This Sunday, July 14 from 2019, archive photo, the sun sets behind telescopes at the Mauna Kea Dome in Hawaii. The man charged with trying to find a way out of a halt over building a giant telescope in Hawaii says he has met native Hawaiian leaders. But the only issue in which they reached a consensus was to meet again. (Photo: Photo AP / Caleb Jones)

Hawaii grants 2 postponement for giant telescope construction

The start of construction of a huge mountain-top telescope in Hawaii will be delayed by two years

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People bathe in a fountain fleeing the heat in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, 27 July 2019, with the business tower Lakhta Center, home of the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom, in the background. (Photo: Photo AP / Dmitri Lovetsky)

July may set world record as hottest month

The planet has resisted what may have been the hottest July in history, the Meteorological Organization said.

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In this July 20 1969 photo provided by NASA, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, pilot of the lunar module, walks on the surface of the Moon during the extraveular activity of Apollo 11. Photo: Neil Armstrong / NASA via AP

NASA celebrates 50 years of man's first lunar walk

Half a century ago, in the middle of a year of war, famine, street violence and widening the gap between

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The photo shows an archaeologist taking notes in an ancient Phillstine cemetery near Ashkelon, Israel. Human remains from an old Philistine cemetery have yielded precious DNA fragments which, according to the researchers, help prove the European origin of the enigmatic enemies of the biblical Israelites. (Photo: AP Photo / Tsafrir Abayov, Archive)

Study of Philistine genes helps solve the biblical mystery

Goliath or Greek? Human remains from an ancient cemetery in southern Israel have yielded precious DNA fragments that

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In this photo of 2014 provided by the University of Mississippi, Dr. Suman Chandra inspects the marijuana plants growing in the Ole Miss Medicinal Gardens at University, Mississippi. The plants are used for research under a contract from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The planned growth of NIDA for 2019 will be split between high and high THC varieties of CBD with "recent interest (in CBD) as a potential drug for a number of medical conditions," said NIDA. (Photo: Robert Jordan / University of Mississippi via AP)

USA cultivates its largest marijuana crop for research

The US government is growing the largest marijuana crop in five years, responding to the interest in varieties with

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This computer graphics image released by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) shows the Hayabusa2 spacecraft above the asteroid Ryugu. (Photo: ISAS / JAXA via AP)

JAXA says space probe successfully landed on asteroid

The Japanese space agency reported that data transmitted from the Hayabusa 2 probe indicated that it landed successfully on a

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