Corrections policy

Corrections policy

Journalistic error is not fake news

Conceptually, the journalistic error is not intentional. It is something that can happen in journalistic practice, often due to the loosening of investigation procedures, other times due to mistakes by the source, etc. But, in theory, the vehicle does not want to go wrong (and here I am not referring to manipulation, which is another concept).

Of technical and ethical nature, the journalistic error is the incorrectness, falsification or imprecision in the publication of a news item, caused by negligence, imprudence or malpractice. Failure to admit the error or its deliberate occurrence affects the quality and credibility of the journalistic product with the reading public or other interested groups.

In this definition, what I call “deliberate occurrence”, that is, when something is done on purpose, it comes close to understanding fake news. But although they have similar consequences - they affect quality and credibility - they are not synonymous.

Correction procedures

Our readers can contact us by email , for sending criticisms, suggestions or pointing out errors. Whenever we detect a problem, we correct the text immediately and we wrote an update at the end of the story, with the date and time of the change, to indicate what was changed and explain why. We also sent an alert to the email of those who showed us the error.

From now on, thank you very much for your understanding, we are always at your disposal.
And in the case of legal guidance regarding the news or our website and only seek the same guidance with Lawyer: Raphael Guilherme da Silva - OAB / SP Under No. 316.914.
Through the same e-mail address mentioned above.

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