Japan Tour

The Japan Tour is more than 20 years old, making excursions to Brazilians in Japan, going to various places in Japan and other countries: China, South Korea and Thailand.

Having as its responsible and representative Mr. Luis Matos, residing in Japan more than 30 years. And with 20 years of experience in tours and tourist guide for the Brazilians that lives in Japan, currently, already realizing excursions for Brazilians that comes from Brazil.

With several excursions, pre-programmed for various places like Universal "Amusement park", Okinawa, Kyoto among other sights, winter and summer excursions: beaches, castles, amusement park: Disney and Universal, mountain and Mount Fuji, all in his time.
The Japan Tour, has partners to publicize its tourism work.

The photographer - Mario Hideaki Hirano, more than 10 years of partnership, TV Luis - beginning this year.

And our website: Connection Japan ® - Company: Mokuhyou Shinbun ®.

For more information: Japan Tour - Excursions & Tourism

Fone - JP: Luis Matos  - Facebook.

Japan - 090.3380.5349 (Docomo).
Japan - 080.3640.5349 (SoftBank) - WhatsApp.

Get to know more about the incredible tours of the Japan Tour through our travel history and photos.