About Us

About Us

The daily news portal Connection Japan - Nonprofit, was created in the year - 2017, by the Mokuhyou Shinbun Japan 目標新聞 group, employees and volunteers.

"We live in a world of constant transformations. With each new generation, the forms of relationships and life in society change. We can say that the current generation is already marked by the transformations caused by the Internet, a tool that has become fundamental in our lives and today it is present in our daily lives, anywhere, whether at home, at work or even through cell phones".

With this new tool, information comes with extraordinary speed everywhere.

Aware of the importance of quality information and the potential of the Internet today, we created the Project non-profit: Connection Japan ®

With automatic translation for over 80 languages ​​and with language selection flags for the 10 most accessed languages ​​at the top of the site.

Our main goal is the free and free dissemination of national and international news to the international Brazilian community and any other reader, free of charge, we believe that everyone must be entitled to access to information and not just a paying percentage in the world.

Thanks the support of all and the collaboration for the propagation of our project.

Team of collaborators.

Legal - Lawyer: Raphael Guilherme da Silva - OAB/SP Under No. 316.914.

In accordance with Article 46, I Law 9610 / 98 e Law No. 5.250 of 9's February 1967.
Freedom of the Press Law - Law 2083 / 53 | Law No. 2.083, 12's November 1953.

Japan phone: 080-6961-8761 - Hideaki Hirano.

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