Connection Japan News Portal - It was created in the year of 2017.
Journalistic Enthusiast Initiative: Mario Hideaki Hirano | Mokuhyou Shinbun - Japan.
Currently maintained by the group of employees, as a private initiative,

"We live in a world of constant transformation. Each new generation changes the forms of relationships and life in society. We can say that the current generation is already marked by the transformations provoked by the Internet, a tool that has become fundamental in our lives and today is present in our daily life, anywhere, whether in our home, work place or even through cell phones ".

With this new tool, the information arrives with an extraordinary speed everywhere. The media, which previously needed hours to release news, now only need the time to produce the material and broadcast around the world.

Aware of the importance of quality information and the potential of the Internet these days, we created the Project: Connection Japan ®, highlighting news from municipalities and regions of Brazil and Japan for the Brazilian, Japanese community and for those who want to see news without government influence, for free without the need for a signature monthly. A pioneering project in our region, valuing regions that are often forgotten by the traditional media.

The content of the site is based on the main events, in the most diverse areas. In addition to content submitted by employees | friends.

We provide an overview of the main news stories that circulate in Brazil and Japan, as well as agendas and events. Thanks the support of all and the collaboration for the propagation of our project.

Team of collaborators.

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