In addition to the confirmed single-night 4 fighter knockout tournament, there is also the possibility of a team duel (Lion's Den and Hammer House) in 'glove-free' boxing. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal Collection Ken Shamrock | Instagram VALUE Bare Knuckle).

Ken Shamrock announces the first fights of VALUE Bare Knuckle

[Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil] - Ken Shamrock, “World's Most Dangerous Man” and co-founder

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The promotion of boxing without gloves is one of the first legalized, sanctioned and regulated in the world. (Courtesy | Credits: Bare Knuckle Fighting media).

Larry Jones and Shannon Ritch are the names behind the Bare Knuckle Fighting

As a combat sport that touts a remarkable story, glove-free boxing is timeless and has a long history.

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Former UFC fighters signed to compete in "Bare Knuckle Boxing" or "glove-free" boxing for us Brazilians. (Courtesy: Bare Knuckle FC Disclosure).

Artem Lobov and Jason Knight sign to fight at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

If you are a 'hardcore' fan of martial arts and contact sports you surely have heard of such

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The veteran fighter will represent the United States against Mexico's Omar Molina, February 2 in Cancun (Courtesy: Divulgação).

"Boxing without gloves" arrives in Mexico with Shannon Ritch and other 'stars' of MMA

It is notorious that the fastest growing sport in the world today is the MMA (acronym in English)

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Bec Rawlings believes that boxing 'without gloves' will take the place of MMA over time. (Courtesy: Disclosure).

Check out the 'card' of "BKFC 2-The New Era": Bec Rawlings included in the schedule

The newest 'revolutionary' combat sport may end up being even Bare Knuckle Boxing (boxing 'no gloves' or

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UFC Australia star Bec Rawlings has proven he can hit with the same unlined strength on the first card of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. (Photo courtesy: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports)

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Results 1: "The Beginning"

[CHEYENNE, Wyoming, USA] - As proof that the bouts of Bareknuckle Boxing (popularly known as 'boxing'

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