuhyou Shinbun Group - 目標 新聞.

It aims to provide everyone with:

A free web newspaper, making no profit from the news and information posted on the website of the online newspaper "". All news has a translation system for more than 90 languages, among the languages ​​the system highlights the main languages ​​in the whole of the site.

We do not accept Fake News or news of a derogatory nature, which may harm someone or entities for personal or other reasons, we do not accept adult content or related to illegal substances that generate chemical or psychological dependence.

Anyone can send their news to our web newspaper, via email , we believe that information is of paramount importance and should be free for everyone. All sources are disclosed with their due credits and in case of any unknown technical or programming error the sources do not appear and only inform us that we will correct or remove the news from the site immediately.

To maintain the costs of our servers, we have the help of our employees, sponsors and various services such as online store, digital club system, hosting, website creation, server management and e-mails.

We have a strong data protection policy which we never disclose any personal information about our employees or members of the digital club or other services without prior authorization.

To understand our privacy policy, which remains in accordance with the GDPR, please visit our page:

Privacy Policy -

Who we are -

As an advisor and in support of legal issues, we have our lawyer:

Brazil - Lawyer: Raphael Guilherme da Silva - OAB / SP Under No. 316.914.

We have an online gallery on the Paparazzo Japan website “”, which all photographers are invited to disclose their work for free.

We are always innovating in digital security and sub domains that can please our readers and followers.

Once again we thank all of you, who are the reason for our project to exist.

Thank you very much.

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