Papuans protesting Indonesian rule in Surabaya in December. Indonesian authorities have reacted harshly to past independence protests, arresting and beating activists. Photo: Trisnadi / AP

Indonesia arrests dozens of Western Papuans for sewage flag

Indonesian authorities stormed a university dormitory in Surabaya on Saturday and arrested dozens of students from West Papua

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A young woman hovers at the entrance to one of Kabukicho's information centers, which give recommendations for bars and sex shops. Photo: Kosuke Okahara / The Guardian

College girls on sale: How Tokyo struggles to end the "JK"

On a wet Wednesday night, the streets of Kabukicho, the most famous red light district of Tokyo, vibrate

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Two Filipino classmates left in the foreground receive school reports from their teacher's first semester on the right and recall the events of the last six months at Nishi-Nakahara Municipal School, Kawasaki Nakahara Ward, Kanagawa. in 5's October 2018. (Photo: Asahi via Yusuke Saito)

Non-Japanese account for 70% of all night school students

Filipino Theodore Danicah Tan, eighteen, hopes to be a doctor in the future, but one thing was upsetting her plans:

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Aliens study at a Japanese language school in Amami, Kagoshima Prefecture. Photo: Asahi

Sony and Fujitsu use blockchain to contain false document flow

Sony and Fujitsu Ltd. have teamed up to develop an encrypted database that will prevent counterfeit documents

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