This Wednesday, January 23 of 2019, shows the 9M729 ground-based cruise missile in Kubinka, just outside Moscow, Russia. Washington and Moscow have abandoned the mid-range Nuclear Forces treaty that President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed on 1987, raising fears of a new arms race. The US blamed Moscow for the death of the treaty. (Photo: Photo AP / Pavel Golovkin)

Russia claims leadership in arms race

The Kremlin boasts that it was winning the race to develop new cutting-edge nuclear weapons, despite a

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Police detain a protester after a rally demanding that authorities allow opposition candidates to stand in a local election in Moscow. Photo: Tatyana Makeyeva / Reuters

Thousands march in Moscow demanding open elections

Russian people held their biggest protest in years in central Moscow in a show of strength and challenge

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Protesters collide with police during an "unsanctioned" rally in Moscow on July 27. Photo: Pavel Golovkin / AP

Russian protesters threatened with arrest on the eve of planned demonstration

Russian authorities threatened protesters in Moscow with long prison sentences in an attempt to slow the unexpected increase

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Military vehicles and equipment, parts of the S-400 air defense systems, are unloaded from a Russian transport aircraft, at Murted military airport in Ankara, Turkey, Friday, July 12, 2019. The first shipment of a Russian missile defense system has arrived in Turkey, the Turkish Defense Ministry said Friday, moving the country closer to possible US sanctions and a new standoff with Washington. The US has strongly urged NATO member Turkey to pull back from the deal, warning the country that it will face economic sanctions. (Photo: Turkish Defense Ministry via AP)

US withdraws Turkey from fighter program

In a major break with a longtime ally, the Trump administration said on Wednesday that Turkey was

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Police are standing by a seized missile in an airport hangar after an investigation into the Russian-backed insurgency in eastern Ukraine. Photo: Tino Romano / AP

Italian prisons linked to neo-fascists after arms discovery

Police in northern Italy arrested three men, including one linked to an Italian neo-fascist political party, after

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Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy meets with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Kiev, Ukraine, July 8, 2019. Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Press Service / Handout via Reuters.

EU officials visit Kiev, promise more aid for Ukraine

European Union leaders Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker pledged support and financial assistance to Ukraine during a visit

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The Brazilian fighter's debut will be on the BKFC, a promotion originally from the USA, but whose 10X edition will be held in Russia. (Courtesy | Credits: Disclosure).

Fábio Maldonado debuts in boxing without gloves in October

Bare Knuckle Boxing, also known as 'boxing without gloves' or boxing with 'bare hands', in the Portuguese translation,

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Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces Micael Byden participates in the Aurora 17 military exercise in Gothenburg, Sweden, 13 September 2017. REUTERS / Johan Ahlander / File Photo

Sweden strengthens Gotland air defense amid tensions in Russia

The Swedish Army said on Monday it would deploy an up-to-date anti-missile defense system on the island of Gotland,

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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is accused of participating in an unauthorized protest rally, addresses journalists after a hearing in Moscow, Russia, on 1 July 2019. REUTERS / Tatyana Makeyeva

Russia holds Kremlin critic for 10 days

A Moscow court has jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny for 10 days on Monday, after considering it

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