Tati Zaqui lands in Japan for tour

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Tati Zaqui - Press Release

Funkeira, who has just released Mc Don Juan's Novel Pike, will visit cities such as Gunma, Nagoya, Fuji, Suzuka and Zama.

Considered one of the biggest funk singers in Brazil, Tati Zaqui prepares to take even higher flights! The singer is packed ready to go on another international super tour, and the chosen destination this time was Japan.

The blue-haired muse will pass through cities such as Gunma, Nagoya, Fuji, Suzuka and Zama. The first of eight shows, scheduled to take place this Friday (09), will be performed at Gunma, Disco Beats.

Tati Zaqui - Press Release

Famous for her sexy dances and bold lyrics, the singer will be able to show her versatility in new and successful songs in her performances. In the repertoire are hits such as "Pique de Novela", "Água na Moca", "Rebel and Abused" among others.

See below the dates of the tour in Japan:

Day 9 - City - Gunma - Disco Beats.

Day 10 - City - Nagoya - Disco Kujira.

Day 11 - Nagoya - Disco Kujira Matinê.

Day 11 - City - Fuji - Bamboo Disco.

Day 14 - Private Show.

Day 15 - City - Suzuka - Disco Kalu.

Day 16 - City - Zama - Disco Ace.




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