The contract is not yet closed, but it's almost all right for Jairo Kusunoki and Bob Sapp to fight in the next HEAT. (Courtesy | Credits: personal archive Jairo Kusunoki | Marcos Sogabe).

Jairo Kusunoki will be able to fight with Bob Sapp in the 45ª edition of the HEAT

Jairo Kusunoki, a Brazilian native of the city of São Roque, in the state of São Paulo, began training boxing with only

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Satoshi Ishii and Jérôme LeBanner receiving the awards after their respective victories over Gibrainn de Oliveira and Jairo Kusunoki (Courtesy: HEAT).

【HEAT】 Satoshi Ishii and Jérôme LeBanner win the MMA show in Nagoya

Launched in February of 2005, HEAT is a "Mixed Martial Arts" promotion based in Nagoya whose aim is to launch

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