In addition to the confirmed single-night 4 fighter knockout tournament, there is also the possibility of a team duel (Lion's Den and Hammer House) in 'glove-free' boxing. (Courtesy | Credits: Personal Collection Ken Shamrock | Instagram VALUE Bare Knuckle).

Ken Shamrock announces the first fights of VALUE Bare Knuckle

[Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil] - Ken Shamrock, “World's Most Dangerous Man” and co-founder

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The premiere edition of Bare Knuckle VALUE will be on 21 September and will take place in 4 Bears Casino in North Dakota, USA. (Courtesy | Credits: Disclosure).

Ken Shamrock Launches New Boxing-Free Boxing Promotion

A member of the UFC Hall of Fame, Ken Shamrock is entering the world of "boxing without gloves" or

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Alternating fighter careers and speaker, Ken Shamrock signs an autograph at Rushmore Mall in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. (Courtesy: Adam Fondren / Staff / Rapid City Journal media group).

Ken Shamrock makes motivational speech for young people from an Indian reservation in South Dakota

According to Richard Anderson, a sports journalist for Rapid City Journal (a daily newspaper in Rapid City, South Dakota,

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