Photographer | Mario Hideaki Hirano

Photographer and journalist:  Mario Hideaki Hirano

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 Ex-student of the Master LI WING KAY-GARRA DE ÁGUIA, trained 15 years of kung fu.

 It was prof. kung fu EAGLE CLAW No. RGS - PORTO ALEGRE.

 He was a kung fu referee at RGS .

 He was a member of the RGS: Boxer, Kung Fu and Fight-Free.

 He trained several Martial Arts techniques in RGS.


 Trained SHORINJI KEMPO - 3 years, Black Belt.

 He is aware of various Martial Arts techniques and their variations of styles, approximately from 20 to 25 Martial Arts styles,

 He was a correspondent for the magazine COMBAT SPORT, KNOCKOUT, from the newspaper MARTIAL BAY and cultural entity of International Martial Arts.

MEDIA: in Japan

 Worked as newspaper correspondent. WORLD SHEET de Hamamatsu - Shizuoka: 6 years.

 Was photographed from the site:WWW.AGITOJAPAO.COM.

 Was a photographer and cameraman of the site:WWW.CLICKSJP.COM and magazine CLICK'S: 4 years.

Created the portal: Paparazzo of Japan.


Web newspaper photographer and cameraman, as a correspondent between Japan and Brazil.

Paparazzo Japan gallery creator - , where he publishes his numerous works, including photos and videos.