Team of collaborators

The daily news portal - Connection JapanNonprofit, was created in the year - 2017, by the group Mokuhyou Shinbun Japan.

Developer and webmaster:

Brazil: Leandro Lopes Ferreira Neto.

Webmaster, programmer and publisher.

Training: PHP, SENAC - PA, Systems Analyst.

Journalist and sports editor:

Brazil: Oriosvaldo Costa.

Martial arts teacher, experienced journalist and columnist.

He is currently our main collaborator and sports journalist.

Journalist and volunteer columnist:

Brazil: Jonathan Hirano

Journalist - volunteer columnist:

Japan: Angelica Hayassaka.

Volunteer columnist:

Brazil: Professor - Alan Nunes Bica *, State and Municipal professor in Rio Grande do Sul, with a background in History and specialization in Sociology.

Professional photographer and correspondent:

Japan: Mario Hideaki Hirano.

Enthusiast in journalism, photography and martial arts "Grand Master".

Editor and Content Aggregator:

Japan: Rogério T. Hirano

Computer technician, blogger and one of our main aggregators of dynamic and journalistic content.

Corresponding photographer:

Japan: Marcia Assay

He works as a correspondent photographer for our website and sub-domain Paparazzo Japan at the following address:

Volunteer co-workers and friends:

Claudia, Rodrigo, Fernanda, Mysterio, Carlos Jo Hayashi, TV Luis “YouTube”, day | Angelica Hayassaka.

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CNPJ - 28.872.542 / 0001-73 - Brazil.

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