A ceremony marking the 74 anniversary of the US bombing of Nagasaki is held in front of the Peace Statue on Friday morning. Photo: KYODO

Nagasaki Marks 74 Anniversary of Atomic Bombing

Nagasaki marked the 74 anniversary on Friday of the American bombing of the city in World War II, with the mayor

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"Byobu" folding screens, depicting 1614's winter season of the Siege of Osaka, restored using digital technology to reproduce original colors, are revealed in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo on 20 in June. (Photo: Yasuhiro Sugimoto)

Technology brings back to life screens 'Byobu'

When it comes to painting by number, it does not get more ambitious than that. A pair of "byobu" portraying

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The photo shows an archaeologist taking notes in an ancient Phillstine cemetery near Ashkelon, Israel. Human remains from an old Philistine cemetery have yielded precious DNA fragments which, according to the researchers, help prove the European origin of the enigmatic enemies of the biblical Israelites. (Photo: AP Photo / Tsafrir Abayov, Archive)

Study of Philistine genes helps solve the biblical mystery

Goliath or Greek? Human remains from an ancient cemetery in southern Israel have yielded precious DNA fragments that

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Part of the 85 artifacts are displayed before the delivery ceremony at the National Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Friday. Photo: AP / Heng Sinith

Japanese collector returns ancient artifacts to Cambodia

Ancient Cambodian artifacts exhibited in the house of a Japanese collector for two decades were returned to the National Museum of the country

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Yoko Kamiya, with her video testimonial in the foreground, recalls losing her mother and younger brother at the Battle of Okinawa in Uruma, Okinawa, on June 16. Photo: Yomiuri Shimbun

Okinawa Peace Museum Releases War Testimonials in 7 Languages

The Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum translated testimony from 70 people who experienced the Battle of Okinawa

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Some of the trains at the fan house at the Tsuyama Railroad Educational Museum feature the combination of deep cream and red colors of the now extinct Japanese national railways. Yomiuri Shimbun

Tsuyama Railway Museum tells the story of Japanese trains

Antique diesel-powered cars are lined up in a circular house in Tsuyama. The site opened in

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Buddhist monks holding a replica of a lantern enclosing the eternal flame at Enryakuji Temple in Otsu, Shiga Province, on June 11. (Photo: Jiro Tsutsui)

Feudal feats of "dragon bones" receive cultural property status

Mysterious fossils unearthed 200 years ago that were identified as "bones of a dragon" turned a farmer into a celebrity

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An aerial photo shows the scale of the protests. Photo: Anthony Kwan / Getty Images

Hong Kong streets flooded by protesters - in photos

Up to 2 millions of people dressed in black call for the complete withdrawal of the new extradition bill, which

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Wreaths placed on the statue of Imre Nagy in Budapest. His burial at 1989 attracted more than 100.000 people to Heroes Square.Picture: Zoltan Mathe / EPA

Hungarians honor Imre Nagy, hero of 56, while Orban increases control

Only a few hundred people were present to commemorate the anniversary of Imre Nagy's execution on Sunday morning

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A protester blocks Harcourt Road during a day of violent clashes at 12 in June over plans to allow extraditions to China. Photo: Philip Fong / AFP / Getty Images

Hong Kong is still not China, but this feared day is getting closer and closer

Hong Kong has become a place whose present is unresolved and whose future is unimaginable. After the unexpected violence of the

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A South Korean high school student joins a Japan-South Korea festival wearing a cosplay costume of a Japanese animated character in Seoul. (Asahi Shimbun Archive)

A larger number of South Koreans have a good impression of Japan

South Korea's love for Japan is stronger than ever, but the feeling on the Japanese side

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A car carrying Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emerita Michiko arrive at Sennyuji Temple, where Emperor Komei is consecrated, in Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto, the morning of 12 in June. Photo: Asahi

Retired Imperial couple visit the tombs of ancestors in Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emerita Michiko visited the imperial mausoleums of their predecessors in Kyoto at 12

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The children participate in a disaster simulation at a primary school in Tokyo. Photo: Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty

Tokyo prepares for earthquake of century

Every day at 17h, the soft melody of the Yuyake Koyake children's music sounds in the Minato area of ​​Tokyo,

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Written in 1948 and published the following year, "1984" portrayed a chilling future world in which a totalitarian state controls people's thoughts and actions, suppressing any divergence. Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

Orwell's classic 1984 completes 70 years

Seventy years after its publication, George Orwell's classic dystopian novel "1984" continues to fascinate readers, in

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The humanoid robot Arisa, who can show tourists the amenities, offers guidance and recommends attractions in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images

Can Tokyo 2020 overcome the Olympic legacy of 1964?

There is a simple answer for anyone who doubts that an Olympics can really transform a city: Tokyo. When the

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